Cross the road…

Now that I do not have to go and get my girl from her jungle school every Friday and send her back every Sunday, I am saving a lot on petrol and car maintenance. Those days, I would top up on Friday to make one trip and back and again on Sunday for our trip that day and that would not last till the next trip – I would have to go and top up on Tuesday or Wednesday so all in all, that would be around two to three times a week.

I sent my car for an oil and filter change every 7,000 km and because of the distance covered, I had to go back and get it serviced once every month or so plus I would get everything checked to make sure it was in perfect condition. I would not want it to break down somewhere in the middle of nowhere. The last time I got that done was in October last year and there were still 2,000 km left till the next scheduled oil change but I just went and got it done anyway.

While I was there, I noticed that the coffee shop on the other side

Uncle Lau

…has shrunk to half its former size. It used to occupy two shoplots but not anymore.

In the meantime, I heard that this coffee shop has closed down. I mentioned that on Facebook and somebody said that he heard they had moved here…

June Cafe

…so that morning, I went to have a look. Another friend went and had something from one of the stalls and the lady confirmed that she came from that aforementioned coffee shop. I did not see anybody familiar though (not that I am so familiar with the people there – I have not dropped by for a long long time) and the stalls did not seem ready to start the ball rolling except for the kampua mee stall and it was on my no-meat Friday so I was abstaining from that.

In the end, I decided to cross the road to this coffee shop right opposite where all the four food stalls were already in full swing at that point in  time. Nobody insisted on any SOP but there seemed to be some kind of social distancing at each table…

Kopitiam Fantasy social distancing

The people running the coffee shop did not look like the ones there before – perhaps, they are the same ones just that I was never all that observant before but the coffee that morning…

Kopitiam Fantasy kopi-o-peng

…was so so good, better than all the rest – the best that I have had for a long time now.

I ordered the sambal kway teow from this stall there and asked the lady to leave out the meat but I requested for one fried egg to go with it (RM5.00)…

Kopitiam Fantasy sambal kway teow plus fried egg

I guess my regular readers would know right away that I was not too happy the moment it was served and why. LOL!!!

However, the kway teow in itself…

Kopitiam Fantasy sambal kway teow

…made up for the disappointment. It was super yummy, so very fragrant and very spicy and I’ve always loved the lady’s very nice own-made chili dip.

That was most certainly a delightful breakfast and I sure would not mind going back for more again…and again…and again.

KOPITIAM FANTASY, otherwise popularly known as Tiam Tiam Lai (2.292435, 111.835066), is located among the shops in the Jalan Chew Siik Hiong area of shops behind the Rejang Medical Centre, facing Jalan Mahsuri.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Cross the road…”

  1. Haha, the egg looks like a great disaster. Guess they break the egg yolk when it goes into the wok. Luckily the kopi O and CKT save the day. I like the thin kway teow, be it in kolo, soupy or fried.

    Got thin kway teow in Kuching? None here, all the thick and chewy white ones.

    1. Yes, got mine from the wet market stall.

      Next time will buy home. I think Miri had the thin version too, not Sibu. 😦

  2. The kueh teow sure looks delicious even if the egg looked kinda…flawed.

    Ouh…what made the coffee so good? :p

    It’s our local Sibu coffee. Sure puts all those branded ones to shame. I never liked any of those.

  3. That egg is a disaster hee..hee.. Not that I can fry a nice one myself. But the fried koay teow looks as good as you say it tastes.

    Muahahahahahahaha!!! Looks familiar? When it was served, I actually thought of you! 😀 😀 😀

  4. That coffee does look good. We’ve been staying in hotels for the past two weeks so I am dying for an excellent cup.

    Some hotels have pretty good coffee at their restaurants. I like it a little stronger usually, though.

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