How time flies! It has almost been a decade since the dawn of the new millennium. I wonder how many can recall the fear of what the Y2K would do to all the computer systems in the world and all the rumours circulating at the time. They were even saying that those in the aeroplanes would malfunction and the aircrafts would all come crashing down. That was why when the September 11 incident happened, initially, when I saw the breaking news on tv, I thought it was the millennium bug aka Y2K.

Anyway, this post is not going to be about that, but on the Y2K Restaurant here in Sibu instead. It is located in Jalan Tuanku Osman, the block to the left of the one where the MAS office is located, right next to Mum’s. It does not look attractive, much less impressive and is not as popular as Mum’s for some reason. But personally, I like the food there and the prices are reasonable and comparatively cheaper than next door.

The other night, my missus and I went there with TheOtherCousin (TOC) and his parents for dinner. The chao chai (preserved vegetables) and fish soup was very well done and all of us enjoyed it a lot…

Y2K's chao chai fish soup

It was definitely better than Ruby’s where they tend to put too much ginger which I do not really fancy and they use the more expensive tapah fish (actually just the bits and ends), so naturally, it costs more over there.

We also had the braised too kha (pork leg) which was nice, but I always yearn for some sambal belacan when having too kha…and the serving was not very big…

Y2K's too kha

Other than that, we also had this vegetable dish with some char siew toppings…

Y2K's green veg with char siew

I liked it a lot and this other dish was also very nice – bitter gourd fried with beef…

Y2K's bitter gourd with beef

Maybe I was too hungry as I had not eaten much the whole day (or they were too full after feasting on the butter pastries and pulut panggang that I had sent over to them earlier that afternoon), but all of them insisted that they had enough, so I did not order any more dishes. Gee! They even turned down my offer of a plate of Foochow fried noodles! Y2K’s is very nice and the funny thing is that if you tapao some home, it taste even nicer when you get to eat it!

So that was all we had – 3 dishes and a soup, and the total for 5 persons came up to RM67.oo inclusive of rice and drinks. That day at Ruby, we had 2 meat and 2 veg dishes plus a soup for 3 persons and the total was over RM50.oo and the servings were much smaller, maybe by half. So you can all go and figure out which one is cheaper.

All in all, I would say that Y2K is a good place to go to…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “Millennium…”

  1. oh char siew…
    i only mum char siew made of chicken πŸ™‚

    there’s one stall mixed rice in medan that sells really yummy char siew…crispy on da outside, juicy in da inside…yum! πŸ˜‰

    Medan? As in Sumatra? Gee! That’s far! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  2. y2k ??? what a tacky name..but advice taken..gonna try one day (:

    When you come back for the hols, I can always bring you there! πŸ˜‰

  3. so….Ruby’s no longer flavour of the month?

    They didn’t like the food at Ruby…but I still think it’s nice, just a bit too expensive. They all thought so too – prefer Sweet Family – cheap, delicious, fast and HUGE servings! LOL!!!

  4. Been to Y2K,n yeah,quite impressed with the food as well. Hey!Brilliant tricks u got,stuffed them with pulut panggang then take them out for dinner!LOL!Just pulling your leg,I know u won’t do that intentionally! I thot u ordered more than enough though, judging from the pics of the dishes!Have a good weekend n enjoy your quality time with your ‘po-poi’gal! πŸ™‚

    Yahor! Didn’t think of it that way, but brilliant idea! Trust you to think of something like that!!! Next time wanna take people out for dinner, stuff them first with kompia, Sibu Foochow pao and all that! Then they will be too full to eat much at dinner! LOL!!!…Ya, my “po poi” is home, safe and sound…

  5. you must be Ruby’s loyal customer!

    OK lah…this post promoting another place that I like – Y2K! Btw, where’s ur Fidani shop in KLIA? My daughter was there on transit and I asked her to buy some home – want to support blogger-friend mah (even though so expensive! LOL!!!) but she did not see the shop… 😦

  6. The soup was great, a bit more sour and it would be divine.. A splash of ‘ang chiu’ perhaps?

    The food was good, better than ruby hahaha

    Anyway, thanks again for dinner and everything… see you soon

    The cook’s Cantonese…originally from West Malaysia, so not very Foochow! That’s why no ang-chiu! Hahahahahaha!!!

  7. Ooh… i missed that meal. hahaha.

    Well, can go there when you come to Sibu again…in three months’ time!!!

  8. Haven’t been there. Next trip home must go try there liao. So hungry now.

    Some of the usual stuff – sweet and sour fish fillet, lemon chicken and so on – all very nice also! Can give it a try when you come back!

  9. By the way, I prefer sio bak to char sio. Hehehehe!!! Damn, you just have to post this on Friday hor! No meat, no meat, no meat, no meat, no meat, no meat,……….

    My daughter prefers sio-bak also, but not so healthy – so fat the pork belly!!! Hahahahaha…lead you not into temptation!!! LOL!!!

  10. What?! 10 comments before this only? That’s it? But but but….it’s food post!!! Hahahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

    Now 13 already lah! Not bad…. Better than many people. Hehehehehehe!!!

  11. I guess the eating spree will start again. You are in trouble. I know how she eats. One or two bites only and no prize for guessing correctly who has to finish the rest

    Haiz! What to do? That’s why we are this shape and size! Dinner, had porridge with salted eggs. She said long time, didn’t eat porridge and eggs she ate the yolk, I’ve to eat the white. Sob! Sob! Hahahahahaha!!!

  12. Looks yummy…Must try here also then i can decide which one is better…hehehe

    Ya, it’s different from Ruby’s so good for a change sometimes. Another good one is Nice House. Yet to post on that one!

  13. just finished my dinner. No appetite to eat now. Haha…

    7.32? That’s early! I thought KL people do not eat till at least 8 or 9 p.m. Btw, I saw the MAS crew today at the airport when I went to pick my daughter. Gosh! Two out of the three pilots so very young – like students!!! At first I thought they were stewards but got double wings…and uniform not the same.

  14. maybe i belanja u there…..too kha looks good
    and the charsiew seems to cut in big pieces…
    rugi they did not try the foochow fried noodles!

    Ya, you’ve eaten the Foochow fried noodles there. Well, I will wait patiently until the day you will belanja me there…and I will surely order the noodles! LOL!!!

  15. maybe others have smaller ‘tank’ than yours, lol.hehehe.

    “so I did not not order” is that a typo there? or its same on “had had” function? Sorry for my poor English.

    Hah! You should see TOC! I’m a lorry biasa, he’s a 5-ton truck! Hahahahaha!!! Hmmm…nothing escapes the sharp eyes of a teacher! Ya, typo definitely! I’ve edited that already. No, it’s not like the past perfect form of “have” – “had had”. In fact, if there’s a double negative, it becomes positive. E.g. Can I not not eat? = Am I allowed not to fast? = Am I allowed to eat? Complicated, eh? LOL!!!

  16. Bro, paiseh lorr, long time did not drop by here. Got a little bit caught up with work.
    Too kar with sambal is good. My favourite too. If no sambal I will eat with extra hot chili padi!

    Yalor…I see ur blog also no update! Must be very busy printing money! Good weather! Can hang out to dry – very fast! Hahahahahahaha!!! Looks like we share the same taste! Lebih pedas, lebih sedap! LOL!!!

  17. “double negative, it becomes positive”, now its sounds like maths, lol! Okay-okay, thanks for the explanation, my grammar skill so blunt. Forget the rules here and Now you make me refresh it.thanks.

    Yes, it does sound like Maths. Just keep on using the language, be conscious of the grammar, correct yourself…and don’t worry if others correct you. It will only get better. Only those who refuse to put in any effort and revert to their mother tongue all the time will never learn/improve…..

  18. You are food hunter~ actually thats how i found out this blog. I search in internet “Sibu Food” and this blog come out. I shock that sir have blog. Say early la… i think i can learn English easies by read the blog than read all academic reading material like sonnet 18. hish

    Yalor….and blogging is more interesting than writing those boring compositions, right? LOL!!! True kah? How come I googled for “Sibu food” but only got other boring people’s blogs? Hehehehehehe!!!!

  19. Oophs…do I see the “handsomest” guy appearing?

    Who? Where?…All my commentors handsome ones…except maybe Kpenyu! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  20. Wah teacher, all your meals very yum yum one. (Except for the bitter gourd, I always can’t seem to take “kou kue”)

    They say it’s good for health – people with hypertension or high blood pressure should take lots! LOL!!!

  21. So, daughter is back! I know I would have more to look forward to when I need clues of what to eat. BTW, have bought those butter pastries from Master Bakery. Thanks for the direction – if not, I do not think I can find the place!

    Now, I have one HK friend visiting Sibu on Saturday – where for lunch? He is about your size and loves food! I am serious.

    You can go to Sin Hock Chiu Leu across river for the authentic Sibu Foochow cuisine from the “good old days” and enjoy the drive and the greenery along the way. Otherwise, New Capital is one of the survivors…or Sweet Family should be good (but not airconditioned).

  22. wonder how much weight TOC N KNB pile up during such a short stay in Sibu.. you are a bad influence..hahaha.
    Bitter gourd with beef-looked delicious will cook for dinner tonite.

    It’s all in the genes! Don’t we all love good food? Aiyor…why do I get the blame instead? Kesian saya! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  23. My Fidani is available in the Choc Stop & Eraman shops. I have a big counter at Choc Stop inside the Satellite building. It’s also available at KKIA and also Kuching Airport. Wah so nice of you to support my brand!

    Friend mah! Will be going to Kuching next month, so I’ll look for it there then. Otherwise, will have to wait till I go to KL in May…

  24. Never go to Y2k and Mum’s before. Always wanted to go but just couldn’t make it. Last year went there twice and it was closed. Timing is always not right. So, now always didn’t not recall these restaurant even want to have dinner. Now it come back to my mind. Hope it will not close again for my next visit.

    Y2K is closed on Monday and Thursday nights and Mum’s is closed on Wednesdays.

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