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I received this book from a friend of mine – Ben on my birthday a few years ago…and I found it interesting and somewhat amusing. It’s really a delightful book to read.

STP's book

As you can see from the photo, the title of the book is “Honey, they’re playing our song” and it was written by Nancy Kennedy. It is  about this lady who heard somewhere that couples should have “their song” for their marriages to last but she and her hubby did not have one, so she went into a frenzy trying to find a song to call their own.

So what’s our song – me and my missus, you may ask? Well, we did not have one at our church service, other than that corny and boring-like-hell “The Wedding” that was sung by the choir…and I would not want that to be our song. Unfortunately, we did not have a song at our wedding reception either. But the whole thing was recorded on videotape and at the time, I managed to compile scenes from here and there into a short 4 to 5-minute clip. Then I recorded myself singing a song using one of the minus-one cassette tapes that I had and dubbed it onto the tape for the audio track in the clip. Gee! I must have been quite techno-savvy then to do all that…and I guess that makes the song in question our song…

STP's wedding pics 1

Too bad I do not have the video tape anymore. You know how they get mouldy and eventually, you are forced to throw them away.  Otherwise, I could have got it transferred onto video compact discs (VCDs) and  would still be able to play it once in a while. Besides, I don’t think many still have videotape players/recorders these days.

Well, which song is that? I bet ALL of you must be dying to know. ROTFLMAO!! It is this one; you have to click the link to find out and appease your curiosity. Hahahahaha!!!! Unfortunately, my missus doesn’t sing, so I had to do it solo like in this video clip. So what do you think of my song? Absolutely romantic, isn’t it?

STP's wedding pics 2

Talking about songs for the occasion, I attended a wedding once and they played Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flack’s “Tonight I celebrate my love“. Maybe I’m old-fashioned but somehow, the line in the lyrics, “…when I make love to you…tonight“, in a solemn and holy church service made me kind of queasy! LOL!!!

These days, the most popular wedding song, it seems, is Jason Mraaz’s “I’m yours” but a few have used Savage Garden’s “I knew I loved you” and there was one with Bon Jovi’s “Always“. Personally, I would very much prefer a beautiful romantic song that would sweep everybody off their feet. What do you all think? So, now it’s your turn! Tell me what your song is…or if you’re still single, what song would you like to be played at your wedding or the reception?

Just in case you’re wondering, the character in the aforementioned book did not manage to choose a song but she came to realise that their marriage was a song in itself and she did not need another one. Instead, as the lyrics of this song go, she would have to work on keeping the music playing and with any luck, the music would never end…

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34 thoughts on “Your song…”

  1. My house still got a video tape player. Hahahaha!!!

    Err…Not decided yet but I am sure I am not going to let the uncles and aunties croak at MY wedding. I don’t want the cow screaming sound (like how my grandma put it. Hahaha!!!) to be my wedding song. 😛

    LOL!!! I can sing… I sang “When I fall in love” at a friend’s wedding at Holiday Inn Kuching and “Can’t help falling in love” at an ex-student’s wedding at TanahMas. So let me know what you want me to sing! Hehehehehehe!!!

  2. I saw Stella..the little page boy must be TOC..saw lady in pink must be the matchmaker..haha – you were so slim then.

    What lady in pink? That’s the flower girl – TOC’s sister!

  3. TOC and KNB the ring bearer right? That is one of the wedding I missed. Was not back then. We have no song but my kids associate Tom with his song. Not the Piper’s son!

    They’re page boys. So cute then…but time has been so unkind! Hahahahahaha!!!! What’s Tom’s song? “Help me make it thru’ the night”? Hahahahahaha!

  4. I actually liked the song”The Wedding” n the first time I knew the song was on your wedding day,so I also requested the choir to sing it on mine.LOL! So Endless Love is your song eh! And goodness me, clicked both clips,all Diana Ross. Saw her live in concert few yrs ago,she is still evergreen like u n still sings superbly! I have got 2 ‘our songs’ n to this day when I heard them playing on the radio,my heart still flutters n reminded me of my & hubby’s’sword fighting’days,he always played these songs in his car. N…they are….(drumroll!)hehehe!! No more lonely nights by Paul Mcartney n I just called to say I love you by Stevie Wonder.N on a parting note, Thanks a LOT! for putting up the photos,now I have to go on the lemon detoxifying diet immediately!(Rolled eyes 360degrees!!!) 😦

    No more lonely nights? Eyew… Another song people like to use for weddings is “I FINALLY found someone”, sounds so desperate! Hahahahahaha!!!! I would think that “I just called to say I love you” would be more appropriate for occasions like Valentine’s Day. Sigh…old age lah! Whatever we do, no use! It’s in the genes! LOL!!!

  5. I think my wedding song will be “I will survive”!!

    Hey! That’s a break-up song! Perhaps you can try “Another one bites the dust” or “What kind of fool am I”? Hahahahahaha!!!

  6. didn’t know i’m yours is a hit in wedding too
    i thought only in pub =.=

    Haven’t been to weddings, I guess – your friends not the marrying age yet! Well, what song would you choose for your wedding?

  7. I heart “How do you keep the music playing”…sappy, I know..heehee

    Not sappy lah. Such a beautiful, touching and meaningful song. They haven’t got the James Ingram and Patti Austin’s version on youtube. I prefer that one. Not really into Barbra Streisand’s version…

  8. Stand by your man? Hint hint of what’s going in store in the married life ROTFLMAO

    Mine? Akon – Don’t matter hahahaha

    And yes, I was the page boy in the pic, not much hair then… NO HAIR NOW hahahaha

    Talking about hair, the Puerto Rican in American Idol is out! Kpenyu calls him Whore Hair – actual name is spelt Jorge! Hahahahahahaha!!! I predicted Jasmine out as her song – “I’ll be there” (also sung by Malaya Curry) was such a safe song and she did nothing to make it shine…and yes, she’s out too! Gee! I’m good!!! Hehehehehehe!!!

    My bone to pick! How can they have a Michael Jackson week and NOBODY sang “She’s out of my life”??? Sulk! Sulk! 😦

  9. Then you must dress up as Elvis (with chest hair showing also) when you belt his songs lor. ROTFL!!! 😀

    Ya…I should look quite like him – the later day Elvis! Fat!! Hahahahaha!

  10. poor eyesight. was I at your church wedding? I dont remember being there. who is the handsome bestman?

    Hahahaha!!! You need new glasses! I can’t remember whether you were around then or not. The bestman’s Sophia’s cousin – son of her dad’s sister.

  11. Did you tune in to Memories last night?

    Yes, I did. Now what song did I particularly like? Cilla Black’s “Where is tomorrow without you”! You can find it on youtube here:

    Gosh! I’m such a sentimental old fool! LOL!!!

  12. since i’m malay, i dun think i can have any song played during my wedding reception unless there’s a DJ..
    u know what i mean..

    Not really. U mean at the traditional bersanding ceremony? Haven’t been to one for ages!!!…..Here, they hold their wedding receptions at the hotels and those that I’ve been to, they had dj’s and karaoke. Once a Malay girl (the bride’s cousin) sang Shania Twain’s From this moment on. Very nice!!!

  13. Hey!STP! You really are a party pooper aren’t u! I tot I clicked into yr blog to see if u commented n what did I get,american idol’s results,*&%$#@!Remind me not to click in this time again next thursday,I just boiled the water,to make coffee, chill out n anticipating eagerly to see the results of my current,American Idol,which starts at 7.30pm here,haiya!….what a pooper STP!!

    ROTFLMAO!!! That’s the whole idea! Hahahahahaha!!!

  14. Boyzone – That’s How Love Goes

    Umm…not my cup of tea. If Boyzone, I prefer “Everyday I love you”. I love “Baby can I hold you tonight” but dunno if the lyrics are suitable for a wedding or not!

  15. errrr….can u suggest a suitable song for me
    when i get married (if i ever get married..

    Miracles – Whitney Houston! Or Beauty and the Beast! Hahahahahaha!!!

  16. i think i have to find a suitable song by
    myself. Iban Song maybe…..

    Not this one, I hope:

    …and geling2 kepala like singing Indian song! Hahahahahahaha!!!! But considering that ur song right now is U2’s “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”, you should consider “I finally found someone” – Barbra Streisand and Bryan Adams! LOL!!!

  17. Oh no, not jason mraz again ! The people in selangor kept singing it everyday, period. I got so fed up with it sometimes i felt like shoving the guitar down their throat. Haha

    LOL!!! When did you start becoming so violent? Learnt that from Khidmat Negara kah? Hahahahahaha!!!! Personally, I feel it’s just an ok song…didn’t really like it!

  18. Louis J?? Is this the Louis J i know? He’s supposed to be lo-tech ler.
    Btw, i need at least 10 hrs of futsal to get rid of what i consumed in Sibu. Cannot stay too long lar that place. Health hazard…heheh. And I’m still puzzled how some people can eat foochow fried mee every day and night. hehe.

    Yup, that’s the one! Post on kahwin straight away he comments! Must be getting quite desperate! I’m sure you have not finished the one whole box of poomba!!!…Bet that will do a lot more damage! Hahahahahahaha!!!! Good thing you’re not living in Sibu! Not living here, already so big! LOL!!

  19. i think mine will be All I Ask of You by Jim Brickman and Sarah Brightman in the Phantom of The Opera soundtrack.

    Good choice but you will have to wait many many many years before it will be time for your wedding. Long long way to go! Hahahahaha!!! Btw, did Sarah sing with Jim Brickman? I think she had a hit with this song with Cliff Richard and in the original musical, the actor playing the part of the Phantom was Michael Crawford, if I’m not mistaken.

  20. There another one by Bon Jovi called “Thank You for Loving Me”. I thought that one should be popular? XD

    Ok…but I don’t think it’s very romantic! Hahahahaha!!!

  21. i don’t think i will ever marry in a church. lol! so i never really give it a thought.. but i’ve been to a wedding where they put “when you say nothing at all” as the wedding song!!!! very awkward!

    No wedding? No reception? Sigh!! “When you say nothing at all” is a good song but the nature of the title – it seems to say, “You say it best when you…shut up!” LOL!!!

  22. Which reminds me that I heard Micheal Learns to Rock’s “25 Minutes” at a wedding reception. LOL!

    Hahahahaha!!! That’s as bad as singing “Release me” at weddings…..

  23. Ah pal! You should join Music Monday! Bet you’ll like it.

    Power of Love, Sometimes when we touch, Can’t smile without you are good too! I know they’re oldies but who cares? LOL.

    Yes, it looks interesting…but I don’t think I wanna do it on a regular basis. Yes, your songs are pretty suitable for weddings! Good choices!

  24. Don’t worry. I won’t be using any Mariah Carey song for my wedding. Although there are some pretty nice songs to choose from her albums! haha!
    I think I will compose my own wedding songs and plagiarise a bit from here and there. LOL!

    Ya, that’s the best – if you are thus musically inclined. More meaningful to write your own song! As for Malaya Curry, I can’t think of any song of hers that may be suitable for weddings…and whatever it is, NOT this version of this song, I hope:

    The “lyrics” are really hiliarious! Hahahahahaha!!!

  25. mine would be – “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain. I think it’s very romantic in a way.

    “I’ll be better when I’m older, I’ll be the greatest fan of your life”

    Sweet, growing old together bla bla bla .. oh ya, and I love acoustics!

    …And would be so nice and romantic if you sing it yourself! LOL!!! Gee! Another Edwin McCain’s song! He must be pretty popular. Ya, the lyrics are ok…but got the word “suicide” – pantang lah! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  26. That was you??!! My my.. you sure damn suave back then. Hearthrob haha! What happened since then?? =P

    I love ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’ by Savage Garden.

    ps: LOL, you spent lot of time on Youtube heh!

    Yalor…see free porn mah! Hahahahahaha!!!! What happened? I got married lor…and yunno my mrs a good cook, so it was the river of no return!!! Better find a wife who can’t cook! LOL!!!

  27. Beside this, any more to share? hehe…

    Dunno, can’t remember. You go and search lah… What for want to see so many – you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

  28. Lovely wedding photos. But so small I cannot see clearly, only can see two nice slim figures looking sleek in wedding clothes.

    No need to see. Not the same anymore…both! Muahahahahahaha!!!!

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