You treat me so good…

I sent word to Andy that we would be dropping by…

Payung Cafe centrepiece

…for lunch that day and when we got there, that nice guy had reserved a table specially for us with fresh flowers and the lovely pua kumbu tablecloth…

Payung Cafe fresh flowers & pua kumbu tablecloth

Of course we didn’t want to sit there as it wasn’t any special occasion and we did not want to dirty the tablecloth and they would have to wash it later so we took a table without any table cloth (they usually have that for dinner, not for lunch) but with those lovely fresh torch ginger flowers, no less…

Payung Cafe torch ginger flowers

…but of course, that special treatment did not go unnoticed – they sure treat me so good here.

They gave me these apple mangoes from Peter’s own garden…

Peter's apple mangoes

…but they’re not ripe yet so I have not eaten them at the time of writing.

In the meantime, they have made this fresh batch of their super-duper hot chili sauce…

Payung Cafe own-made chili sauce

…selling for RM15.00 now, up from RM12.00 that last time but of course, these bottles are bigger than the previous cylindrical plastic ones.

My girl wanted the chicken chop…

Payung Cafe chicken chop with mashed potato

…with the special chicken sauce and it was done perfectly well and we thought it was extra nice that day.

Like what we did a few times before, we requested for the two slices of their garlic bread to be left out as it is not gluten free and had it replaced by their mashed potato instead. It never occurred to me that it was not really a fair switch – the mashed potato probably cost around the same as their garlic bread dish…

Payung Cafe with chicken sauce

…with four or five slices plus the sauce…but they did not mind doing it upon our request – I heard that others had tried asking for the same but sorry, they were not accorded that same privilege. Still, I do think it would not be so nice to do it all the time so perhaps the next time, we would just order the chicken chop as it is and we can eat the bread (would be lovely to dunk it in curry) or just ask them to omit it…and we will have the mashed potato as a separate order to go with the meat.

I had their Bangladeshi lamb curry…

Payung Cafe Bangladeshi lamb curry

…that I had not ordered for a while because my girl has this preference for their lamb masala that is just as nice and not spicy at all. This curry may be spicy sometimes depending on the chili that they manage to get from the market – some days, the chili is not hot at all or as what one seller told me once, they would be good only for the colour and for decoration. Well, that day, it wasn’t spicy so Andy gave us a bit of their aforementioned chili sauce and they went so well together – it certainly was so good with it.

It looked like I was given a lot more than their regular serving with just three chunks of the meat – there were at least 4 or more that day plus some bite-sized boneless pieces as well…and there were quite a lot of the potatoes too. I so love potatoes in curry.

The green curry…

Payung Cafe green curry

…that my missus had was very nice as well and it was spicy! I asked Peter why the colour was not red and he said that they use green chili for the dish.

To go with our meat dishes and rice, I ordered their version of the Thai som tam – the papaya salad…

Payung Cafe papaya salad

– I saw Andy making it and the strips of the petals of the torch ginger flower that he added helped enhance the taste and bring it to a whole new level. We did enjoy it a lot, I must say.

That sure was a delightful lunch, as always and it so happened that my friend/ex-student, Alex, dropped by for lunch too with his missus and new-born baby girl and when I wanted to pay, I was informed that he had picked up the tab already – thank you so much, Alex! We gotta bump into each other a lot more often. LOL!!!

Incidentally, I have heard of people trying to locate this place but in vain even though I always give the address, the GPS and a description of the location…

Payung Cafe, Sibu
*Photo from Google Maps*

Yes, the shop sign is blocked by the thatched roof in front, part of the decor of the place but there is one at the back that you can see quite clearly if you are coming down the lane to the right of that leading hotel in town at the back and there is another sign by the side now – just that it is not lit so it may not be all that visible at night. Nonetheless, it is there to the extreme left of that block of shophouses (the one with what look like four Roman columns), right behind the hotel.

PAYUNG CAFÉ (2.284049, 111.833014) is located at No.20F, Lanang Road, Sibu, Malaysia, back to back with the multi-storey car park of the Kingwood Hotel which faces the majestic Rejang River.

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12 thoughts on “You treat me so good…”

  1. I want to try that special chicken sauce.

    It was very nice that day as it was not that strong on the green peppers – I do not like the green smell of the vegetable, just a bit of it is fine, gives a special fragrance…like when we add some of those herbs in our cooking – mustn’t add too much.

  2. I love potatoes in curry too, I can have a lot of that.

    You must be very popular with your students to always get treats from your ex-students/friends.

    I have had a few really nice ones, that much I can say.

    Oh? That makes two of us, nice – potatoes in curry…and stews too.

  3. They are so kind but then you are their biggest customers and critic, bet they treat you so kind and well.

    Love their food presentation as well as the flower arrangement as ever. Never fail to impress and create a statement.

    Indeed!!! I am kind of surprised that it is not as popular among the locals as some of the other not-so-nice and just as/more expensive places.

  4. From the 1st pix, I have guessed correctly…….none other than Payung Cafe with those fresh flowers. As always, food looks good and appetising. I prefer garlic bread to mashed potatoes.

    The garlic bread is VERY nice but not gluten-free, no choice – my girl cannot eat. I did ask them where they bought – Peter did tell me the bakery but we cannot buy from there – they make and supply to them upon special order, not sold at the bakery.

  5. I guessed you must be a very good teacher that your students still remember you well.

    I have had some really very good students – not all will bother to treat me even though they may remember and will acknowledge me.

  6. So nice of Andy… and his dishes can never go wrong too… I really miss Payung! LOL..

    Always good here, that’s why we keep going back again and again.

  7. Maybe a big sign will help to locate the place

    As for the food, i feel it should focus on Sarawak cuisine, with some Thai and Indo dishes but not Western..just my silly opinion^^

    The Sarawak cuisine place here that I loved a lot has closed down so that, more or less, will give you a fair idea as to how the local people in Sibu tick. Here, it is more about Asian fusion and they have been around for years, winning awards some more, so I guess the formula works pretty well for them.

    As for the western dishes, they are very limited – just the chicken chop and a few spaghetti dishes and so far, other than my girl, I have never seen anybody else having the chop or the spaghetti, western-style but the ones with tom yam or belimbing prawns seem to be the favourite of some people. I did hear of an American couple residing in Sibu who would keep coming back here for those though and I do know that they are often called upon to cater for the “candlelight dinner” for a certain group here and the main dish would be the chicken chop – I guess they like it, that is why they keep enlisting them for their functions.

    Other than that, I do recall a reader of mine from Singapore – she loved the food here and praised it to the skies…and her son was so happy to feast on the beef spaghetti bolognese – otherwise, he would not have much to eat as most of the selections on their menu are quite spicy. How come I did not think of it one year when we has our pre-Chinese New Year dinner here…and my nephew’s son was crying and throwing tantrums as I did not order anything non-spicy that he could enjoy!!!

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