From a jack to a king…

Last Friday, I had to drive all the way to pick Melissa up from her jungle school again and we stopped for lunch on our way home and no prize for guessing who was the happiest…


…when I told her we would go to this newly-opened franchise place in town…


…that, I’m sure, is so very familiar to most people already as the outlets are all over. She loves Japanese!

They did not seem to have a lot of choices on the conveyor belt – oh yes, they had lots all lined up but unfortunately, they all seemed to be those same few things. We had one sushi


…after another…


…and another…


…and another…


…and frankly, one did not taste any different from the other and if they did, I certainly did not notice.

This is one of my personal favourites at all sushi places…


…and all right, theirs were pretty nice…and I also took this off the belt…


…and Melissa had these…


…and we also helped ourselves to this…


…while my missus took these…


…which I kind of liked but at RM2.00 each, they certainly did not come cheap. Ouch!!! In fact, I thought nothing was cheap…and holy cow!  The place was packed to the brim and people had to queue up to get a table. Yes, me too! If not the sake of my girl, I would have gone off some place else, no…thank you very much!

We were there just before 2.00 p.m. and we did place our individual à la carte orders from the menu as well. My missus had this rice cake burger (RM7.00)…


…while Melissa had the soft shell crab salad (RM18.90)…


…and I thought the dressing was pretty good…


…just that for someone who’s not really fond of it, like me, I reckoned it could do with a little bit less sesame oil but she enjoyed that…


…and that was all that mattered.

I ordered their mixed bento


…which was pretty good BUT for that, we had to wait and wait and wait and it was well past 3.30 p.m. already by the time it was served…and yes, I was not exactly too pleased by then, not at all. However, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining…and because we were STILL there after 3.00 p.m. we were given 20% discount on our sushi as their happy hours start then till 6.00 p.m. Still, the bill came up to around RM90.00, inclusive of tax and service charge…despite the fact that there were some miscalculations which, of course, I would not elaborate on here. Actually, Melissa insisted on picking up the tab so I only noticed it now while writing this post. Wink! Wink! Hehehehehehe!!!!

On the whole, I would not say the lunch was all that great – definitely not enough to make us want to go again and good grief!!! It was soooooo expensive! I think we can easily take that kind of money and give ourselves a much more enjoyable (and cheaper) treat at this place here…anytime so you can jolly well guess whether or not I would be going back there again…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

38 thoughts on “From a jack to a king…”

  1. I was in Star Megamall last Sunday. Such a long queue in front of Sushi King. New toilet lah. I wouldnt want to line up for Sushi King. Had few unpleasant experience in Kuching. Long wait and sometimes they forgot the order. Sigh.

    Unless I crave for its Unagi set or soft shell crabs thrn maybe I will consider going there. 😉

    Try Zen, much nicer. The sushis are not great, can buy the same at those small stalls in the malls – pretty much the same, may be nicer even. Ya…I had to ask about my bento a few times – dunno why they took so long – nothing much to it, I would say…not anything that would need so much time to prepare. 😦

  2. Aiiyo for the total of this bill u can only pay for I person in a place like this! Hmmm maybe can reli live like a king lah in Sibu.

    Even at the franchise places like this one? I know it would be expensive at a true-blue Japanese restaurant but I would expect it to be cheaper at places like these considering that the sushis are mass-produced.

  3. The rice cake burger looks very interesting. I’d like to try that – especially if the grains are a little bit chewy around the outside.

    Not too sure about that as I did not get to try…

  4. Melissa is such a nice wonderful girl, both of you have really brought her up very well…

    She most certainly is but I do think it is also part of her nature, sweet and sensitive.

  5. Fast ask mellisa find a bf and kahwin then can mintak transfer back to town :p

    Hmm…am not keen on Japanese food but people say its very healthy. That’s why their life span is longer leh.

    Any potential? Come, come…introduce one, quick!!! If jadi, BIG ang pao for you and huge too kha also!!!!

    I’m like you, not really into Japanese – I find it rather bland and unexciting. Melissa loves it!

  6. Japanese food outlets here too see long queues daily. Well now at least you have another choice for food, albeit on the expensive side.

    That is a pretty Melissa in the picture. Her hairdo suits her so well. And you, her dad, is such a loving dad.

    Only one I’ve got…so she gets it all! 😉

    Ya, I did notice when I was at MV, all the Japanese places were packed to the brim…while others were a little less popular.

  7. I just want to ask where is Sushi King and Zen in Sibu?

    Sushi King just opened at Star Megamall (Daesco)…and Zen is a few doors away from CafeCafe, nearer the Chinese temple.

  8. Food looks good but not a fan of Japanese/Korean food. Ermm..both my kids would love these. Me, typical Chinese, so guess you know what typical Chinese food are. Yum!!!..Yum!!

    Same here, just ok with Japanese. Too mild for me, usually.

  9. Next time come around here should bring thick wallet. Hehe.. I love Japanese but I never been to Sushi King. I think the taste are all the same with other japanese restaurant. And I love what you had, can jimat a bit. hehe.

    Can jimat? I think it is not as expensive at one place here…and a whole lot nicer there too. Will not go back to this place again, that’s for sure.

  10. No thank you, not Sushi King, they serve some of the most horrible sushi/ jap food in Malaysia, equivalent to old town. LOL! Many untrained chef there, who doesn’t know how to cook Jap food and yes, not cheap too.

    Old Town serves Japanese? But ya, I think the food there isn’t great and expensive, no, thank you very much. I tried SK in Kuching many many years ago – thought it was ok then – considering that I’m not really a fan of Japanese, it wasn’t too bad, I thought…but not anything that would get me rushing back for more. My daughter’s the one who loves Japanese.

  11. I’ll never go to Sushi King unless I was very hungry and there was nothing else to eat. They serve fast food style unauthentic sushi at prices that you’ll get better elsewhere!

    Or just pay a bit more to get fresher and more authentic sushi – even the way they make it is unappetizing (the piece of sashimi fish should always cover the rice, not be the same size).

    Better Japanese sushi to be had at similar prices here, maybe that’s why they opened in East Malaysia. It’s an insult to us, in a way. Grr…

    I love Zen – wouldn’t mind going back there again and again anytime we want Japanese – this one’s a write-off, if you asked me.

  12. ooo, the first sushi that u chose is my favorite … the salmon-wrapped rice topped with mayo. i can’t get enough of that one! 😀 i’ve not had sushi king for quite awhile, but it brings back good memories for me, cos i remember a sushi king opened in penang during my final year of campus there, and i managed to visit it a couple of times with my uni mates 🙂

    My daughter had that, I didn’t try…not too fond of mayo. The first time I had it in Kuching, I thought it was better than this. Maybe too many people, place packed…long queues. If this is the best they can offer, I wouldn’t bother going back again…plus it is in no way cheap, not at all. Tsk! Tsk!

  13. ……from a kiss to a wedding ring….Hey, that was my grandpa’s favourite Slim Whitman song 🙂 When I first went to Sushi King, I was quite happy as I liked the idea of sushi “parading” past my table and I could just take what I want. I enjoyed their sushi back then. But later on I noticed that the standard had gone down and for the price that they charge, not really worth it. I have since stopped going there.

    Dunno Slim Whitman’s. When I was growing up, Ned Miller was the one who had a hit song with this, playing day in day out over the radio.

    Yup, I thought the sushi was nicer when I first tried it in Kuching many years ago…and that day, they had the same few things going round and round – not much choice. Most disappointing! And they’re by no means, cheap! Can easily for a lot of other things a whole lot nicer and cheaper with that kind of money.

  14. Sushi King?? no, thank you.. this chain/franchise is the one i will be least interested to go.. quality and service have dropped so much (despite getting more expensive) over the years, and their sushi and food never look appetizing to me also..

    So you’re one of those Twilight Man’s talking about lah? Muahahahahahahaha!!!! “In KL, the more poshy outlets will have more choices as the poshy shoppers would indulge in expensive varieties.

  15. Not TsimShaTsui Susie to a King? haha. How nice to have the luxury of the old man chauffeuring around, better not let Nikki knows about your blog else she would complain how she was poorly treated since 2&1/2 years old when she needs to be carried into the school bus as the steps were too high for her. The very same school bus she travelled on the first day of kindy until Form 6. After TAR college gotta fly to Melbourne all by herself on her very first overseas trip to MU on transit in KUL from PEN as her college mates booked the wrong flights.

    You’ve yet to hear about how I had to carry my girl and walk on benches acrosee the flood waters into the school… Well, I guess your Mikki is a lot more independent, can get around on her own, no need for the papa.

  16. Once in a while Jepun food ok lah. Nice to King at times..;), haha

    No lah, torturing…have to queue and have to wait for so long. I’ve much better things to do with my time.

  17. I think there is also a Sushi King in Bintulu. Japanese food is great when done well, although some chain restaurants are not too bad, I quite like Sushi Zanmai but too bad they are pork free. RM2 is too cheap for sushi though, hence the quality….

    They have very limited RM2 plates…mostly RM3-RM6, none of the black plates either, RM8, I think. I guess I’m just not into sushi, wouldn’t mind stuff from their a la carte menu…but not if I have to wait for over one hour, thank you very much.

  18. Common to see a long queue in most outlets in the afternoon. I suspect must be their happy hours offerings. Think the last time I stepped in was some 3 years back after my accident. Never returned because they would not allow me to take pictures of my own food!

    Yup! Happy hours from 3 to 6 but only 20% discount on the sushis, not everything. They did not say anything about not taking any photos so I did.

  19. Haven’t been to Sushi King more than 10 years i think. Once you have tried the “nice” or more authentic japanese food, i don’t think you will want to step into Sushi King again, and it is not cheap too.

    Yup!!! I agree 100%. Here, I’d rather go to Zen, nicer…food, place and service…and not really expensive either.

  20. I agree they can be expensive. I wont dare to take anything from the conveyor belt as I can get carried away and there is no way to HIDE those plates then..haha!

    Have you tried putting them back…or under the other plates? Wink! Wink! Hehehehehehe!!!! 😀

  21. Looks like fun! LOVE the sign and backlight on it too! Neat! We hope to try a Sushi place soon in a nearby town. Hubby’s not a fan but hopefully willing to try it…I love vegan sushi and I guess this place we hope to go has options for me! YAY! When/if we go I will be sure to post!

    I’m not really into Japanese but Melissa loves it. A bit too mild for me.

  22. The only thing I like from Sushi King is their Philadelphia Maki, the one with slice of cheese on the maki. Hehe.

    Special order? A la carte? Nothing with cheese on the belt that day… 😦

  23. You’re such a good daddy!

    I wonder are all Sushi King outlets serve the same menu? Should be la right? But looks like your place serve better sushi menu!

    I’m sure they do. Franchise. Better sushi menu? I thought that was quite disappointing – these few same ones over and over again going round and round…

  24. i love japanese foooood.. especially salmon sashimi !!!

    my recent visit to sushi king was good though.. but at times, they’re really forgetful. that i must admit..

    I went to the one in Kuching, it was all right. This one’s new, I guess…so crowded and kind of messy. Our a la carte orders were fine, not too fond of their sushis…better elsewhere.

  25. I like the title of this post! “and frankly, one did not taste any different from the other and if they did, I certainly did not notice.” —> LOL!!! hahah 😀
    I agreed a bit of here and there, end up paying not cheap.
    In Seremban..there’s this restaurant selling sushi at RM1.80/plate….everything that is served on the conveyor belt. I wouldn’t say really good…but can be categorized as cheap and not bad sushi 🙂

    I’d stick to Zen. I think there are two others that I haven’t been…but I don’t think they’re worth checking out. Just stick to the one that I know is really good, play safe.

  26. I ever went to Sushi King in Malacca, the salmon they serve was in one big piece and not so fresh, so it was quite awful to eat it.

    It’s a wonder they’re still alive and kicking. I guess some people are not that sensitive when it comes to what they eat…as long as they get to eat. Maybe it’s a kind of an in-thing – to eat at such places, Japanese no less…hang out with friends and be seen there?

  27. I also experienced long wait and forgot order at Sushi King in Malacca, is that the norm for their service? I wonder.

    Dunno. Anyway, the food isn’t great and is expensive plus the crappy service – for sure, they would not see me there again…ever! 😦

  28. I stop going already cos their standard just keeps dropping… enough said… 😉

    First time, somebody took me to the one in Kuching when it first opened, and this was the 2nd time…and you can bet – never again!

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