Dim all the lights…

I guess most upscale cafés and restaurants would dim all the lights at night to create a more cosy and romantic atmosphere but that would be a nightmare for people like me with a cheap and simple digicam and an equally cheap handphone that do not take very flattering photographs of anything and everything if there is insufficient light. That is why I would opt to go to such places for lunch when it is very much brighter and yes, the photographs that I take do turn out much nicer in natural (sun)light.

Well, we dropped by here…

The Cafe Ind, by night

…the other night for dinner and by some stroke of good luck, that shot that I took using my handphone camera did not turn out too badly.

Inside, it seemed a little brighter – perhaps the boss knew and he had turned up the lights a little unlike that time when we were there for dinner with my cousin and her hubby from the UK – the photos would not have turned out great, of course, so I did not bother taking any and just used some of the old snapshots from my previous posts when I blogged about it.

That night, the ladies wanted their teh tarek cincao (pulled tea with grass jelly)…

Cafe Ind teh tarek cincao

…while I just asked for a big glass of iced water.

My girl wanted their authentic North Indian butter chicken curry with biryani rice…

Cafe Ind butter chicken curry with biryani rice

– the curry would usually come with basmati rice so we requested for a switch and they were fine with that, no problem at all…and yes, even though the servings were quite substantial, she did manage to finish all of it all by herself.

The mum stuck faithfully to her kalio ayam

Cafe Ind kalio ayam

…with a special request for it to be extra spicy and indeed, it was! She seemed to be making it a habit to just eat one of the chunks of chicken and push the other one to me. I used to do that all the time – finish off everything on everybody’s plates but I guess I should not be doing that, not at my age and my shape and size. On our last visit, we had that piece tapao-ed to be taken home. After all, I have my own order to finish and the servings here are, by no means, small. Well, she tried that again that night but I did not want it and in the end, she did manage to finish all that was in her plate…somehow.

I remember the beef rendang

Cafe Ind beef rendang

…that my cousin’s hubby from the UK, Phil, seemed to enjoy so much and my brother, home from Auckland, New Zealand, had that too and yes, he did seem to enjoy it too.

I felt like having it that night so that was what I ordered…

Cafe Ind beef rendang rice set

…and yes, it was very nice but it was not spicy. Nonetheless, with the help of the cili padi on top plus the one for presentation in my girl’s butter chicken curry, I did get to enjoy it very much indeed.

It certainly was a very delightful dinner – the bill came up to over RM67.00, inclusive of drinks but the nice boss just rounded it up to RM65.00 and thankfully, the photographs that I took that night did not turn out too shabbily after all.

CAFE IND (2.290813, 111.829294) is located along Laichee Lane, right behind one block of shops facing the main road (Jalan Kampung Nyabor) where the Bank Simpanan Nasional, Sibu branch (2.290561, 111.829071), is located.