What’s another year…

OK, everybody, get ready to drool…and eat your heart out because you were not there at the Supertanker Restaurant in Kota Kinabalu! LOL!!!

KK Supertanker Restaurant

Being a birthday bash, it had to start with the birthday noodles…

Kpenyu's birthday noodles

It was Kpenyu’s big 5-0, but as they say, “Age is just a number! You’re as young as you feel!” Then of course, there are some who claim that men are like fine wine; they get better with age. Anyway, along with that, we had this dish of Tuaran noodles…

Supertanker Tuaran mee

Hey, Gundot! How come mine did not have all those shrimps/prawns? I protest! Now Kpenyu has to bring me back there again. Hahahahaha!!! After the noodles, we had the braised pork leg with toasted man tao (steamed bread)…

Braised pork leg with man tao 1

Here’s the same dish from another angle for those with a hyperactive imagination… ROTFLMAO!!

Braised pork with man tao 2

The butter prawns followed…and they were very nice, coming a close 2nd to Ruby’s butter scotch prawns which has a thicker and richer gravy, though both have a similar taste…
KK butter prawns

Now, just try sinking your teeth into these succulent grilled pork ribs and it will definitely send you to Seventh Heaven, no kidding! There was also the dish of fried chicken slices that you can see in the background on the left.

KK Grilled pork ribs

Then came the plate of stewed beef tendons…but everybody was already filled to the brim by then.

KK stewed beef tendons

But that was not all…and I was beginning to think that it was never going to end. We also had this dish of special meat rolls…

KK special meat rolls

…and we also had this Sabah sayur manis (the cousin of Sarawak’s cangkuk manis) thrown in for good measure.

Sabah sayur manis

There was this what we call kuih deterim jelly for dessert but what’s a birthday without a birthday cake? So we had this absolutely divine cheese cake from a place called Hidden Pleasures (What a sinful name indeed! LOL!!!) I think I had more than just a second helping!…

Kpenyu's birthday cake

And if you think that was it, think again! They all had durians for post-dessert but I’m not into the fruit that much and I did not like this hybrid that they managed to get hold of that night…so I did not have any.

Durians for dessert

Credit goes to Gundot for all the photographs (except one, and you all can jolly guess which one!) in this post. She was there with the others from the family. And thanks so much for the superb dinner, Kpenyu. If you’re going to have something like this again next year, I’d better book my air ticket now. I can wait! After all, what’s another year! LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

30 thoughts on “What’s another year…”

  1. Boleh tahan…. after all the meat and carbo still can eat durian. Super tanker food looks good. Hope to makan there when i visit KK during CNY. Hint* hint*
    Oh btw, I’m in a good mood today so i shall “angkat” u a bit. Was browsing thru singa laut keenam when i saw ur photo with him and bongkerz? Anyways, what i meant to say was that you look really young there lar, can easily blend in with that age group. hehe.

    Of course lah! Heart young, looks also young! U go mandarch.com and see photo! Somebody said edited, where got! Not like fat Kuching blogger photoshops his photos, they say! That’s why looks so handsome and slim! LOL!!!…CNY Kpenyu always goes to Kuching lah!!! Better come to Sibu!

  2. Wah, so blessed with all the good food o.. jealous! jealous! Dieting in Sibu now? you are spreading manure to your watermelon lol..huahahaaaa…

    Dieting? Who? Me? Hahahahahahaha!!!! Haiz! What to do? Watermelon getting bigger and bigger, must add more fertilizer! LOL!!!

  3. wah!!

    what an appropriate name for a restaurant, in this instance.

    and durians for dessert…i salute you all!

    I would have called this post “Supertankers at Supertanker” if I had not been sticking to my song-title titles for all my posts! LOL!!!

  4. Had 1 ulas of durian only. Hey, you did not show thw treasure in the cake. KNB, the “GOLDEN” man’s friend joined us for durians and they were into their 2nd bottle of whisky! I even tapau the left over beef tendon back to Kch. So much food mah.

    I didn’t want to include too many pics eg the kueh ditirim one…because photos so big…if too many, may take long time to appear when log in. Hey! Now my photos so big…why nobody said anything???

  5. ..So old I cannot remember what I did last year but the food for the 50th have been IMMORTALIZED by STP..tqtqtqtq..no need one year..come anytime but via Kuching better hor.Best place in town in terms of value for money for reasonably good chiness food. I think/hope/pray they only close for CNY..ha ha ha ha

    Last year we went for that over RM1000 seafood dinner at that restaurant near Promenade…and after that….(CENSORED)…(CENSORED)… Hahahahahaha!!!! See! I’m so good to you, every year birthday I’d go and happy2 with you!!!….Hope to go again, maybe one weekend cos got lots of Enrich points expiring year end…or maybe I’ll go KL instead! What u think, cibol? 😀

  6. I was thinking it was a superb meal….until I saw the durians!! For those who did have the king of fruits dessert, were you able to sleep that night? I know for sure my digestive system would have been turbo charged just to handle that combination!

    Supertanker is my absolute favourite chinese restaurant in KK, but for seafood, it has to be either Ocean or Portview. The beef tendon is one of my favourites! Yummy!!

    I didn’t eat those durians…but if it had been Thai durian dessert with glutinous rice and santan, ooo….I won’t pass the chance no matter how full I may be. Love unripe durians masak rebus too! Slurpzzzzz!!!!

  7. Looked like K.Penyu bday bash banquet is fit for a King,so really catered for STP! I hopped over to i think Man-d or Melbie site n saw STP’s photo. STP, u seemed to be losing weight, or is the photo digitally corrected?, if u r shrinking, u shld renounce yr title of STP now lah! Great food photos, I have 2 friends who r going to KK for summer n asked me what to eat there, so now can tell them to go Supertanker, n also eat beef tendons n the sabah vege.

    Me losing weight! Must be some optical illusion! Nope, the photo was not engineered in any way – what you see is the way it is! Hehehehehehe!!!

  8. still in the durian fever i can see….hahaha. i got fed up with it weeks ago. my customers stuffed us with tonnes of lowleen till our stomach hurts…hahaha. aiyo, why the 3rd dish looked so corny one……lmao. better dun let anwar see, or he’ll want one for dinner..:P

    Hahahahahahaha!!!! Finally somebody with a hyperactive imagination commenting on that photo!!! Ummm…I refrain from making any further comment in case anything I say may be taken as evidence against me! LOL!!!! I don’t like durian; used to fall sick after eating as it is too “heaty” for me.

  9. ,,fyi..that guy who drowned the durians with his whisky didn’t even fall sick..so the belief is BUSTED ha ha ha..thanks for refreshing my memories..the fresh lobster shashimi..already 900 lo…crazy…After durian that night not sleepy la gerrie so we go and have chicken porridge ha ha ha ha

    No wonder went to sleep past 3 a.m. Jovita also having the time of her life lah? Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  10. oh my goodness!!! indeed age is just a number. you guys eat like teenagers mann.. khakahkahakhh…

    Teenagers where got eat like that? Nibble nibble like tikus…afraid of getting fat! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  11. Gosh penyu!, I am sure you were joking about the chicken porridge!!! Like bdq said, “eat like teenagers”…sadly our bodies do not function as one already….sigh!

    Body better than teenagers today…gastric, pain here…pain there…pain everywhere, anaemic (from malnutrition resulting from irregular eating and poor diet) etc…etc…etc…!

  12. Ya lor, what’s next year if there are so many free food lying around.Haha. The photos are very clear and well taken, which of course makes us drool more. Evil people…

    Will try to keep photos to that size from now on…but that means the not so sharp ones will have to be discarded. They’re harder to post too…one extra step and that can take time!!! Haiz!!!

  13. uhuuh..nice food again..let me release my ‘stress’ here..hahahahahahaha..have to get rid of tons of assignments =3=

    How do you destress from just looking at food? Thought that would make it worse? Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  14. no lar..food makes me happy..HAHAHAAHAH

    Good grief! You’re just like me then! Hope you will not end up looking like me too! LOL!!!

  15. Are you snoring already?????. OOOIII..how come let people make fun of my Come Back Kid..He cannot take P**k ba..ha ha ha ha ha ..who cares who like what eh? KNB.why you hint*hint*.STP in KK this CNY ka?? ha ha ha

    You mean the Backstreet Boy? Hahahahahaha!!!! I think KNB’s hint*hint*is for you…not me! Just to let you know he’ll be there coming CNY so you can book a table at Supertanker!!! LOL!!!

  16. Drool.. yummy~
    But I cannot eat already.. these few days really eat alot of this kind of stuffs.. time to rest..

    Rest?…How to rest? Got more birthdays coming up! Lots in September!!! Parents very busy in January (Chinese New Year time), it seems…or is it the Chinese tradition of getting married before CNY, what they call “bringing in the daughter-in-law”? Supposed to be a good thing!

  17. whoa! love the prawns! he he he… eh how’s the sayur manis taste like?

    Ooi! Puasa!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! Sayur manis is sweet and nice. They only eat the pucuk. In Sarawak, we eat the leaves of cangkuk manis…and I think it’s nicer and sweeter. Easy to plant, dunno why no one does that over at your end. Sabah’s sayur manis is available in West Malaysia…but only at the Chinese restaurants perhaps.

  18. my oh my!! indeed very tantalising as promised! make me drools 😀

    Hehehehehehe!!!! And I purposely made the photos extra big for this post! I’m SO mean hor! LOL!!!

  19. MAN!!! What a feast!
    *eating her heart out*

    You asked for it! Now I’ve posted BIG photos…so everybody can drool to their heart’s content! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  20. Wow! All those food! Makes me hungry! Some more got durians – my favourite – to end the big feast! I like the tuaran noodles and the grilled pork ribs.
    There’s a Super Tanker over here in Petaling Jaya. It is quite expensive – I remember eating there during the Chinese New Year. But no complaints over the food – they are delicious.
    Is it expensive over in KK?

    I heard something like RM388…so by Sibu standard, it would be quite expensive considering there wasn’t any sharks’ fins soup (which I will delete from the set menu these days, anyway…and opt for sea cucumber instead) or imported Alaskan cod fish (fried or steamed) and so on which we can get here for that amount of money. But the food was very very very nice!

  21. oh my god just oh my god!! I feel like booking a ticket back. I only manage to find a Chinese stall that sells rice n dishes but it’s f’up that it’s vegetarian!!! I herd that there’s tonnes arnd but luck just wasn’t on my side.I gotta try harder. The rice at the cafeteria tastes like crap. Gonna go downtown to look for a msian restaurant that sells briyani n lamb curry hahahahahaha!!

    The ang-mohs dunno how to cook rice!!!…But Montreal should be overflowing with Chinese? Scout around! Sure you will find a Chinese takeaway! That should be cheaper than the restaurants. And I’m sure there are Indian tandooris as well???

  22. Yes age is just a number..after all the good food can u give rating? his legal age is 50-correct..what abt his look? feeling? performance? Learning?..we would love a photo of the Bday Boy..tsk..tsk……

    I will not make any statement that will incriminate me in a court of law…or will render me disqualified from next year’s birthday guest list! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!…I think he’s in one of Gundot’s other photos that I have not posted yet. Will see how to get that in! Hahahahahaha!

  23. Gerrie maybe penyu did sneak out for his porridge but the rest of us were fast asleep after 12.30. Most likely he had it in his dreams! Lindy told me…..you better tell them we did not have porridge!!!

    Well…well…wait till I post what you all had the following morning! Chicken porridge would be less sinful in comparison! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  24. umm.. im aactually in vancouver.. which means, even more chinese!! haha.. heah, sure lotsa asian foods arnd but too bad i dont have car, so its hard to get arnd 😦

    But I think overseas it’s better and cheaper to buy your own food from the supermart and cook your own. It’s expensive cos of high rental, high salaries etc…and often, not really that nice!

  25. Aiyo u dont want to rate– i rate for u.. look- Brad Pitt. Feeling – everygreen performance – can still date Paris Hilton.. learning..older n wiser… see whtr am invited to SUPERTANKER when am in KK haha.

    Hah! Kpenyu like Brad Pitt? Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Like during the seminar, a student took my photo, so I said, “I know I look like Brad Pitt, but pls don’t take my photo!” and that brought the house down!! LOL!!!

  26. LOL.. TRUE TRUE!!! lol~~

    Of course! I always speak the truth, the truth and nothing but the truth! I swear!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  27. yeah, u r sooo right!! too bad i live in a dorm on campus n i have no choice but to eat at cafeteria 😦 My seniors who live in apartment n townhouse, they spend like abt 150 per month on groceries only and i on the other hand have to pay 420 a month for the cafeteria meal plan… 😦 im moving out in my 2nd year! hehe

    Ya, the first year is usually for you to settle down, get to know the place and save you from the hassle of having to cook your own food…and the following year, you can manage on your own.

  28. What a feast!!! And like you, I’d pass the durian anytime, but not the Thai durian dessert with nasi pulut… very nice… hehehee

    You’re like me too then!…Ooo…and the Secret Recipe durain cake! Yummy!

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