Went well…

My girl loves pek koi, literally translated as white cake, more than all the other noodle dishes, Foochow or otherwise, here or anywhere else.

These are pieces of dried rice cakes that one can buy in packs at the shops and they would have to be soaked overnight to soften prior to cooking the very next day. Nowadays, however, there are people who will make their own and we had the one here, for example…

Own made pek koi

…that was cut into long thin strips like french fries and yes, that was very nice.

It appears that different people may cook it differently but usually, the cakes are fried with soy sauce and egg, something like how they fry char kway teow

With soy sauce & egg

This one was fried with cangkok manis

Fried with cangkok manis

…and sometimes, they fry them with those canned clams in soy sauce

With canned clams in soy sauce

…and they do go well together too – not just with bihun.

Well, my girl wanted to cook her own that day and since I had a lot of cans of those clams in the pantry, she decided she would use that and what she dished out…

Melissa's fried pek koi

…was really very nice!

I am often put off by the ones outside as some do not soak them long enough so they are quite tough/rubbery/chewy, not nice and soft like the ones my girl cooked. I sure wouldn’t mind ordering that to eat if they could do it just as well outside.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Went well…”

  1. I have seen this packed dried pek kok in the supermarket but never bought them. I have eaten few times at the Foochow fried stalls and love them to bits. I still remember the very first time I had them I thought it was thinly sliced fish cake. All the above photos of pek koi looks so good.

    If you go and eat the fish noodles in Sabah, noodles made from fish, it will be like eating fish cake. Did not tickle my fancy. You have pek koi in Kuching, eh? I did not get to see any when I was there. Aha! Foochow fried stalls! Was quite sure it’s a Foochow thing.

    1. Yes, I had mine at Food Destination if I remember the name correctly, the row of shop opposite Viva City. There is a Foochow fried stall inside this kopitiam selling all kinds of Foochow dishes. I doubt they are still operating or not as I heard that some of the stalls over there had closed down.

      Sad. I have not gone round to see who has called it a day. I’m sure many would not survive, two months no income…and have to pay rent, workers’ wages and all.

  2. This pek koi sounds delicious. I had a room mate at uni who always talks about eating pek koi every weekend before she goes home. I used to wonder what that was. I might have seen the dried ones at the supermarket. If I see it again I will buy and try.

    Make sure you soak overnight so it will be nice and soft. They say there is a brand now, no need to soak but I do not know the brand.

  3. Oh, I never bought that pek koi before…something like the Korean noodles, right? I must say my kids will love this type of noodles.. neen koe if I am not mistaken…. yeah, now I remember the name..

    Dunno. I only know it as pek koi. Now that you mentioned it, I do think it is similar to those Korean noodles – I guess they’re the same, made from rice.

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