Party on…

In my post the other day, I mentioned that my girl got her transfer to a school here in Sibu so we went out for a little celebration. Well, the party continued that night when we went out again, this time to another outlet of this Japanese franchise here.

My girl’s colleague, the one from Kuching, was singing praises of their beef so when my girl and her friend were here for dinner not too long ago, she had the toku beef set…

Beef set

…and she loved it! That was why that night, she insisted that my missus and I had that, their Raya promotion – two sets for RM39.90.

It was very nice – the beef…


…was thinly sliced and very tender and I loved the sauce/gravy which went very well with the blanched cabbage underneath.

My girl did not want to have that again but she did help herself to the servings in our sets to enjoy the beef together with us. She had this zaru ramen (RM7.50)…


…a noodle dish with jellyfish and cucumber strips. I did try a bit and yes, it was good too.

Just in case, that was not enough for her, I also ordered these chicken gyozas (RM5.90)…


…to share and also this bowl of chawanmushi (RM4.00)…


…both of which were pretty decent.

We did grab some sushis from the carousel including these inari tuna boat mayo…


…that my missus picked – she enjoys those in the tofu puffs.

I tried the golden balls…

Golden balls

…which I felt were all right, nothing to get excited about but we thought the spicy teriyaki chicken roll…

Chicken roll

…and the ebi ten

Ebi ten

…were great.

Of course, my girl wanted one with raw salmon and she chose the Norwegian salmon nishoku

Salmon nishoku

…as the other one was just a slice of raw salmon draped over some sushi rice and needless to say, she enjoyed that. The pink plates were RM4.00 each while the purple ones were RM6.00.

The total for all that we had came up to RM86.20 but with the 6% SST and the 10% service charge, the total came up to exactly RM100.00. That was a delightful dinner, all within the family, to celebrate the aforementioned good news that we had received.

SUSHI KING, the town outlet (2.291578, 111.820743) is located along Jalan Hospital, round the corner from the Lau King Howe Memorial Museum.

Author: suituapui

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11 thoughts on “Party on…”

  1. Those beef soup looks so lit! Esp on how you described them! I also wanna taste the ebi ten!

    That’s not soup. Gotta be careful with those tempura prawns – has some elsewhere where the prawns were bland, tasteless. Not to my liking.

  2. The promotion price for the beef set is really a good deal and they are generous with the beef too. All looks good except the one with raw salmon, I will give it a miss.

    I’m not into salmon, cooked or raw. My girl loves it!

  3. Two sets for RM39 is a steal!! A lovely celebration.

    Nice to know your girl is transferred back. So when would that be?? This year? Next year?

    Supposed to be right away but the rule is she will have to wait for the official letter, black and white before she could move to the new school…and the snail mail to her school in the jungle may take quite awhile. I guess she will have to go back there for another week or so.

  4. Sushi King certainly stepped up their game a bit over the years.

    Oh? I was quite disappointed when I went to the first one here when it first opened. That was why I never went back again…until now.

  5. The beef do look very tender and juicy, even though I don’t take beef. A very good promotional price.

    It was all right, nice and we would not mind going back for it again…but not so soon.

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