I didn’t expect this…

We dropped by here

Outright Coffee

…again for lunch the other day, my third visit to the place.

When we were there that previous time, we were feeling very full so we did not eat anything – my girl just had one of the omelettes and in the meantime, I saw on their Facebook page some new additions to their menu that I thought would be gluten-free and my girl would be able to enjoy them.

We were given this complimentary drink…

Complimentary drink

…their pink passion soda, for purchases from their lunch and dinner menu over RM30.00 on a single receipt – the ladies loved it a lot…

Pink Passion soda

…but I wasn’t all that thrilled by it – it had a sourish hint to it, you see…and like I always say, fat people do not like sour stuff. LOL!!!

The mum had their barbecued chicken with fruit salad and baked wedges (RM15.90)…

Barbecued chicken with fruit salad and wedges

…and she wanted that with mushroom sauce but got rosemary instead. It did not matter much though as  the sauce was very nice and went really well with the chicken.

My girl didn’t want much so she just had the grilled barbecued chicken chop with fries (RM13.90)…

Grilled barbecued chicken with fries & mushroom sauce

…and she got the mushroom sauce with her order. Yes, she enjoyed the chicken and yes, she liked the fries which looked and tasted like their own-made, not those scrawny supermarket shoestrings which would turn dry and hard and all shrivelled up at places where they over-fry them.

I had the golden fried chicken chop with spaghetti bolognese (RM16.90)…

Golden fried chicken chop with spaghetti blognese

…and since they coated the chicken with bread crumbs, my girl would not be able to have that, not gluten-free and the spaghetti is a definite no-no as well unless she brings her own pasta for them to use as a substitute. The chicken went well with the mushroom sauce and personally, I did not think, compared to the grilled barbecued one, it was as compatible with the rosemary.

We sure enjoyed our lunch that day and I had already passed the cash to the cashier to pay for our orders when an ex-student of mine, a professional photographer now, there for a pre-wedding shoot (and that sure speaks volumes about how nice the place is), walked in…and he insisted that he would like to give me a treat and asked that they returned the money to me. Wow!!! I didn’t expect that, thank you so much, Albert…and it sure was nice seeing you again (and your family too) after all these years.

Of course, now that they have a lot more on their menu other than coffee and cakes and pancakes and waffles, they would be seeing a lot more of us in the days to come.

OUTRIGHT COFFEE (2.290978, 111.820996) is located at 24B , Jalan Lau King Howe, at the end of the first block of shops immediately behind the Lay King Howe Memorial Museum.