It wasn’t us…

A long long time ago, probably in the 70’s, we used to go to this coffee shop…

Hong King Cafe

…very regularly because there was a guy there – if I remember correctly, word had it that he was from Kuching and his kampua mee was very nice but the star attraction was his soup, something like what one would find at some places in Kuching, like here or here.

There was a chicken rice stall…

Chicken rice stall

…to the right that was very popular too. I asked the lady, probably the wife of the kampua mee guy, and she said that it wasn’t them – they were not in any way related to the aforementioned but yes, that same chicken rice business is still going on, run by the children now.

I did drop by here not too long ago but I was way too early and the guy said that the water had not started boiling so he was not quite ready to start his business for the day. Well, somebody told me that the kampua mee was nice – that was why I went back again to give it a try.

I ordered what I wanted at the stall…

Kampua mee stall

…and sat down to wait.

The coffee was decent but it was only RM1.50, with ice, cheaper than a lot of places around here and yes, the kampua mee (RM3.00)…

Kampua mee

…was very good but of course, there are other good ones elsewhere too.

It was the piansip (meat dumplings) soup (RM2.00, small)…

Piansip soup

…that impressed me the most. I thought it was really very nice, much nicer than many/most of the rest. I watched the guy making it – it looked like he mixed the dumplings with the seasonings first before adding the bone stock soup while usually, they would just add the soup to the seasoning, dump in the dumplings when cooked and serve…and yes, I would give the people here a pat on the back as well for not using any plastic plates and bowls.

Something on the menu caught my attention – mee sua sup hati babi (mee sua in liver soup). I’d probably would want to try that the next time I drop by here.

皇京饮室 HONG KING CAFE (2.290089, 111.829197) is located along Jalan Kampung Nyabor, the second one in the block of shops on your left after the SHELL station.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “It wasn’t us…”

  1. Mee suah sup babi caught my attention. I love anything to do with pork liver so I’d definitely like that.

    Agree with you on the plastic plate issue. Kudos to this place for using proper plates and bowls. I am more comfortable eating from them as I too dislike eating from plastic plates and worse is drinking hot soup from a plastic bowl so thumbs up for this place.

    I wish the town or city councils would pass a ruling and ban the use of those plastic stuff for serving hot food.

    I would go back for the mee sua hati babi but I will have to find the time to do that – too bad they do not start at the break of dawn, very convenient for me to stop by after dropping my girl off at school. Later, that place can be very congested and parking is such a pain.

  2. Plus point for them for not using plastic plates. I notice all the kampua sold in Sibu are in huge portion unlike over here, small portion but just nice for a person like me who is not a big eater otherwise it will be wasteful.

    That’s the typical Foochow serving, even bigger in the good ol’ days. Last time, Foochow food was notorious for quantity not quality. I guess Kuching people more eyew siew…and richer too! RM4.50 a plate, right?

  3. Been there, i like the old-school environment very much

    Yes, nicer than many of the others, all so over-rated, not really all that nice as some people seem to think. I sure would not mind dropping by again. I wonder if the chicken rice is as good as before – used to be very popular, dunno now.

    Btw, your first time here, I see. Thanks for dropping by and for commenting. Stick around!

  4. Ipoh does not have many eatery shops from the 70s anymore.. just a selective few.. but I could still remember the taste of the yesteryears … I miss them all.. my family and I used to talk about them every now and then… nowadays the food is not what we have really tasted during our younger days.. I guess we have to move on… 🙂

    Yes, especially when the old folks have retired…or died. The young ones do not seem to be able to do it right.

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