Movin’ out…

I mentioned in my post the other day that I heard the people at this coffee shop…

June Cafe

…were formerly here but they have moved out and are now at this new location, most probably due to some landlord-tenant issue. It is not likely that they would want to move from the old place just like that for no obvious reason as it was always full, always so hard to find a seat and equally hard to find a place to park the car even though it was nowhere near the busy town centre.

When I mentioned on Facebook that the previous coffee shop had closed down, a friend said that he heard they moved here but what got me to drop by was I saw somebody sharing a photograph of the char kway teow (fried flat rice noodles) and it looked really good. In the meantime, a friend went to eat there and the lady that he ordered some fried glass noodles from confirmed the rumour.

I went early one morning but the kway teow stall…

June Cafe kway teow stall

…in one obscure corner at the back of the coffee shop was not open yet. In fact, other than the kampua mee stall, all the rest were still getting ready for the day and when I asked for the lor mee from the kampua mee guy, he gruffly replied that it was not available yet so I left right away and crossed the road to go to the coffee shop opposite and enjoy the very nice char kway teow at the stall there.

I managed to stop by again the other day, much later in the morning and yes, everybody was in full swing by then. I ordered a plate of the so-called Penang char kway teow with cockles (RM6.50)…

June Cafe Penang char kway teow

…but was duly informed that they did not have cockles, just prawns. Well, I always had cockles when I had this in Penang so perhaps they should just rename it char kway teow instead.

There were a lot of prawns though and lap cheong (Chinese sausage) too and I would say it tasted really great, spicy and very much to my liking…

June Cafe Penang char kway teow

The old lady did look familiar, possibly the same one at that other place but eventually, over there, a young boy took over the cooking, the grandson maybe, and thankfully what he dished out was great too. Now, the boy was nowhere to be seen so she had to do the cooking herself, assisted by an old man, probably the husband who did all the serving and what not. Other than her, I could only recognise the Malay ladyshe was at the old place for as long as I can remember.

I may come back again for this or something else or I may not for the simple reason that this stall (and for that matter, most of the rest too) does not open so early plus what the char kway teow lady dishes out at the coffee shop across the road is very nice as well AND cheaper…and the coffee there is nicer too.

六月饮食坊 JUNE CAFE (2.292649, 111.834878) is located at No. 16, Lorong 3541, Lorong Chew Siik Hiong 7, formerly Weiison Corner directly opposite/right across the road from Kopitiam Fantasy.

Author: suituapui

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10 thoughts on “Movin’ out…”

  1. Even though without clams, the char kway teow with prawns and lap cheong looks just as good too. For my own personal preference, I prefer to have prawns instead of clams as most of them will use canned clams instead of fresh.

    I know some of the Malay nasi lemak stalls do that for their sotong sambal, not nice at all. Personally, I’m not into clams, not all that safe to eat too…contaminated. Char kway teow can taste good, with or without…especially with all those prawns.

  2. You have got me craving for CKT again. I actually don’t mind my CKT without cockles. In fact some people will specifically ask for no cockles due to health concerns.

    Yes, I did read a warning sometime ago about the cockles from The Straits of Melaka. I guess the ones here aren’t that safe either, high lead content or something.

  3. I like cockles in my Penang CKT. Which remind me, it has been a while since I had one. Usually I ask for slightly spicy. There is one very nice around my area, operated and cooked by a Penang guy. Business was good at night (he only open at night) but wonder he is still there or not. Long time didn’t go out at night. Haha.

    You gone out too early. Dropped your girl to school?? I guess not all business opened up early these days.

    Yes, gotta be in school by around 6.00 a.m. Details in my post, day after tomorrow. I sure wouldn’t mind a few cockles once in a while – the best would be the one at the unimpressive restaurant at the building at the corner of that lane where you were staying in Sibu, in Rejang Park, opens only at night – that is why I hardly ever go there.

  4. With so many prawns and lap cheong and not to mention spicy, I would love to devour that plate of char kueh teow too. 🙂

    Yes, it was good. just more expensive than that place opposite, right across the road.

  5. That plate of char kueh teow is making my tummy rumble. Time for dinner!

    It was really good, a tad more expensive than elsewhere but value for money. Yet to make my way back there for more.

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