Coming back for more (2)…

Originally, there was word going round that my daughter and the rest would be leaving for New Zealand on the 16th of February – two days after Chinese New Year. I was worried that we would not be able to get the tickets to fly Sibu-KL as there would be a mass exodus of people going in that direction after spending the festival at home here in Sibu.

Then, my daughter contacted somebody in the ministry and was informed that the date was the 11th of the same month. So I got down to business and booked the air tickets and the hotel – going on the 10th and my missus and I would be stuck in KL till Chinese New Year’s night – the 14th as all the flights were fully booked…and the fare on the cheap airline was unreasonably astronomical – enough to pay for the hotel room for so many nights!

At the pre-departure briefing, they were informed that they would be flying over in two groups – one on the 8th and the other on the 10th and I could not understand why they could not reveal who was on which list at the briefing. Finally, my daughter received word that she would be leaving on the 8th of February, Monday.

I got down to work immediately – made fresh bookings and also changed the hotel reservation that I had made earlier. However, I could not cancel and ask for a refund on the air tickets online, so my daughter and I went to the MAS office in town. We stopped by for lunch at the Y2K Restaurant, located a stone’s throw away, and had my daughter’s favourite – the sweet and sour fish fillet…

Y2K lunch - sweet & sour fish fillet

…and the cangkuk manis fried with egg…

Y2K lunch - cangkuk manis with egg

That was on Friday…and the next day, ah^kam_koko’ was in town, so I asked him out to dinner together with my missus and daughter and I also invited Nicholas to join us. We wanted to go to Mum’s…but it was full and so was Ruby…and at the Malay restaurant, Kasturi, they did not have most things – no curry, no masak merah, no masak hitam…and no beef even! Just a couple of miserable items like ayam masak halia. Excuse me! If I wanted that, I could jolly well fry my own at home! Tsk! Tsk!

In the end, we went one complete round, back to Y2K – which is actually right next door to Mum’s…and we had the sweet and sour fish fillet again…

Y2K dinner - sweet & sour fish fillet

Yes, it IS that nice. My daughter thinks that theirs is the best in town. Other than that, we had the lemon chicken…

Y2K dinner - lemon chicken

…which was superb! I think they used roast chicken and hence, the crispy skin unlike the usual ones fried in batter that get soggy once the sauce is poured onto the meat. The braised pork leg that we had was really good this time around…

Y2K dinner - braised pork leg

…compared toΒ the last time I had that sometime ago. For the veg dish, we ordered baby kailan fried with salted fish – the same as what my daughter and I had in KL. The lady boss was caught by surprise as nobody had ever ordered it like that. I just told her that it would be the same as cooking bean sprouts (taugeh) with salted fish except that they would have to use baby kailan instead…

Y2K dinner - baby kailan with salted fish

It was nicely done and everybody loved it. We also had the Foochow-style thick tofu soup…

Y2K dinner - Foochow-style thick tofu soup

…and with rice (the two boys had doubles) and drinks, it came up to only RM76.00.

For one thing, we managed to get quite a bit of information from ah^kam_koko’ about going to New Zealand in general and to Wellington in particular – information that would be useful for my daughter when she goes over in a few weeks’ time.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “Coming back for more (2)…”

  1. Cikgu… no comment on the soup? it looks nice lah… what else inside of it besides tofu?

    Wanna cook? Use ginger…add minced meat and canned oysters…add water or bone stock, if available, put in tofu cut into small cubes…and salt and msg according to taste…and add a bit of cornflour to thicken the soup. Garnish with Chinese celery (daun sup/ketumbar) and serve… VERY easy! Some people think that Foochow cooking is not so popular as it is generally simple and they feel it is not so tasty as other Chinese cuisines. Not necessarily true! The Foochows do have some nice dishes too!

    1. Yeah… wanna cook. This dish looks simple, and dun think can go wrong lah. Ahahahaha…besides, my son likes to take this kind of soup wan. For me, the simpler the better,. I think I’ll omit the canned oyster, tho. So expensive! Ahahahaha…replace with oyster mushroom, I think liddat ok liao la! Of all those dishes, this tofu soup catches my attention. it looks like something that my brat will like lah! πŸ˜› Oh… hey… that’s japanese tofu or the normal tofu?

      Normal tofu! Canned oysters, small tin, red label, Narcissus Brand, I think – made-in-China very cheap leh! That’s what gives the soup the extra “sweetness”!!!

  2. Tat’s wat owes happen to pity east malaysia student…. They never tin for us. West malaysia student can’t gt air ticket last minute can Jz drive there. we can’t gt then they expect us to swim there? same thg happened to me b4 I flew… Nt only once but twice!!!!! Was informed bt uni interview in last minute n d same applied to d wat so called briefing

    And to think that they do this year in, year out…and they still mess up big time! Pea-brained!!!

    1. Agree with you on that.. If only they’d think of us.. hmmmm..

      Most of them are very ignorant about our situation here and the problems that we face…ever since long, long ago! I always had problems with my claims and flight arrangements when I was doing this and that for various sections in the ministry! Nothing has changed, it seems. All this 1Malaysia crap, my foot!

  3. yummy! yummy! all looks so nice…
    am in Prai now… want to join me to Chai Leng Park… : )

    LOL!!! So jahat! Want to tempt me hor!!!

  4. wow.. the tofu soup is really full of tofu! Full to the brim!

    That’s one characteristic of Foochow cuisine. Very substantial – must eat full full one! That’s why so many – the shape and size like me! LOL!!!

    1. Must learn from me lah, Annie…before come Cikgu’s blog, must eat breakfast first. Or else… you drool onli lah! LMAoooo…

      See, you’re learning fast, eh? LOL!!!

  5. Good luck and safe flight to ur daughter….hope she will have a great time in the kiwiland

    Thanks. I certainly hope she will… Everyone who went seemed to love it there, so I hope it will be the same for her!

  6. so..she is going on the 8th now.. getting nearer and nearer.. she is really blessed to get this scholarship..both of u must be very proud of her πŸ™‚ we parents have nothing to look forward too except to see our kids shine through…
    ok, about the food display..they are a Wow.. i love those dishes… and it is very cheap too!

    Yalor…nearer and nearer! I guess all parents are the same – work and toil to see their kids through life until they can stand on their own two feet! That’s our responsibility. Yes, we’re lucky she’s on scholarship – overseas, some more…but that’s all through her own effort. My daughter’s always serious in her studies and whatever she does, I am truly blessed, praise the Lord!

    Ya, the food’s good there and the price is reasonable.

    1. Up there is stalker, Cikgu. Ahahahahahaha! Careful… u tell her when and how long, she shoot torpedo at you! LMAOooooo

      Who? Thought you’re the stalker? Hahahahaha!!!! No lah! All my regular readers and commentors are nice and good people one!!!

      1. Cleff! What talk you? I shoot you baru u tau! Cikgu.. you are so wanted in Claire’s and Eugene’s blog leh.. everybody’s asking.. where are YOU? πŸ˜›

        Ya, shoot her!!! Hahahahaha!!!! I’m wanted? What on earth is going on? I’ll hop over and have a look later, thanks!

      2. @Cikgu…this Eugene’s anak very very ganas horr, Cikgu….

        @Merryn… Cikgu like me… very very shy wan! Wasehhh! πŸ˜›

        Ganas? I thought you also very ganas…can sodomise chicken…and burn till black black!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! Me, very quiet and shy one. You ask Claire or Eugene lah – true or not! LOL!!!

  7. all my favourite food!! Y2k where is this place ar? Near Mas office? Mas office no move to another place, still at the same old place? Behind that Methodist Secondary School is it? I mean can see the school from Y2k? I remember during my last trip back, i went to one corner restaurant to have dinner, the food quite nice but i forgot what the restaurant’s name.

    Ok..must try Y2k and Ruby when i go back next round.

    P/s: you want me to help you get some chinese new year cookies? Delectable i think got sell also but is those “high class” type. hahahahha…if you want those “typical” cny cookies let me know, i can help you to get.

    I think you went to Mum’s – the end of that block. Y2K is right next door, 2nd shop. A lot of Methodist teachers and students go there to eat. Thanks for the offer, but I’m not sure about bringing the cookies all the way – all hancur, become powder. I usually check in everything, too lazy to carry! Old man mah!!! LOL!!!

  8. all looks nice but im not a fan of lemon chicks…is cankuk manis mani chai?i owes had that whenever i went back..either fried bitter gourd with egg,tomato egg or mani chai with egg..hehe
    foochow dishes im not quite sure as nvr eat before but mee sua i had from 3 foochow house its so yummy…last yr cny on 3rd day i went bk god bro brought me to his frens house after picking me up at airport…i was so paiseh as i were wearing shorts n he brought me to few houses for visiting.. :O
    *this yr 3rd day cny i go bk oso n hopefully thre same visiting to that house* πŸ˜€

    Yup, Foochow mee sua with lots of ang chiew in the chicken soup, best lah!!! Yup…that’s mani chai or some people call it lakia chai! Very sweet… Can eat over and over again, never get tired one!

  9. All your frustration gone in jiffy by the glorious foods,right, cikgu?

    Not really. But frus…also have to eat, and must eat more!!! πŸ˜€

    1. You know Cikgu…. you don’t have to give excuse to eat more and more. We understand wan. LOL…

      Not making excuses lah! I always do what I want, never mind if others like it or not!

  10. Now for less that RM80 that is really GOOD!
    Hope things will work out more smoothly for your daughter and you and your wife’s stay in KL.
    I know it all TIRING but again, the reasons WHY the ministry cannot reveal everything later must be cause they cannot confirm stuffs on their sides in time.
    Take it easy. Take care of yourself.
    I just have my youngest going to KOREA…it is TOUGH.

    Ya, they can’t confirm cos they’re incompetent, inefficient nincompoops! Doing it year in, year out…still can’t do it right. But things like files, t-shirts and what not for the briefing, getting a suit made – all those they can do SO well. I wonder why?…If you get what I’m hinting at!!!

    It will be ok for me as my girl was in Sg Petani for 2 1/2 years…and that’s like halfway around the world. So inconvenient to go and to come back – some 8 hours at least, all in all! But at least, she got to come back more than once a year!

    1. Yaya, Cikgu… her daughter very geng! Go korea at wud? 15? Issit 15, Shakira? Is Alexis 15? She just went in December onli. Would have sent me into full scale bawling if that’s my dotter. LOL…

      Btw… your girl… she’s all geared up for NZ? Buy everything for her d?

      Only 15? Wow! That’s VERY young! I’d be so very worried!…Well, we’ve got enough winter clothing for my daughter – Wellington’s so very cold and windy even in the summer. Other things, we’ll just get her to buy what she needs when she gets there – just give her the money. Only 20 kg, can’t bring a lot…and she’s the type who would prefer to travel light.

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