Mary had a little lamb…

Well, I wouldn’t know if Mary did…but I most certainly had some.  A friend from Bintulu was in town and no prize for guessing what we did.  What else would people do when they’re in Sibu? Eat, of course!  And I took him to this restaurant that seems pretty popular and is usually very crowded.  I’ve been there once but I didn’t think it was anything to shout about.  Anyway, I heard they serve this there…

It came out so piping hot…you could actually see the steam rising from the meat. But it was just so-so and in a way, somewhat disappointing.  Rather overdone, I must say, as a result of which, the meat was too soft. Old folks would love it, I’m sure! (Hey! I’m not old, meh? LOL!!!!) The gravy was plain;I would think it could do with some richer and thicker gravy like the Lamb Shank(S) I have had at Junk in Kuching…and I missed the bed of mashed potatoes beneath it. Anyway, beggars can’t be choosers so if you’re dying for a bite of lamb, you can go to…

I must give them due credit for getting the punctuation correct. With the dropping standard of English these days, I would cringe in embarassment to see those glaring spelling and grammatical errors in shop and other signs!!! Oops…sorry, but anyway, to get back to our topic of discussion, of course, we had other dishes as well…

The pork fried with salted fish came out steaming too…in the kuali/wok! It was very nice…but I thought the one I had at Stall No. 7 at Taman Selera Muhibbah was much nicer. We did not have much choice for the veg…because the waitress just rattled on and on in a language that was Greek to me, so we opted for…

We had midin with belacan…and it was well done.  The ferns were still crunchy and they had good belacan. Nice, it was VERY nice!!! We also had Tofu soup-Foochow style…but the waitress started distributing it into individual bowls before I could take any photograph of it.

On the whole, it was o.k. Then followed the usual after-dinner “ritual” here – the rush to the cashier’s counter! We, however, did not actually make a dash for it. When I went out to take a picture of the restaurant’s signboard (as it was getting dark…and it had not occured to me then to take it before we went in – still not so much into that blogger’s habit yet, you see!), my friend had already sneaked over to pay the bill. Duh!!! I coaxed the amount out of him and he said it was just 40-plus!!!

Well, what do you think? RM40-plus for a dinner for three, inclusive of rice and drinks!  Eating in Sibu, cheap or not????

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

40 thoughts on “Mary had a little lamb…”

  1. Compared to KK, that one memang cheaplah hehe … not sure in Sibu though …

    I like the midin belacan ..! Yummy! I like kampung food as much as I like the gourmet ones .. 😛 Food! Anything goes? haha

    Actually I prefer the local cuisines; I don’t mind going for the rest time and again for a change…especially when they’re extra nice and special!

  2. Did you read the news today? Our space tourist couldn’t even spell properly! I read in Malay Mail that the guy went to this St John (1) primary school and were asked to write a message for the kids. He wrote “Dreams are possibble” “Signed, Dr. Sheikh, Angkasawan Malaysia.” We paid a tourist who can’t spell, to space!

    Ah, dah keluar tajuk! But I can’t help it! By the way, where is this Mum’s place?

    The shop block to the left of the block where MAS office is. They call it “Lau Tee Fang” or something in Chinese!!!

  3. midin with belacan? Look like a Pakis with belacan LoL!!! I like it too 😛 nvm.. 😛 anyway,… RM40 for 3 person ah? Cheap lo 😛 oh ya, STP(beware,dun call uncle stp.. old folk doesnt like it LoL!!!), u use handphone camera or normal camera or….DLSR camera to take the photo ah? I guess… it’s a handphone camera hehe.. am i right?

    Already mentioned in previous post, I only have one conventional camera…and a cheap hp that can take photos, never mind that they’re not so nice. Used to be better, I think…but I had dropped it a number of times. Haiz!!!…I was hoping people would drop by to read what this cranky old man has to say…and look at what’s in the pics, rather than missing the wood for the trees and fuss about the quality of the photography!!! (I must say I’ve never been much of a photographer anyway! Asal ada buat kenangan sudah lah!!!)

  4. i love midin (i ingatkan Bidin) lol… anywho….. dreams are possible (i tak nampak mana silapnya) lol darnnn my England is so bad!… maybe i need to learn a new language to after this… AUstralian!

    You’ve eaten that before? Where? When?…Yalor…like u, “positive” also spelt wrongly!!! ROTFLMAO!!! If teacher, sure to spot the error right away!!! Students these days can’t spell “suprised”, “dissappointed” “goverment” etc…etc…etc…!!!! And worse still, a lot of sms and chatroom spelling, no punctuation, no capital letters, no paragraphs, nothing!!! Pening!!!!

  5. Like reading newspaper, pic also very blur.Can see ok liaw, Not that we want to download it. Ooophs, maybe the young STP one got people want to download. Mum’s corner shop below DAP man’s office. Stella’s bro brought me there . Bintulu guy, so nice CHOGM go Sibu lepak also. Got attend meeting kah????

    Wah!!! U come Sibu I belanja u minum Ruby’s coffee…Oops, sikit lagi want to type my name liao!!! Hahahahaha!!!!! Eeeee…wat 4 want to download my photo!!! Make poster put on bedroom wall kah? ROTFLMAO!!!….Yup! Dat’s rite! It’s rite below his office….Oh! They’ve got MUET briefing in Sibu now. Cheaper!!!

  6. now this time, i’m reading your blog with a full stomach

    Now you’ve grown wiser eh? What do u expect from someone my shape and size?…Gee! I should stop talking about food for the next few posts! Becoming very predictable! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  7. never been a fan of lamb. once someone recommended me to cook lamb shank with ‘pektingyok’ i literally have to chuck out the whole pot for no one even bother to taste it! went out for one of those reciprocal lunch with some galfriends yesterday n my gf paid A$40+ for 3 claypot rice & 2 sml herbal soup so just comparing notes what u get for RM40 which is a feast n what we got! Goodness! If i were to teleport ourselves back to sibu yesterday for lunch yesterday that will be tops!..Yumm!! the midin n the tauhu soup… dream on!..speaking of spellings once a friend went to this takeaway place called ‘Fook the cook’ no prize for guessing if he made a repetitive visit there again!lol! btw why don’t u get a good digi-cam. my girls got the sony digicam n not sure how many megapix but i think the higher the better. come on STP, what r u going to do with all these ‘jutas’ , hide them under yr ‘kelumbuk/kumbuk’?? don’t let the bedbugs get them!!

    I’m not a fan of pektingeyok either…!! Ok…quite nice with duck, hate it with pig trotters, but there are many better options!…Ah!!! U’ll be coming home, rite? Now you know the PERFECT gift to get for me!!! Ooo…everyone can expect better pics pretty soon! Tenkiu! Tenkiu! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  8. wah stp !!! 😛 normal hp camera also look very clear leh 😛 especially the shop name MUM’S kekekeke ^_^ I always feel hungry when i visit ur site STP lol

    I’ve had the hp for over a year, hardly ever used the camera…so still learning!!! Seems better for outdoors and natural light…Was surprised that one came out ok even though it was approaching nite and getting a bit dark! Definitely not for closeups!!! That I know now!!! Hmmm….hope u’re hungry for food and nothing else, eh? Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  9. When I go to Sibu, you have to recommend eating places especially on tight budget bringing 30 kids with 4 or 5 other teachers. If possible, halal and non-halal place preferably next to each other.

    Tight budget? Hmm…your kids kaya-raya from elite families one, I’m sure!!! LOL!!! Depends on where you all will be staying, have to find a convenient place!

  10. Simply delicious…. I’m lucky to be one of the Sibuians..hehe.. Sibu is a food paradise…

    Watch that body! U don’t wanna end up like STP, I’m sure!!! LOL!!!

  11. i will visit sibu… ha ha, wanna bring me makan? ha ha ha

    OK! I’ll provide transport!!!…..ROTFLMAO!!!

  12. hopefully i’ll be free to head to singapore la.. belon belon poi khi singapo HAHA.

    Just ask Lindy Sister, no probem one!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  13. whi is what… the duck?? or the cameras i got from guangzhou, china??? the one that cost 10RMB??? lol….. that is the perfect gift, can throw in some christian dior’s scarf for yr missus as well!!

    Oooo…so rich, can go holiday in quangzhou!! Surely one fairly good digital camera is just kacang…??? LOL!!!

  14. n to sophia, i know where u can go, STP’s kitchen lah! got halal n non halal next to each other n with tight budget, u also get licked up mangkuk,(no frills one, so save dish liquid, water..) what more can u ask for??lol!!

    Ooo…30 16 to 17-year-olds??? Come…come!!! And I’m sure there are a lot of willing young and handsome helpers too! OK, bongkersz, u’re in! KNB kah? Ummm….boleh lah!!!….No! Not u, Cocka! I said young AND handsome, so sorry, ya! Gee! I have to draw the line somewhere or else I’ll have all kinds of people pushing their way in! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

  15. drools…now you’re making me hungry again.haha..continue to blog on food!

    …maybe after a few days!!! Don’t wanna be branded a “food-critic wannabe“! Right, bongkersz? LOL!!!

  16. Mary did have a little lamb…drumsticks did a few posts ago…hehe…that just popped in my head when I read the title…
    Aiyo…enuff with the torture dy…

    She did? She loves lamb too? Ok! Ok!…No more food post for the next few days!!! LOL!

  17. Sophia, go Bandung in Jackfruit village. Sea cucumber soup, enough for 3 person only RM3. That place halal kan? Chinese operates stalls there plus some melayu stall. Not ngam for your elite kids lah.

    But that place and the other taman seleras…not near any hotel lah. Don’t think it’s convenient! Depends on where they’ll be staying.

  18. Wah, so nice hoh Stella wants to buy you camera from down under. Must be the promise of the laksa. June got holiday kah? You go Penang again?

    Yalor…she memang so generous one!!! Wonder what she’ll buy you hor!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Nope, anak coming home for 3 weeks! And I’ll be busy then! Have to feed her!!! So kesian over there, every day nasi goreng! Those food stalls across the road!!! Eyew!!!!! More flies than people…like Melbourne in the summer!!!

  19. I miss the midin in belacan. Don’t have it here in KL.

    Come to Sibu lah! Use that cheap airline…early-early book! Bring whole family, can squeeze sardine at my house, no problem!!! And I’ll cook special Sarawak laksa for everybody too……..Hahahahahaha!!!!!!

  20. It seems u have had an amazing time of it as the dishes look very scrumptious. I can’t wait for my fill and i am going to quickly run and grab my share.

    Bon appetit!!!! Welcome…and do drop a line or two again, ya!

  21. call her lindy sister one more time, u’re really going to get it from her. wakaka

    Namind! If she calls, just tekan red butang!!! If she comments, I’ll spam it!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

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  23. Sarawak mia belacan not hot enough lah.

    Waaah…old man already still can take lamb ah? No high blood pressure meh? Don’t skali nose bleed hor. LOL

    Me can eat anything one!!! No problem! So when u want belanja me makan?…U want hot belacan, try mine!!! Use lots and lots of cili padi one!!!

  24. i had midin when i was in kuching and miri… sabah also that vege (well almost the same variety) which taste like asparagus called sabah vege.

    btw i love lamb… love the smell, the taste.. the fat.

    btw stp… I am still can master how to use this wordpress thingy

    Me too!…So don’t worry!!! Kita sama-sama learn ya? LOL!!!

  25. waaaaaaa!!! sayur midin!!! waaaaa!! hmm, the lamb sure small compared to the size of the plate. kakakaka!

    Yalor…and it was drowning in the gravy!!! But in actual fact, the plate was too big! The lamb shank was enough for three! Hahahahaha!!!!

  26. sabah vege – that’s the name of a vege that the locals call as sayur manis lah, zul.. hehe .. the famous Lahad Datu sayur manis! 🙂 midin = lembiding 🙂

    Yup…that one same as the cangkuk manis in Sarawak…but smaller! It’s so easy to plant. Just take the stems and stick in the ground. Dunno why nobody plants it in West Malaysia!

  27. sayur manis here in semenanjung is a bit different la…it is a leave kinda thingy! but i dont think that midin and sabah vege is plantable here.. funny eh… like limau tambun in Ipoh.. cant find that anywhere else…

    Cangkuk manis is leafy…many leaves, not very big. Sayur manis in Sabah is the same plant…but smaller version, and they only take the pucuk muda. Midin is a wild fern/paku pakis…not a cultivated vegetable but I think people do plant it now cos it gets a good price at the market!

  28. don’t think people plant midin in sarawak. still 50cent – RM1 per stalk. plant what? 😀 grab from the forest behind your house hehehe!

    What? They sell by the kilo now!!! Lots of people want to eat, not just because they’re nice but it’s from the jungle – no pesticides and chemical fertilisers. Some natives, they sell by the ikat! RM1-RM2…but when u reach home and untie, inside all lousy ones!!! Some sell in plastic bags – RM1 with lots of leaves…or RM2, just the pucuk but these days, you get less and less. At least two bags needed for a plate!

  29. Archie, U still got it wrong lar..DSLR lar not DLSR…aiyooo!!!

    RM40, very cheap lah…and looks yummy too!

    And me goondu, don’t even know the difference! Caught in a time warp…and the only thing I know that’s nearest to that is LSD!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!! Real kesian saya!

  30. Midin is farmed now.Learnt that from an ex agri expert. Where got enough jungle to pluck it from now and who got time to do it. Supply comes neatly arranged in bundles of RM2. Baskets of them in supermarket.

    There! Didn’t I say so?…Clever saya!!! LOL!!!

  31. Love lamb. Now I want some… for breakfast!! Sigh…

    And I like your term “chronologically advanced” My husband would approve… 🙂


    How Not To Be A Chef

    Hello, Kristina. Welcome!…Breakfast? U must be from the States then!…Well, that makes two of us! I love lamb too. Hmm…I also consider myself horizontally-challenged. Bet ur hubby won’t fancy that…assuming that he is too! LOL!!!

  32. Reading your blog makes me sound like a bird. Cheap cheap cheap !!! :p :p But this post was 7 years ago, price has risen quite a bit I supposed?

    😀 😀 😀 I haven’t dropped by this place for a long time. Maybe I can do so soon and update you on how much that lamb shank would cost now. Still cheap, I’m sure, compared to those western fine dining places (and it is always packed – that is why I avoid it…because everyone loves the cheap price tags for everything here)…and by the way, the chef who cooked the giant prawn noodles that you had came from this place – when they were located at another place. Watch out for my post on those prawns…coming soon! 😉

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