This time we got it…

We changed our minds about dropping by here for a dim sum brunch that morning because there seemed to be a huge crowd and we could not find a parking space all around the big building so we went some place else instead.

Well, the other day, the 3rd of June, my girl checked online and was delighted to see that she had been successful in her application for a transfer to a school here in Sibu. That would mean she would find it a lot more challenging teaching the town pupils compared to the rural kids but looking on the bright side, we would not have to endure the terrible weekly journeys up and down the yet-to-be completed Pan-Borneo Highway and other than that, she would not need to put up with the electricity and water woes in her school in the jungle anymore. That, of course, calls for a little celebration so the very next morning, we went for this special treat.

The lor mai kai

Lor mai kai 1

…was quite disappointing as even though it tasted quite nice…

Lor mai kai 2

…simply because it was overcooked till the glutinous rice was too soft and soggy and too sticky.

I do recall my cousin in Kuching saying something about what was good here but I could not remember what it was. I guessed it was their fried pek koi (rice cakes)…

Char pek koi

…so I ordered that and true enough, it was really very good. I don’t know if they made their own but they certainly looked different from all the rest, thin and long like fries.

Other than those aforementioned, we had the usual dim sum favourites, the char siew pao (steamed barbecued pork buns)…

Char siew pao

…and the har kao (prawn dumplings)…

Har kao

…and the sio bee/siew mai with century egg…

Siew mai pi tan

…and yes, they were all good as always and to our liking.

My girl wanted the chee cheong fun with shrimps…

Chee cheong fun

…and she loved it! I wanted to order the fried radish cake but it was not available but what we had were more than enough to tide the three of us over till dinner.

There were quite a lot of people unlike those times when I was here before and I sure am glad that it is enjoying pretty good business as that would mean we can continue to enjoy good dim sum right here in our little town. The total came up to RM38.05, inclusive of Chinese tea for three and I do think it was worth it which is more than what I would say about some of those that we have at the coffee shops here and they do not come cheap even.

旺喜楼 GOOD HAPPINESS RESTAURANT (2.307262, 111.849011) is located at the corner along Lorong Pahlawan 7A4 at its junction with Jalan Sena, opposite SMK Deshon.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “This time we got it…”

  1. First and foremost, sharing the joy of Melissa’s transfer back to hometown. I do notice that the pek kok looks very unsual from the normal ones which we usually have. I like dim sum and I think the price are quite reasonable.

    Never cheap but if it is really nice like what we have here, it is worth it. Lots popping up in the coffee shops everywhere – not worth the calories, much less the money.

  2. Never heard of fried radish cake I need to google that.
    Coffee is on

    It’s called carrot cake too but it is not the western one, it’s Chinese fried steamed white carrot or radish cake, sometimes called koay kak. My girl enjoys it very much.

  3. That was a good news, having Melissa back to Sibu. Can spend more time together. But true, more challenging for her to teach the town kids.

    I like lo mai kai wrapped in the leaf, hard to find here.

    Too bad this time around it was overcooked.I remember having it before and it was o.k.

  4. I am really pleased for Melissa and both you and your missus, that’s certainly very good news! That would mean she can live in the comfort of home. Your won’t have to worry so much about her. I wish Melissa all the best in her new school.

    Oh! The dim sum is very affordable. Over here, we pay a bomb 😦

    Cheap eh? The last time I wanted to pay, I took out my credit card and when I saw the total, I put my card back and paid cash. So little, so shy want to pay by card.

    Thanks for your good wishes. I hope she will like her new school, her alma mater – she studied there, that primary school. I guess she will go on teaching there till she retires.

  5. it’s really interesting that she’ll be teaching in her former school. some of her former teachers will be her colleagues now, i guess! 🙂

  6. Congratulations Melissa! Your Novena prayers have been answered. Praise The Lord!

    Thank you. We’ll keep going, that’s for sure, just pray in thanksgiving that we have been truly blessed.

  7. Congrats to your daughter! Dim Sum are expensive but your price at less than RM40 looks really good!

    Thanks. This one’s in a full-fledged Chinese restaurant – I hear they have a chef from Shanghai.

  8. Yep, crowded and no parking would turn me off too.

    I guess many here are not in the least bothered by it – they just double-park and park illegally. The authorities aren’t vigilant here, sleeping on their job.

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