Next door…

My friend read my posts on the elusive popiah and he told me that there is a stall here as well so I went to check it out. Unfortunately, it was not open and when I asked the boy at the shop, he said he did not know when it would be open. The lady would run her business as and when it pleases her so he could not tell me when she would be around. Now, that sounds like the elusive popiah lady. I guess I would have to keep trying to see if it is indeed her – her popiah is the best I have had anywhere and I sure would want to go for that again…anytime.

My favourite fried kway teow stall there was closed as well (probably, they do not open on Tuesdays) and I did not like the kampua noodles there when I tried it once nor was I in the mood for any bak kut teh so I headed to the shop opposite…

Weiison Corner

It is located in the Fortune Commercial Centre behind the Rejang Medical Centre and opposite are the supermarket and the coffee shop where I once went for the kolo mee

On the other side

…and looking at the photograph in that old post that I had linked, it seems that they had a different name previously. This place looked very busy and was rather crowded so I guessed the food must be good. I did not feel like having anything from the kampua noodle stall in front…

Kampua stall

…but I must say looking at the plates and plates that they were dishing out non-stop, it certainly was enjoying very brisk business.

The roti canai also seemed very popular – a lot of people were eating that but I decided to try the nasi lemak special (RM4.50)…

Nasi lemak 1

…instead. The sambal was really good – very pedas (hot and spicy) and the rice was very good too, very lemak (rich with santan/coconut milk) but I was a bit disappointed that the egg was kind of over-fried…

Nasi lemak 2

…or the oil for the frying was a little bit too hot. Thankfully, it was not cooked right through and the yolk was still a bit soft and runny on the inside…

Egg yolk

All in all, I would say it was good but I am not too sure about the price – I cannot remember whether this would be cheaper elsewhere as I have not had this for a while now…except for the more expensive one here.

The kopi-o-peng kao (iced black coffee, extra-strong)…

Kopi-o-peng kao

…was not bad, nicer than at a lot of other places and RM1.50 only (some places are charging RM1.60-1.80 a glass these days) but at this point in time, I am not sure whether I would drop by here again unless they have something special that I do not know of, something that really stands out, a head above the rest.

Author: suituapui

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18 thoughts on “Next door…”

  1. Hope you manage to get the popiah lady one day to see whether she is the same one. The price of your coffee is almost as high as KL’s price. That’s a lot of rice for the nasi lemak. I guess you can’t have it all perfect so the egg has to be the one you are not satisfied with.

    Same as KL’s? I haven’t been to a coffee shop in KL for a while now so I dunno the current prices. RM1.50 for a glass of iced black coffee too? Yes, the serving was big and the egg was nicer than it looked. If there was anything I was not satisfied with, I did wish the nasi was a little bit mnore lemak – but it was good, nicer than a lot of places.

    1. We seldom order iced black coffee so I don’t really know the price. I know that champing (iced milk coffee mixed with tea) costs RM2 so no milk, black coffee should be a bit cheaper than that.

      Yup, the price sure appears to be more or less the same. I wouldn’t know how much that is here though – I do not drink coffee with milk.

  2. Arthur, you’re a hard man to please, the egg looks just nice — brown and crispy. Well, one more place to go.

    It’s almost December. Wouldn’t be long now… 😉

  3. Nasi lemak special looks good.. Special means with fried chicken added? I thought I saw one fried chicken wing next to the egg.. Most important sambal is nice in my nasi lemak.. Dont mind if I dont have chicken or daging or kerang..

    Yup, I think so…the fried chicken wing’s the extra for the special.

  4. Nasi lemak looks good and the egg is just perfect with crispy edges and soft yolk. Nice kopi o peng kao to wash down everything.

    All was ok, not bad. Wouldn’t say I would be rushing back for more but I would not mind stopping by for this if in the vicinity.

  5. Nasi Lemak looks convincing, why does that kopi o has some foam on it?

    The froth? Don’t all those branded coffees have that, and they draw designs and pictures on it? You may have seen my favourite in some earlier posts – the one at Ruby here where they blend it so there will be an extra thick layer of froth on top…like Guiness stout!

  6. Looks like you have a lot of elusive hawkers over there…open whenever they like :(. Here RM1.50 is probably the cheapest kopi-o ping you can find, usually it’s between RM1.80 – RM2.20 (these prices I know coz I always order kopi-o ping kaw too) 😀

    Seems so, I really wonder how they do business like that. 😦 Ya, the prices are more or less the same, I guess…but I never like the coffee shop coffee in the peninsula – very black and sweet, different coffee fragrance…but then again, I do not find many places here that serve pretty decent ones either.

  7. The sambal looks good, for me sure will ask for more, hehe!

    They gave quite a lot, VERY hot and spicy, very nice…more than enough for me.

  8. Ya there is a hawker near me tht does kolo mee…til now I havent tried before everytime I go the shop is closed. I ask the shop coffee boys when this shop opens, they say dunno la.. open whenever the boss pleases. Aiyo.

    Sounds exactly like my popiah lady. 😀

  9. No luck again with popiah? But that nasi lemak looks delicious. I would prefer it with a hard boiled egg.

    That’s the original authentic nasi lemak – dunno why some people insist on serving it with fried egg. 😦

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