Not what I had in mind…

I loved the sambal (dip) here so much that day so I went back there again in the hope of enjoying some more of that.

I had the fried kway teow on my previous visit and this time around, I asked for the fried bihun (rice vermicelli) instead…

Uncle Lau Corner Malay/Muslim stall fried bihun 1

…kudos to the lady once again for not using a plastic plate like a lot of places around here. Unfortunately, it came without the sambal nor did I get any of the nice chicken soup that was served with the kway teow the last time around. I tried asking her and she did not seem to know what I was talking about.

I also ordered one fried egg to go with the noodles and sadly, it was a bit overdone…

Unlce Lau Corner Maly/Muslim stall fried egg

…and did not have the nice golden frills all along the edges.

The bihun (RM3.50)…

Uncle Lau Corner Malay/Muslim stall fried bihun 2

…tasted great though, a little spicy and I only had to fork out an extra 50 sen for the egg.

On the whole, I did enjoy it but it definitely was not what I had in mind and it kind of left me a bit disappointed. The next time I drop by here, I shall have the photographs ready and for sure, I will ask her for the sambal…and the soup!

UNCLE LAU CORNER (2.328131, 111.840397) is located back to back with Udak Kitchen which is to the left of Everwin, Sg Merah along Lorong Sungai Merah 2C, off Jalan Teng Chin Hua, across the road from the St Teresa’s Catholic Church and the SIB Church next to it.

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8 thoughts on “Not what I had in mind…”

  1. Bihun looks good though the egg is a bit overdone. Maybe her belacan sambal and soup are not ready as at the point in time. I know of a kolo mee stall at my area, they will not give the chilli if you didn’t ask, be it tapao or eat there.

    Maybe that was the case. Sometimes it is best not to go too early. They no longer get up at the break of dawn to prepare everything anymore – some do not even open before 8 or 9! Time sure has changed.

  2. The first photo shows the bihun very nicely. Looks good.

    Yes, I would say it was nicer than the kway teow I had on my previous visit – I enjoyed that one more mainly because of the sambal that came with it.

  3. sambal and soup would be nice to have with that nice plate of nom :)..
    wavess… have a great Wednesday Arthur

    You too? Got a new post, eh? Will hop over to look see later.

  4. The fried bihun looks good. I wonder why the lady had no idea about the sambal when you asked her. I agree, a photo helps. That’s what I do at the pork shop. Show them a snapshot of the cut I want. LOL!

    I dunno. I said sambal belacan, maybe there was no belacan in the sambal and she was puzzled?

  5. I love this type of fried mee hoon. Eaten with lots and lots of sambal is heavenly.

    Unfortunately, I was not given any that day. Would have been a whole lot nicer.

  6. Looks good, I am frying meehoon tomorrow for 10 students, hope all will turn out good too!

    You? Going into business like our friend, Mary, too? Good luck! LOL!!!

  7. She cannot understand because she is from Venus and you are from Mars, LOL.

    Seriously, maybe you are right, there is no belacan in the sambal, that is why she is puzzled. I encountered this before, one stall usually they will give soup for the rice I ordered, but one day they didn’t give until I asked for it, maybe they forgot or maybe they are lazy, tsk tsk! Is the lady the lady boss?

    She is the one who runs the stall single-handedly all by herself, nobody else around.

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