The way…

Well, I was invited to Kota Kinabalu to give a talk to students who would be sitting for the SPM Examination at the end of the year to tell them the way to secure better grades in English Language. This was not the first time; in fact, I had done this a few times already and as before, the venue was at Wisma SESB (I think that stands for Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd) in Karamunsing…


The seminar was organised by AC Services Enterprise who generously sponsored all my expenses. I heard they even sponsored students from both Sabah and Sarawak to go all the way to Australia for the mooting competition. The team from SMK La Salle, Kota Kinabalu went…but I don’t know which team from Kuching represented Sarawak. This is a photo of the very friendly and helpful staff…and the boss, Mr Anthony Lim is on the left (Looking more and more prosperous each year! LOL!!!)…

AC Services boss and staff

…and the seminar was held in this SESB Hall (Dewan SESB)…


…and the students came from the various schools in the city including, other than La Salle, All Saints, St Francis Convent, Stella Maris and the private Chinese schools…

KK students at seminar

The morning session was fine…but in the afternoon, it was hard to keep myself and everybody else awake. I had to resort to desperate measures like pretending to confuse Emily Dickinson’s “dark parade” with My Chemical Romance’s “black parade”. The kids were thrilled that this old man knew MCR! Terror, man! Rock on, brudder!!! LOL!!! I even sang the opening line, “When I was a young boy, my father….” and that certainly woke everybody up! Right, Luke?

Luke from La Salle, KK

Luke’s a very pleasant and friendly La Salle student (Have you sent my regards to Julia yet?) who asked for my url…so I don’t know if he’s lurking around. So far he has not posted any comment yet. Madam V, my old friend teaching in La Salle, dropped by and it certainly was nice to see her again. I don’t know whether it was what I had for lunch…

Nasi campur @ Wisma Karamunsing

…but I was beginning to lose my voice by mid-afternoon that day. Probably it was the generous helping of the sambal buah emplam…and the beef (The lady said that I took at least 3 helpings!)…plus the very pedas (hot) sambal for the ulam (raw veg)…but it was really very nice. RM11 at Wisma Karamunsing basement food court. Ah yes! I met Archie of during the lunch break…but unfortunately, while multitasking, somehow I lost his photograph so I cannot include it with this post.

Well, I certainly hope that all the students who came are now very clear as to how they can excel in their SPM English Language and I do wish them all the very best and may they all sail through with flying colours!

P.S.: Looks like wordpress has got a problem, so I cannot justify the text in the post. Sorry…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “The way…”

  1. Your text looks fine. Glad that you are back in one good piece papa.

    Thanks, son! That’s fast! I just posted…and I’m still fiddling around with this and that trying to get everything right!…You’re always very kind but some people are not that forgiving. Have to insert the disclaimer before they come in and slam me about the text being not very well-aligned! Bad enough that they always pick on my photos. LOL!!

  2. Hey, I don’t care if you text is flying around, still love you stp. *being so mushy* πŸ˜›

    Thank you, thank you…sob!…sob!…Muuuaaaackkssss!!!! LOL!!!

  3. wow you know MCR! Impressive. Most teachers only know Elvis. Anyways, your post reminded me when I was sitting for SPM especially my English & Eng Literature papers. I always have problem with my tenses! LOL

    Told you I’m young…VERY young! How else would all those young bloggers would be able to hang around with me!…Errr…Elvis who? Kpenyu would probably know! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  4. My gosh….I just can’t believe it…Is that me…How ugly my face is….(hahaha…) anyway, the bad news is I forgot to send your regards to my lovely principal, Mdm. Julia…
    however that wonderful text of yours reminds me to do so…hopefully…tomorrow… So, wish me luck…adiOs…

    Ah! Here he is! Handsome boy! I knew you would be waiting to see your pic! Ya! The photo doesn’t do u justice. U’re much better looking than that. Happy to hear that? Hahahahaha!!! Ummm…bet u’re scared of Mdm Julia lah!!! Ya, wish you lots and lots and lots of luck…and don’t forget to thank me when you do well, ya!

  5. So nice to you and still give me one below the belt…n..sure I know in Bintulu according to pollie. eilling; go to stp 23rd July post “radio ga ga”‘and you’ll understand why stp said..’Elvis Who??’ Now folks..don’t be fooled by stp’s lol and ha ha ha..he was a meanie in the Seminar..he scolded a boy who went to the loo..and he threatened to confisticate handphones too…’ I’ll only give you back the SIM card cos I don’t need your number..’I heard them all..ha ha ha To be fair I heard lots of laughters too. Hope those young students do well in their exams too.

    No lah! Ask that boy lah! I’m so nice, so lovable…but I think nobody takes me seriously. Even if I say, “I’ll come over and knock your head!” they also laugh…! Maybe I should join Raja Lawak!!! LOL!!!

  6. don’t worry about justifying your text – it looks fine.

    if you’re beginning to lose your voice, try smoking kretek instead of the usual dunhill… works wonders πŸ˜‰

    I’m glad you think so! The last time this happened, it lasted for several days and when it was ok again, I had to go back to all the posts to justify the text one by one. And gee! Didn’t know you smoke? Eyew…I can’t stand the stench of kretek!!

  7. ah..spm, 11 years ago! hope all de students excel in their eng subject! πŸ˜‰

    Aren’t you glad you’ve gone past all that?…Ya, hope they all do well especially in English!

  8. eewww mcr… Only emo kids who slash their own wrist n put on black eye liner listens to that shiZzz LOL… Dun knw y msians dig them.

    I like a few of their songs…but generally they’re somewhat morbid!

  9. Don’t really like MCR. Gives me the creeps. The impression I have is similar to zouk’s. Eww…

    Hehehehehe!!! Only peculiar people like me and Huai Bin likey!!!

  10. I Studied Lower Six at All Saints many years back. It was great experience.

    That should be quite sometime back…so you would not have been one of those who attended one of my talks over the years! Nice school, nice students! Guess that includes you too??? Hehehehehehe!!!!

  11. Wow.. the hotel looks is the food. Wow… not bad hor, got invited to an expense-paid trip. Paid to take vacations hor !

    Well, I worked very very very hard to get to where I am today! Things like that do not just happen!!! We have to make it happen…or we will just rot away like the very pathetic majority!!!!

  12. Nope, I never attended English class of any kind, inclusive of suituapui’s.. πŸ˜‰

    Last time they never had anything like that bah! Teachers and students had to grope in the dark, hoping that what they did was right.

  13. No more job lo lu..see Joseph’s ang mo so good and no need classes leh.Joseph: have you got the message in the mooncake? I got commercially conned already. bought and ate so mony mooncake and still haven’t got the message to revolt on 916. visited and visitedLY your site not allowed to comment hor…

    Last time everybody’s English was good. You come to Sibu today and listen to those students lah! Early 90s, at par with Kuching, Miri and KK…but today, …eyew!!!!! I’ve heard better from students in Sri Aman!!! And they’re talking of scraping that Maths and Science in English thingy!!! Good lah!…The worse their English, the better my business!…Maybe can buy a good camera soon! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

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