Not the first…

Nope, this wasn’t the first time I dropped by here – as a matter of fact, I was here once before and I had the kampua mee and the mackerel fish ball soup. It was quite all right except that at the time, I felt it was a bit too pricey and I never did come back here again.

Besides, if it is good kampua mee that I want, I would go to this coffee shop in the next block for what many say is the best in town…or this one, just a few doors ago – theirs isn’t too bad as well.

I decided to stop by the other morning to see what new stalls they have now and I ended up having the char kway teow (fried flat rice noodles)…

…from this stall…

…at the back. It did not matter one bit that it was not cheap, RM7.50 a plate…

…RM9.90 with prawns or with siham (cockles/kerang) but I would not say it was to my liking. For one thing, I thought it was rather sweet – I noticed that the guy was using the Camel Brand dark soy sauce but I could not see whether it was the kicap manis (sweet soy sauce) or not.

Personally, my current favourite char kway teow in town would be the one here and the one here isn’t too shabby either but looking at the number of customers, this one did look rather popular as well. I suppose, as they say, one man’s meat is another man’s poison and they do have their following.

While I was there, I noticed that they were also selling sambal char kueh aka koay khak or chai thow koi (Chinese fried carrot cake)…

…so I ordered a plate to give it a try and see if theirs was any good or not. No, I wasn’t worried that there would be too much for me to handle because I could just sample a bit and ask for the rest to be packed for me to take home.

Unfortunately, it was quite disastrous because the carrot cake was kind of soggy, not firm and I did not enjoy it…

…at all. It wasn’t even worth the effort of getting it packed to take home so I just left it there just like that. If you are looking for a good one here, a good bet would be this one – I do think theirs was pretty good and worth a try.

Once I was through, I walked around the coffee shop to have a look at what the other stalls had to offer. There was a pan mee stall but no, I am not into that and I also saw a stall selling roast meat rice, nothing to get excited about as well but I did see one that did stir a bit of interest in me – perhaps I’ll go back there to check it out one of these days. We’ll see!

KIING HUAT KOPITIAM (2.301323, 111.843642)… 

…is located among the shops along Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai in the vicinity of Kim Hock Supermarket, behind Kim Hock Premier Food Court to the right of Nam Heong Ipoh.

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4 thoughts on “Not the first…”

  1. Sorry to say that the sambal char kueh doesn’t look appealing at all. The kueh are cut way too big, prefer to have them cut into smaller pieces. By the way, is this char kueh from the same stall as the char kway teow and how much is that plate of char kueh?

    Yes, from the same stall at RM6.50 a plate. I shared the photo on Facebook and an ex-student could tell where I ate it right away. She also said it was too soft and soggy, not nice at all. I guess that is the way they do it, their chai thow koi is not firm and QQ…a complete failure!

    I also felt that RM7.50 for the plate of char kway teow, no prawns, no siham, nothing is VERY expensive!

  2. Oh dear, soggy char koay kark is no good. I wonder what went wrong there. The char koay teow looks good though it shouldn’t be sweet.

    Probably they used kicap manis which should not be the case. As for the koay khak, it is obvious they do not know how to make the steamed cake for them to use to fry. The texture was all wrong. I sure would not want to go back there again.

  3. Char kway teow is one of my favourite Malaysian dishes. I don’t indulge in it too often, but always enjoy it when I do.

    I love the West Malaysian ones more than what we have here, softer, smoother, silkier, thinner and translucent.

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