Brother Louie…

Some of you may be familiar with this Modern Talking song  and some will pronounce Louis Satchmo Armstrong‘s name as Louis as in Lewis or as they would say in French, Louie like how they pronounce that renowned brand name, Louis Vuitton.

I don’t how this guy pronounces his name though…

Louis Bakery

This tall and handsome young man has a bakery right round the corner from my house in the next lane and from the pictures…

Louis Bakery chocolate cake

…on the wall, it sure looks like every cake of his is a work of art…

Louis Bakery, strawberry cake

I don’t know what this one…

Louis Bakery cake 1
*I wonder who that “famous lawyer” is*

…is, probably lime and while the one in front is most likely yam…

Louis Bakery cakes

…I am quite sure the one at the back is mango…

Louis Bakery mango

No, I was not there that day for the cakes. I heard about the lovely croissants this guy makes so I wanted to give them a try. However, I was told that one would have to pre-order via WeChat:louis7272 or WhatsApp:+60198898121 but since I was driving past that way that morning, I stopped by in person to order some, to be collected at noon the same day.

I got the cheese croissant (RM4.50 each)…

Louis Bakery cheese croissant

…which had that delightful buttery fragrance and taste and was so very flaky that I had to brush the bits off the front of my t-shirt after I had finished eating it. Do not expect too much of the cheese though – that half a slice on top is about all you will get for 50 sen more. The original, without the cheese is RM4.00 each – RM1.00 more expensive than the ones here but heaps nicer and the ones here were RM3.20 each when I bought from there in 2018, not sure if they are still making them or not.

I also bought the salted egg ones (RM5.50 each)…

Louis Bakery salted egg croissant

The croissant, of course, was the same but inside these, there was this very nice lightly-sweetened salted egg yolk filling…

Louis Bakery salted egg yolk filling

…that I liked a lot even though I was a tad disappointed that it did not ooze out, flowing like volcanic lava. I sure enjoyed them both, the latter especially and rest assured that I would make my way back there for the other flavours available – I saw them making the mango cream one and from what Louis told me about it – he was conversant in English which is one thing in his favour (I would have to struggle in Mandarin at most of the other bakeries in town), that sure sounds promising!

I sure was glad to see the guy putting the croissants in brown paper bags – most, if not all, of the bakeries would put their buns into individual plastic bags and all your purchases in one big plastic bag for you to take away. So much wastage of plastic, not environment-friendly at all!

LOUIS BAKERY LW.Pattisserie (2.316411, 111.839847) is located along Jalan Ruby in the same block of shops as Kim Tak Co., right next to Ah Kau Cafe at the end of the block to the left.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Brother Louie…”

  1. My first time seeing so many different varieties of croissants. :p

    The one with salted egg yolk filling looks really good.

    I think the guy makes at least half a dozen different kinds – I only tried two. Loved the ones I bought, will surely go back for more.

  2. Though both croissants looks equally nice, I still prefer the one with cheese. I never like bak chang with salted egg yolk and same apply to this one.

    I love salted egg, the yolk specifically and in bak chang and mooncakes, you get the whole yolk(s). Nice! This one wasn’t exactly creamy salted egg yolk, more like egg custard cream with a hint of salted egg and lightly sweetened. It was nice, I liked it but no, it was not what I was expecting.

    Anyway, there are a lot of other flavours – chocolate, which is not something I would go for, almond that looked more like croissant with almond flakes on top. I’m hoping to try the mango cream – that one only…and maybe more of the salted egg. Hehehehehehe!!!!

    1. I like the plain one that I dip in my coffee like what the French does. Or with avacado and egg and a dash of brown sugar , salt and pepper like Kendall Jenner’s. YUM YUM. Cannot imagine my croissant with salted egg yolk. That is a Chinese twist. hehe

      1. Yes, overkill!!! I think we have had enough of this salted egg thing, getting to be so boring. Haven’t gone for the croissants even though the bakery is just round the corner from my house, not that keen on going out but yes, his plain ones were really good.

        BTW, are you my ex-student, the pharmacist? Welcome, thanks for dropping by and commenting! Stick around! I love company!

  3. ooo, if you ever buy the salted egg croissant again, maybe bring it home and reheat it a bit – you might get the desired ooze! 🙂

    Oh? So that’s the trick, is it? I couldn’t wait – went to pick my girl up after school and the fragrance was overwhelming so I ate while waiting. All snapshots taken in the car. LOL!!!

  4. Yes i know this song by modern talking. I will definitely like the salted egg croissant. The first two cakes look so beautiful and lovely, wonder if they taste nice.

    Yes, the cakes look good. Tempted to buy and try, will do that one of these days.

  5. Oh that salted egg yolk filling is calling my name.

    You like? Me too!!! A lot of people are not into anything salted egg – croissants, buns, dumplings, mooncakes…I love it!!!

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