In the midst of the school holidays last week, we went shopping at a mall here in town and despite the persistent dry weather and resulting haze at the time, by the time we were done and were about to leave, we saw that it was raining cats and dogs outside. It looked like we were stranded there and we had not had our lunch yet so we decided that we might as well go for something to eat in the mall while waiting for the storm to ease instead of venturing some place else in the pouring rain. That was why we ended up at the outlet of this Japanese franchise here.

I had not set foot at the place for a long time, not since our not-so-pleasant experience there when they first opened in 2013. I think my girl did and she also went to the other outlet in town – after all, she is a lot more into Japanese than the rest of us. We did go to the latter not too long ago too and yes, we had a delightful dinner there so give and take a little here and a little there, we certainly have moved on from the initial not-so-impressed impression that we had of the franchise.

While waiting for our individual orders, my girl picked the ebi ten (RM6.00, purple plate)…

tempura prawns

…from the carousel, the one with the tempura prawns.

I had the chuka kurage (RM4.00, pink plate)…


…the one with the jelly fish – my girl did not want that but she sure helped herself to the cuttlefish with the thin strips of cucumber in the chuka lidako (RM6.00, purple plate)…


…that I took.

My missus loves the ones with the bean curd skin, the inari (RM3.00, beige plate)…

beancurd skin

…but she did not want any as she was saving tummy space for what was to come. In the end, I just ate both of them myself and I really liked the taste – nothing in it, just the rice in the skin but I thought it tasted great, slightly sweet and very nice.

My girl picked something from the donburi selections for herself, the yakiniku don (RM15.90)…

Yakiniku don

…and it was very nice – there sure was a lot of beef in the bowl and she was pleased with her choice.

I opted for the bento – I always like the somewhat artistic presentation that I see in other blogs at Japanese restaurants here, there and everywhere but I wish I could say the same about my yakini ebi fry (RM17.90)…

Yakini ebi fry bento

The beef was the same as what my girl had in her bowl and there was a wedge of fake crabstick, something like omelette in the shape of a ball and a teeny-weeny bit of long bean and corn kernel and whatever salad in the bottom right corner. I gave the three strips of tempura long beans to my girl and had the prawns myself – I wouldn’t say I was impressed though. I have had much nicer prawn fritters elsewhere.

My missus’ piri piri chicken set (RM18.90)…

Piri piri chicken set

…was the most impressive of the lot served in that very nice food warmer except that there was neither candle nor lighting fuel of any kind underneath. That came with a bowl of chawnmushi, a bowl of miso soup and rice. Well, not only did it look great, it tasted great too!

The total, inclusive of iced green tea, free flow (RM3.00), came up to RM74.70 but with the 6% SST and the 10% service charge, it was RM86.65 altogether. I used my credit card and I must say that I was pleased that they had the decency and courtesy to ask if I wanted to key in my PIN number or to waive unlike one place here – somehow, I am not all that keen on going back there ever again.

This SUSHI KING outlet is located at the Star Megamall (2.304298, 111.863053) along Lorong Tunku Abdul Rahman 6, off Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, the road leading to the Sibu Airport.

Author: suituapui

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9 thoughts on “Stranded…”

  1. The chicken in the piri piri chicken set looks so cripsy, much to my liking. That much I can say.

    Yes, I know you’re not into Japanese and the chicken did not come across like a Japanese dish either. I always associate peri-peri with Nandos but no, it did not taste anything like it either…but we all agreed it was nice.

  2. I can’t remember when was the last time I had a meal in Sushi King. I prefer Sushi Mentai here in KL as the price is much cheaper and better quality too. It’s quite hazy in KL as well. Haih

    Not too bad here, the haze especially when we do get quite a bit of rain. I prefer the sushi at Mentai, the a la carte is all right too, not so many choices – no beef there but as for it being cheaper, I feel they are more or less the same.

  3. I haven’t try their piri piri chicken. Long time did not go to Sushi King. Can’t remember the last time but it should be few months ago.

    Most outlets have improved their service and the dishes are more appealing now.

    My first taste of Japanese here, I think, was at Sushi King…at Boulevard, I think, long ago – my cousin brought us there. We liked what we had.

  4. i used to be a regular at sushi king in sogo back in 1999-2003, cos my office was within very close distance, so i have fond memories of meals here. but it’s been a long time since i’ve been back too! 🙂

    There are two outlets here, this one is a little out of the way unless we go shopping at the mega mall. Personally, I prefer Sushi Mentai, wide range of sushi choices on the carousel and I feel theirs are nicer too. We’d go to this one for the a la carte, the beef is nice.

  5. Inari is my boys’ favourite at any Japanese restaurant. Both of them are rice tanks that’s why.

    Sad to say but your bento really looks pathetic. Haha. I like what your missus and Melissa had but your bento… urgh.

    Just the other day we dined at Sakae Sushi and just like you, the tax itself is enough to pay for a good meal elsewhere 😦

    I would agree about the bento and that affected my enjoyment of my order – kind of pissed off at the sight of it.

    Indeed, that SST is already so much and the 10% service tax is the killer. Malaysia Baru bah! It was not so bad with just the 6% GST before. The latter is optional – they should allow people to give if the service is great and the food is top class. I do that at places where they do not include the service tax in the bill. Kind of hold us to ransom. Generally, places charging those – I would not go back again…or not that often, at least, if they are really very good.

  6. I remembered we went to Sushi King for our so called lunch in Malacca in 2011, what I can say is the salmon they served were in one big piece as they did not slice it into smaller pieces so it was rather awful to eat it.

    Raw salmon? You’d be lucky to get one big piece here, so very expensive. I’ve stopped eating salmon though – all the horror stories about those farmed ones. So disgusted to find out that even the expensive air-flown Norwegian ones are actually farmed too.

  7. Oh gee, we’ve had lots of haze over this way too. Lots of rain as well, but it hasn’t made much of an impact of reducing the polluted skies 😦

    Wasn’t too bad here this year, thank God. Been getting much rain these last few days so pretty clear every day. Heard it’s still very bad in the east, Miri side.

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