Beautiful girls…

It was just great! A date with two young and beautiful girls and great food! Who could ask for more? LOL!!! Well, as I have mentioned in my previous post, I was going out with Melbie and Man-D that very night on the day I arrived in KK.

The two ladies picked me up at the hotel at around 7.30 as Man-D had made a reservation for three at the restaurant for 8.00 p.m. They took me to Kampung Nelayan (Fishermen’s Village), located after the Sabah Golf Club (where I used to go karaoke-ing with kpenyu) and the church where I attended a funeral recently – Holy Innocents or was it Immaculate Conception? Never mind! Whatever the name is, the words “innocent” and “immaculate” certainly do not describe the guy who stays in the condo opposite! Right, kpenyu? LOL!!!

We went to the eat-all-you-can buffet section (RM30++ per head) and were promptly escorted to our table…

Man-D's reservation

So there we were – Melbie…

KK blogger Melbie


KK blogger Man-D

…and me. We wasted little time in getting down to business – eating! LOL!!! These are two small sections of what was available in the buffet spread…

Kpg Nelayan buffet spread 1

Kpg Nelayan buffet spread 2

…so we helped ourselves and started cooking. Man-D obviously looked pretty good at it…ummm…or should I say, pretty and good at it?

Man-D cooking

There was the marinated stuff that was supposed to go on to the grill…

Kpg Nelayan...on the grill

…and others that were meant for the spa/sauna steamboat. This was the outcome of my first attempt…

Kpg Nelayan...from the steamboat

Ooo…delicious! I think I’ve said it a few times before that I like clear soup! This was really very nice…and not heavily-laden with msg as in many steamboat places that I have been to.

We were having a good time, chatting and cooking and enjoying the food and the company when somebody gatecrashed the party! However, we welcomed him with open arms as he did not come empty-handed! ROTFLMAO!!!

Kpenyu's giant prawns

Kpenyu showed up with these GIANT prawns! Gosh! They were HUMONGOUS!!! Only six of those weighed over a kg! If you placed it on the grill, it would stretch right across like this… 

Kpenyu's giant prawns 2

…and it was so big that it filled the whole steamboat pot!

Kpenyu's giant prawns 3

Gosh! They were so fleshy…and sweet…and absolutely out of this world!! We were already very full by then, so Man-D only had 1 and Melbie had 2, and no prize for guessing who ate the rest! Hahahahahaha!!!!

And that was not all!!! Kpenyu so very generously picked up the tab for the dinner! Gee! If there are any other gatecrashers like that out there, do email me your contact! We would love to have you gatecrashing at our dinners! LOL!!! Thanks a lot, kpenyu for the giant prawns plus the dinner…and to M & M, thanks for taking me out and spending some time with me, but that means you beautiful girls still owe me one dinner, right?

UPDATE: Man-D has posted something on the dinner, so everybody can hop over to her blog to have a look. She has very limited photos though…despite being a better photographer with better equipment!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “Beautiful girls…”

  1. O0o0o0o0… Only Man-D look pretty and good la… Melbie isn’t pretty la is it. Melbie !!!

    Of course, melbie’s pretty. Reminds me of Teresa Carpio, minus the makeup. Why u angkat2 Man-D only? Ada udang di sebalik batu?…LOL!!!

  2. ooh looks nice. I will go there next time!

    Nice…and not expensive (for a nice place like that). But no giant prawns though! For that you have to call kpenyu to join u…and with gorgeous sexy lady like you, I’m sure he’ll be there in 30 seconds flat! Hahahahahaha!!!

  3. yikes! definitely not pretty la chi that photo of me! haha but its ok, thats how i look everyday anyway..
    thanks for d treat kpenyu! if i’d known, i’d wait for the giant prawns! haha where can we get that? oh ya stp, still owe u!

    His comment biased lah, berat sebelah…for obvious reasons! Menaruh harapan ke? LOL!!!…OK, wait till I go to KK again but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be very soon!

  4. OMG!!! Those GIANT prawns!!!!! ME LIKEY!!!! O_O

    They probably cost a fortune…even here! Small finger-sized tiger prawns already RM30-40 a kg! These are arm-sized! Gosh!!!…Never mind! Kpenyu can afford it and after all, I only go to KK once in a blue moon! Hehehehehehehe!!!!!…And for that, he can spam my blog as much as he likes! (I didn’t say I will not delete though! ROTFLMAO!!!)

  5. walaoeh stp, you are the one who berat sebelah leh LoL… you so LIHAI accuse that to me!!! LoL

    Me where got berat sebelah! Me completely berat – so well-balanced! Hahahahahahaha!!! After all, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder…and the beauty inside is much more important than the outside appearance…like blogs! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  6. haha, i think the words immaculate and innocent don’t describe you either 😀

    food looks great!

    Nor you…!!! Hehehehehehe!!!! Yes, the food’s nice in KK…but relatively more expensive especially when compared to Sibu.

  7. Believe it or not, I have not eaten here before! LOL!

    It’s nice. My only complaint – the crabs were SO small that I did not even bother…but I saw huge ones in the other section, probably the a la carte section where you can pick the live seafood for your dishes.

  8. OOiii.. I called STP at least 3 times to tell you all to save some space for the mama prawns ok… Was actually for my mum but brought to wrong place cos of the whisky thank the whisky..Ha ha ha..Anyone wants Giant prawns..??just give stp your mobile number and I’ll arrange to sms to you…otherwise you can also get it from GIANT supermarket..he he he
    Just called my friend from the Florist and they want to advertise here only for today though…ha ha ha ha..just do it…

    Don’t sell daddy any more whisky…hiccup! Yunno the song? Gee! If that was the case, I’ll pick up a bottle at the duty-free shop upon arrival just for you (Oops! Shhhhh…!!!! Hahahahaha!!!) and that way, we can have more giant prawns!…What florist?

  9. Wao.. the prawns.. too bad i am allergic.. haha.. What ? Steamboat, no eggs ? Too bad, i love egg soup in steamboats.

    I think Melbie cracked an egg but it never went into the pot!!! Just about shows how good at cooking she must be! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  10. Wah, you are treated like a SUPERSTAR every where you go!

    No lah…we make lots of friends thru blogging so when we go over, we can arrange to meet and go makan mah! Any bloggers coming to Sibu, I would also do the same…

  11. Weiiii!! I cracked the egg, it went into the pot on my ladle, but the ladle was too small, it couldn’t keep all the egg white in! LOL! Hence those on the table I asked the waited to clean up ahahha …

    Man-D, you took a photo of that I think? Show STP! Haiya… embarassing me in public 😛

    OK…sorry for jumping to conclusion! Didn’t see that! Only saw you getting the waiter to wipe the table! Lucky thing too, so the soup remained clear! But u memang not very keen on cooking kan? OK! OK! That does notmean you’re not good at it!!! LOL!!!

    You ate the yolk without the white then? They say not good like that…have to eat both together! White only without the yolk also not good. Haiz!!! So many horror stories about eggs…and I love to eat them!!!

  12. This is really what I called prawns on steroids! And u can ‘gasak’ all the 3 in one go, STP! U shld have started yr blog a long time ago! pretty girls everywhere to dine with, how lucky can u get?!!!LOL!!!

    Yalor!!!…All those years gone to waste! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  13. hahaha kpenyu, STP just told us that you’ll be bringing some food, some prawns … didn’t tell they’re those big, giant prawns… 😛 and STP got my number.. you didn’t bring your card with you on purpose so that we won’t be asking more of the prawns from you ka? LOL

    Oooo…must pay service charge whoever wants whose numbers!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  14. wahahaha…y my pic so blurrr? but then again, it is fun hanging around u and kpenyu…but the prawns…wow, I cannot eat leh…so full! And yeahhh, we still owe u a dinner since kpenyu so generous that nite! lol

    Mel, ok ja pun rambut ko tu?

    Sorry…not bright enough so I had to use night mode – colours not so nice and pics somewhat grainy. I had fun and glad u had fun too. Oh….I see…got new hairstyle that night kah? Got it done specially for STP? Wink! Wink! LOL!!!!

  15. Wahseh! Not bad ar, go everywhere also got sweet young things accompany hor. In demand summore! 😀 Young guys out there are green from head to toe with envy liao lor…Hahahahaha!

    Men are like fine wine…gets better with age! Women are like fruit juices…best taken fresh! Oops!!! ROTFLMAO!

  16. Yeap..I’m old enough to know that song..but it’s a Christmas song ba… Come for Christmas la. Florist said no point comment comment only..say it with flowers ba…ha ha ha ha ha.
    melbie..if you think those were giant wait till I bring the beatles lavae (called see-ut in Sibu ) but another name in Sabah..something like ‘butot’. The one from sago land k penyu comes in the size of small pillows ha ha ha ha..told you stp was fun didn’t I?? It runs in our family..all big size one ha ha ha.
    Stp don’t want to pay service charges..I know all the Tan Tan Tan and all the supermarkets in town….

    You know the song? CHOP!…Confirmed old liao! Hahahahahaha!!!! Go for Christmas? Hmmm…have to wait and see lah! No thanks! I don’t want the worms! Very symbolic though! Are you trying to hint at something…all those stuff so huge size? And even declaring you’re 69…your birthdate, i.e.!!!Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  17. Just saw in Malaysia2day that Kelantan Delights Restoran is offering cheap and special Buka Puasa goodies for all bloggers in KL..any such luck in Sibu?

    That one bluff one lah! Trying to draw visitors there! Buka puasa free…but who pays transport, accommodation and everything?

  18. Someone complain ur pic again HAHAHAHAAH!!!

    Quality of equipment not good…but no complaint on skill! Did not say she did not look pretty. And you’re so lucky!! Was supposed to put ur photo in my next post…then everyone can come and criticise!!!! Pandai2…say Melbie not pretty, want to teach you a lesson! But while sending here and there, something happened! I lost ur photo! Must have clicked wrongly…

  19. I didn’t choose 69..natural birth friend ‘s is 911..even better. got some good 69 jokes..Horny teacher brought innocent male student for private 69 lesson and teacher accidentally farted twice in position..boy got up and said..I don’t think I can take the remaining 67 maam

    OK, good! One’s enough, thank you! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  20. See… He so fair to me LoL.. you have lost my pic LoL… anyway.. u look younger there (only after editted LoL)

    What edited? Photoshopped, you mean?…Don’t simply say!!! I memang look so young one! Right or not, Man-D? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  21. Wow! I want those giant prawns! Just read KY’s blog and seen those fish and chili crabs – you all making me hungry!

    Let’s go KK then…and bring a bottle of whisky for kpenyu!!! LOL!!!

  22. Amazing! Those are really huge prawns. KK has a lot of seafood, I went deep sea fishing in KK three times.

    Did you catch anything? You’re going to KK soon? Joining the marathon or climbathon or something?…I think I’ll be cheering for the fat blogger though; we fat people always stick together! Hahahahahaha!!!

  23. Ya Ya STP…u look young esp the heart…phewittt! Not edited lah the pic in my post…hehehe…eh STP, like Melbie said, invest ur money on a good camera since I can see that u like taking photos as well… 😉

    Pensioner…very poor bah!!! Never mind! Wait till my birthday! Now everybody knows what I want for my birthday present! Hahahahahaha!!!

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