Out with the girls…

The worldwide premiere of the prequel/sequel to this massively popular musical and later, the movie, was on Thursday last week but even though I had been waiting all this time for it, I did not rush to see it right away as I wanted to wait for my girl and yes, we did get to catch the show last Saturday, the 1.00 p.m. show.

We stopped by the trioplex to grab our tickets – there was a special concession for the matinee, RM10.00 only per person and having done that, we dropped by here

New Capital Restaurant

…right across the road, for lunch.

My girl said she did not mind having the chicken rice, the favourite of many in town, so we had the chicken…

New Capital Restaurant steamed chicken

…and the rice…

New Capital Restaurant chicken rice

…and yes, we did enjoy that very much.

One of my girl’s favourite dishes at this restaurant is their chess/checkerboard duck…

New Capital Restaurant chess/checkerboard duck

…but she was reluctant to order that as the mum would not touch duck so we might not be able to finish it. I insisted that we should just go ahead and if we could not eat it all up, we could always tapao what was left to take home for dinner and that was what we did! She sure enjoyed it very much, both at the restaurant and in the evening, at home so I sure was glad that we did go for it in the end.

That simple lunch sure wasn’t cheap though, RM56.80 for the food and three bowls of chicken rice but I guess it was all right as we would not be going for it all that often – for one thing, parking around that area is near impossible so as far as I could help it, I would avoid venturing to that part of town. That day, I had drive all the way up to park at the top of the complex where the trioplex was and even then, there were just a couple of spaces left when I got there.

The movie was good, very entertaining and a whole lot of fun – a great one to go and see to relax and de-stress but personally, I prefer the first one especially with the more familiar ABBA songs. In this one, there were a few of those and others from the later albums and I did not even know some of them.

The sweet girl insisted on paying for both the lunch and the movie even though I kept telling her to just save her hard-earned money – I can manage pretty well with what I have at hand.

New Capital Restaurant 新首都酒家 (2.288619, 111.830057) is located at No. 46, Lebuh Tanah Mas, off Jalan Kampung Nyabor, in the block of shops opposite the Sarawak House/King’s Trioplex/Premier Hotel at the very far end on the right.

Author: suituapui

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13 thoughts on “Out with the girls…”

  1. My kind of family’s weekend activity! Hehe.

    RM10 for movie ticket. That is a steal! And wow. The checker duck never failed to impress me.

    I don’t think I ever see people serve chicken rice “rice” in a bowl over here. All in plate and mostly in plastic plate! ^^

    In a porcelain bowl some more, not plastic. Got class mah…price also got class…like the much-talked-about Mandarin Singapore SGD30 a set chicken rice, also served in a bowl and not in plastic plates. LOL!!! My cousin residing in Australia will go and eat everytime she’s in Singapore – she says the one here is nicer.

  2. What you have for lunch looks really good. Hmmm…movie, I can’t recall when was the last time I watch a movie. Since like donkey years haven’t step into one of the cineplex. During my time, Abba songs was a hit…Mama Mia.

    You’re so young? My time was way before Abba. LOL!!!

  3. oh you caught the movie.. mamma mia!! 😛

    food looks good. You could let your girl treat once in a while. That satisfaction of being able to treat our parents some good noms.. priceless.

    Yes, she will always buy things for me to enjoy too, those expensive imported cookies that I would not want to buy because of the prices. I always tell her not to, of course. Old man, quite happy with those cheap and simple stuff.

  4. Movie tickets in Malaysia are so reasonably priced. Tickets in Australia are close to $20 AUD (RM60) per person!

    Yes, and if I am not wrong, they are cheaper here in Sibu than elsewhere, even within the country, but of course, our trioplex – three halls showing different movies simultaneously, isn’t as nice and grand as the cineplexes elsewhere. Beggars can’t be choosers, I guess.

  5. OK this is the first time I’ve came across checkerboard duck, looks mighty interesting!

    My girl loves it – must order everytime we drop by here.

  6. I watched the movie too and I thought it was just OK. Your girl is so very thoughtful. I know of some parents who still have to foot the bill during outings with their adult children.

    It’s like the songs by Abba – I enjoy listening to them but none of them are in my list of all-time favourites…except perhaps Slipping through my fingers after being so emotionally moved by the tear-jerking mother-daughter scene in the 1st movie – nothing of the sort in this one.

    The movie’s light-hearted entertainment, nothing heavy – I liked the immigration officer, and I took offense to the description of being rich, fat and ugly with a big mole on the face – that reminded me of me except for the rich bit. LOL!!!

    Having said all that, I prefer the 1st movie…and of course, that was nowhere near watching the musical live – a memory to last a lifetime!

  7. A good bonding time 🙂

    Goes without saying, quality time that we can get to spend together.

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