One (2)…

My daughter arrived home safely yesterday morning and on the way home from the airport, we stopped at this place for lunch…

One o One Cafe 1

I have no idea why it is called One o One Cafe, maybe that’s the number of the shoplot – 101. Located at the Jaya Li Hua Commercial Centre in the vicinity of the Sibu bus station, this recently-opened eatery is in fact somewhere behind the Everwin Kopitiam that I posted on a few days ago.

The place is quite pleasant with its simple but pleasant decor…

One o One Cafe 2

It’s comfortable and though not airconditioned, the swirling ceiling fans ensure that the place is very airy. The service was fast and efficient but you will have to be able to speak Mandarin as they do not seem to be able to speak English at all.

I had the nasi lemak…

One o One Cafe nasi lemak

…for RM3.00 which is pretty reasonable considering that it is no ordinary kopitiam/coffee shop, and for an extra RM1.50, you get the special i.e. they’ll give you one fried chicken wing. That’s cheap ‘cos chicken wings these days cost RM2.00 – fried or barbecued even at the roadside stalls. Tastewise, the rice was so-so – nothing to shout about,Β  and the sambal as well. There weren’t any ikan bilis (anchovies) but I got one whole hard-boiled egg. I think normally elsewhere, they’ll just give half.

My daughter had the salad fish rice…

One o One Cafe's salad fish rice

…and got a piece of fish fillet, coated with bread crumbs and deep-fried, together with chicken rice. She enjoyed it, but unfortunately, I can’t remember how much that was.

Well, it was Friday so we had to abstain from the meat dishes and it seems that most of the items on the menu are available only at night. We were there just before lunch hour and the place was somewhat empty. Perhaps the crowd had not come in yet for when I drove past a couple of times on Sundays, the business looked very good and there were a lot of customers.

So to sum up, I think that it is a nice place and the food is ok, so I don’t see why I would not be dropping by there again in future…

Victorkiu had a post on this place sometime ago and he went there at night. You can click this link and hop over to his blog to have a look. Of course, he’s got much nicer photos – expensive high tech DSLR mah! LOL!!!

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23 thoughts on “One (2)…”

  1. “expensive high tech dslr mah” <– *LOL*

    Salad fish rice looks delicious πŸ˜€

    My daughter said it was nice, particularly the fish. She’s never a rice person anyway!…Well, my no megapixel hp camera also not bad mah, rite or not? Hehehehehehe!!!!

  2. wah! so early already post about breAkfast!!! so best ah you .. eh, later I wanna go MATTA fair lah .. come come!

    Memang best mah! LOL!! Matta fair can also buy online, I think! Quick, buy cheap ticket to Sibu one weekend! Long time, tak jumpa dah!

  3. at last your beloved daughter is back πŸ™‚
    i know how u feel cos mami also liddis one
    keep feeding me with yummy food
    that’s why i always put on 2kg when im back home 😦

    LOL!!! My girl so skinny, if only she can put on 2 kg in just a few days! Hahahahaha!!!! I’m making kuih pai tee now…will post on it soon!

  4. I can’t remember when was the last time I had rice for lunch. Hahahaha!!! Don’t really like rice also. Prefer noodle anytime. Hehehehe!

    Just like my daughter. She prefers pastas and stuff, but they say noodles are more fattening! Hah!!! That explains everything, right? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  5. what is the difference between cafe coffeeshop n kopitiam..?

    The same lah! But in Singapore, if you see “Kopitiam” along Orchard Road, it’s a food court – classier but more expensive and usually not as nice as the authentic kopitiam.

  6. Went pau sampling again this morning to determine which one to tapau for you…but all not worth it la.

    A patient woke up after operation and scolded the doctor for using local anesthetic instead of imported one…that’s the difference between kopitiam and cafe coffeeshop.

    Nei…ah! Nei…ah! KNB brought me some of those nice paos from Siao Pao Wang – but by the time I got them, they’re flat like kompia or “chu nu miang”! Goodness! Imagine what sort of damage he can do to people’s paos!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

  7. I don’t damage pau one. Freeze then nicely first. motayiek..motayiek

    I had to get them all steamed up for a long time and managed to get them to rise…a little bit. Ah well, beggars can’t be choosers! And with due apologies to Shakespeare, “What’s in a shape? A pao in any shape will taste as nice!!!” LOL!!!

  8. …try putting ice on your nipple…and see what happens…hahahahahaha. mas… can check in liaw

    Eyew…confirmed pervert liao! Do keep your fetish tendencies to urself, no thank you!! Hahahahahaha!!!! Thought you’re flying by the cheap airline? Arriving Friday afternoon, April 3rd, right? What time?

  9. food is so cheap! ur place don’t have any like traveling good spot or something like that? then i will have an excuse to go there to see and eat. haha

    Nothing much here other than food, food and more food – unless you wanna see the 1st Foochow settlement in Sarawak or the Iban longhouse or you may want to go up river to the Pelagus Rapids… If you wanna go to the Niah (earliest prehistoric dwellers) or Mulu (biggest in the world) Caves, you can go to Kuching first, then stop by here for a couple of days…before proceeding to the caves.

  10. You make the pai tee cups yourself?

    That, you will have to wait till tomorrow’s post to find out! Hehehehehehe!!!! I already uploaded a photo onto Facebook. Can’t wait to show off! LOL!!

  11. rm3.00?????? So damn cheap!!! Aiiyaa..when can we get that price nowadays..hmm. I like fried bihun at one of kopitiam outlet at malacca, the price is rm9.80!! one set, yeah with ice lemon tea, lol.

    Good grief! Things are so expensive over there! One advantage of staying in a small laidback town! πŸ™‚

  12. from the photo that place looks nice. the price
    are reasonable. when r u bringing me there? i
    dont speak mandarin u know….hahaha

    Never mind. The menu’s in English! LOL!!!

  13. oh .. so i got to see the kuih pai tee you make first hand liw lah? or u send to other people first then me?

    It’s on Facebook already! Got everyone drooling away! Hehehehehe!!!! Will post on that tomorrow…

  14. haha. the pau flat like a kompia–vv funny. next time when you buy pau-bring a plastic container..Kpyu- then put in the freezer n bring back to Sibu for STP…there will be no damage.

    I sent Sibu market chai pao to Gerrie…and I packed them nicely. She received them in perfect shape – nice and round!!! Not flattened! I certainly know how to handle paos! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  15. Parents just flew off to China, so its just me and my wife in the house, and thanks to this post, I’ve decided to visit One’o’One Cafe for the 2nd time, I’ve ordered the fish rice while my wife had the pork chop. The fish rice was indeed, very NICE! However the pork… not so nice lor… hehe~

    No western dishes in the morning & at lunchtime. Victor had the chicken chop and he liked it. But then again, he was full of praises for the nasi lemak. I thought it was ok, nice enough but not really great.

    Btw, when is ur missus due? Saw you two drying the diapers, getting ready. If the time comes and your parents are not around, you can always call me if you need any help… Scanned already or not? Going to have a boy, right? LOL!!!

  16. Kopitiam,u can lepak all day,put one leg up on chair,pik ‘bugga’purify ambience with one’s signature scent, n yelled ‘Ah Tee,’siu lui’ where else cafe coffeeshop halfway btw ‘Bonia’ n ‘LV’ n u said in yr posh tone,bill please! πŸ™‚

    And kopi tiam…you must punctuate your sentences with all kinds of foul words!!! Use toothpick korek after eating, clear throat and spit etc etc etc… Hahahahahaha!!!!

  17. aduh!! Don’t make my nose HIGH… haha.. I can’t update my blog. can’t even access through my blog. Anyway, thanks for linking me!

    Poor u! My IP number was blocked for a long time until yesterday (Dunno why or how!), or else I would not have been able to link to your post. Perhaps it is time you find another server….. I noticed from my blog stats that a number of people clicked the link to your blog! πŸ˜‰

  18. Dont think there is any kopitiam in Melbourne.

    Yalor…have to come over here for that only-in-Asia experience! LOL!!!

  19. The pau was bought just before going to airport, so no time to pack. I think we brought around 30 paus to SIbu. And you know how the flights to Sibu are like. The id**t* do not believe in checking in their luggage and they squeeze their super sized luggages into the hand luggage compartments without a care to other people’s belongings. I always hoped for the luggage compartment to collapse and hit them on their heads.

    Temper! Temper! Flight so full? I thought MAS flying near-empty plane loads these days. So nice, 1st class treatment… Yunno lah…the kiasu people, the type that will NEVER park their cars (in Sibu, only RM1.00 for as long as you like) when waiting for people, never mind that the whole road is jammed like hell!

  20. I went there three weeks ago. The food is ok but not much choices if you are there for dinner. Not fried noodles or even fried rice. Only white rice. The portion is too small for me. Haha. Just to fill one third of my stomach after the chicken salad rice.

    Wow! U typical Sibu-ian, big eater kah? The portions are ok…not a lot but it’s ok as Fridays, I’m supposed to eat less…and no meat!

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