At least…

We can enjoy very good dim sum at a restaurant here so everytime we felt like having that, we would head straight there. There was another one that used to be quite good but it seemed to lose its appeal slowly and eventually, called it a day. Of course, there are those stalls at the coffee shops but generally, I found them expensive and not really worth the calories. I liked the one here on the other side of town but I had not been to those parts of the woods for a long long time so I don’t know if they are still in business or not.

Well, lately, I’ve seen quite a number of blogger-friends sharing photographs of some of the dim sum delights that they tapao-ed home or some kind friends or neighbours bought for them or they managed to get them via home food delivery. We had not had dim sum for a long long time – the last time was in June, 2019, I think so of course, I started wishing that we could have some too.

I hear that the aforementioned restaurant is open and eager customers can go and buy and take home to enjoy – if I remember correctly, I think my sister did say that she went there at least once. However, it had appeared in the daily list of places visited by individuals tested positive for COVID-19 so somehow or other, I just do not feel like going there, never mind that theirs is the best in town.

There is this place…

…near my house that started quite recently at this chicken rice place, sometime this year, I think, before the lockdown but knowing what these coffee shop dim sum stalls are like, I never bothered to stop by and check it out.

It has survived all this while, all throughout the extended lockdown, and the other morning, my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to go over and have a look. They seemed to have a lot of choices…

…but they were mostly different variations of dumplings…

I know one place here where they have a lot but if you’ve tasted one, you’ve tasted them all – they all taste the same.

This one looked good…

…but no, I did not order those and I would not want to touch these, the favourite of many…

…with a 10-foot pole. LOL!!!

I placed my orders and they steamed them…

…before packing them for me to take home.

The crystal har kao (RM6.50 for a basket of 3)…

…looked very good, just that my missus felt that they could do a better job with the skin. I couldn’t agree more as it was way too khiew (chewy) to the extent that it became too rubbery and a chore to bite and chew.

Everyone liked the antique siew mai (RM5.50 for a basket of 4)…

…though – these were really good and they thought the lor mai kai (RM5.00)…

…was great too.

The ladies did not like the sweet char siew filling in the steamed pao (RM5.00 for a basket of 2)…

…but to me, it was very nice except that the skin could have been softer and more cushiony – it was a little on the hard/tough side. Personally, I feel we can find better (and cheaper) ones at another place here.

On the whole, give and take a little, I would say that I was quite happy with what I bought – at least, they were reasonably good enough for me to appease my craving for dim sum. They did not come cheap though – I asked for two baskets of the har kao and two of the char siew pao, one each of the rest and the total came up to RM33.50. I probably would come back again but I certainly would be in no hurry to do that…and if I do, I definitely would bring along my own tiffin carrier or Tupperware containers. Really cannot tahan seeing all that rampant use of plastic! Tsk! Tsk!

CHOPSTICKS CHICKEN & RICE (2.312434, 111.845917) is located in the Delta Mall, Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai (formerly Pedada) area of shops, facing the church along Lorong Taman Seduan 8, off Jalan Gambir.

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17 thoughts on “At least…”

  1. I miss dim sum too. Yes, my favourite chicken claws. Whenever I go for dim sum, I never miss ordering it. All in the family love it. The chicken claws looks abit different from the ones I usually had from the dim sum shop here, in terms of colour, usually black and not red. Bet the red ones is of the sweeter taste.

    1. Yes, it is usually phak lor kay kha, with soy sauce colour. My late mum loved those – used to go and buy for her at a coffee shop/restaurant here – RM2 each, I think. A stall at a hawker centre here too, very popular, I did not ask about these here, first time seeing red ones – looks like char siew, not sure.

  2. I love dim sum. Har kaw, the fried stuff and char siew bao. Many dim sum franchises here in Kuching like Kung Fu dim sum but I still think our favourite is in Boulevard Restaurant.

  3. Two weeks ago I was contemplating ordering dim sum but somehow I changed my mind. Haiz..Covid-19 cases shot up to 17,045 today and total cases have breached the 1 million mark. Bye bye dine-in.

    1. Not allowed? I thought they’ve lifted everything, free for all now…though I simply cannot understand why when cases are increasing daily. Here, I noticed that some have refused to allow dining in, only open for take away. Guess they do not want to risk it!!!

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