Not always right…

Well, I must say that the things growing in my garden do not always turn out right. I have not had much luck planting chilies, for instance. I think I did get to eat a few once and another time, for reasons unknown, all the green chilies just dropped from the plants.

It is the same with the ones I am currently nurturing. I think there were some seeds among the kitchen waste that I buried and they sprouted and flourished and grew really well. So many chilies appeared but eventually, I noticed them starting to rot even before they ripened. That left me with no choice other than to pluck them and get rid of them.

There was this solitary one…

My chili

…however, that turned out really well. Hopefully, there will be a few others coming soon.

My cangkuk manis/mani cai is another thing that I plant that has never been doing all right. At best, I may get a handful of leaves for my masak sayur rebus but it does look a little bit better…

My cangkuk manis


That day, I managed to pluck quite a lot…

Cangkuk manis leaves

…not enough for a dish by itself but I could have fried it with some baby corn or pumpkin or sweet potatoes.

In the end, I used it for my fried bihun with those canned clams in soy sauce

Fried bihun with canned clams in soy sauce & cangkuk manis

…for our lunch that day and I threw in that aforementioned chili, sliced thinly, as well.

Ah well!!! As they say, something is better than nothing! LOL!!!