Mamma mia (The musical)…

Nope! This is not going to be about the movie that has taken the world by storm. A lot of people have seen it and I have heard a lot of fave reviews…and many bloggers have posted something on it already.  This is about the musical that was supposed to be staged in Malaysia way back in 2004. I remember seeing the advertisement in Going Places, the MAS inflight magazine, and then, nothing more was heard of it. The next thing I knew it was being performed at The Esplanade in Singapore. It seems that at the time, some people thought it was not morally-acceptable that a girl should have three possible fathers…so the musical was banned here.

I was lucky then as my family and I happened to be on holiday in the island republic that year and we managed to catch the show in its final week there, on 20th November,2004 to be exact…

Mamma Mia brochures 1

There were others, I heard, who drove all the way south to watch! Well, if you have not seen it, it appears that some people have had a change of heart, probably after seeing how successful the movie is worldwide, and have consented to the musical being shown here. You can catch it at the Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur from the 16th of December, 2008 to the 1st of January, 2009. Tickets are priced at RM500, RM400, RM300 and RM200 on weekends and public holidays and RM50 cheaper on weekdays. When I saw it in Singapore, I paid S$112.00 per ticket…

Mamma Mia brochure & tickets

After conversion, that would come to around RM250, so I guess it was very much cheaper considering that our seats were quite near the stage. But then at that time, everything was much cheaper. Incidentally, you can get a 20% discount on the tickets if you book before the end of October, I think. Mind you, people in the UK book their tickets years ahead should they feel like going to see a hit musical. Or perhaps you can try your luck in the competition that they’re having in conjunction with this and who knows, if you’re lucky, you may win some tickets absolutely free!

Mamma Mia brochures 2

I read somewhere that the one coming to KL is the London cast;if I’m not mistaken, what we saw in Singapore was the Australian one.

Mamma Mia @ The Esplanade, Singapore
An aspiring Broadway star? LOL!!!

I have posted something on the show a long time ago, and you can click this link to read  it, if you’re interested. Well, I have not seen the movie, so I cannot make any comparison but if you have never been to a musical before in your life, you should grab this opportunity as I am sure it will be an experience that you will not forget for a long, long time!!!

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35 thoughts on “Mamma mia (The musical)…”

  1. Sounds interesting. Thanks for linking me. Where are you at, could i know? Are you a man or a woman?

    Welcome. I’m from Sibu, Sarawak…over here in East Malaysia. Would a woman name herself “tuapui” (Fat!)? Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  2. Oh I am sooo going to watch this. Extremely disappointed with Chicago the Musical. Local productions this year has been kinda lame. Yeah so happy now!

    Chicago? Eyew!!!…I thought “Grease” was in KL sometime ago. You missed that? Awwwwww…….

  3. I am planning to go catch this…I didn’t know the ticket details are out. Did you read in the Star paper? Have not read that for a while.

    It’s in the Star…and they’re running the competition online. Good luck! LOL!!!…..Gee! They should give me a free ticket for this promo!!!

  4. Will be going to watch. Saw the movie – keeps you singing as the songs are familiar. Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan were fine in their respective roles – give the oldies a chance, stp!

    I hope Chicaraca isn’t going to watch it the SECOND time! LOL!!!…Hey, I did not say a thing about the movie. Would love to watch it…despite the presence of the very shrivelled Pierce Brosnan! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!

  5. Ok, got the info already, thanks anyhow.

    OK…dig out ur ABBA cd and start practising. (Actually, I have the musical’s soundtrack album!) You need to know the lyrics to join in the singing and dancing in the grand finale! Wanna borrow my karaoke vcd? Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  6. Grease? That was in ’06 if not mistaken. That time where la got money, just started work nia. Oh yeah, I’ll be back next week. And la, since you won’t be having any income from your tuition till next year, all the makan2 will be on me. So hopefully you’ve got the dates blocked liao! Just bring me to all the nice makan places you’ve been mentioning.

    Still got classes till mid-October. Payback time…for the lessons that I missed. But never mind! It’s only between 4 and 6 pm on certain days…so u just give me a tinkle and we’ll go some place once you’re back. After all, the best things in life are free!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

  7. Dancing Queen, young n sweet, only 17…., went to see the movie but not the musical. My 2nd daughter’s friend’s mum told me she & the whole family went to New York last term holidays, catch 5 broadways incl. mammamia, her daughters at first were reluctant to go for they think it is just not so their generation but as the show progresses, the mum said that her two girls sang louder than her!LOL! She prefers the musical to the movie, of course,who wouldn’t! Live broadway n all that….I would never get sick of ABBA! Ring ring…Chiquitita tell me what’s wrong…see STP, u get me going again, just as I was putting away the abba cd out from the car, tomorrow i have to put it in again, back to my taxi driver routine, school’s starting again! Can u hear the drums Fernando???!!!LOL!

    I literally had to drag my daughter there (and spent a fortune in the process)…and after the show, she couldn’t wait to see her next musical liao! She really really enjoyed herself so much!…Gee! Why do we go and teach our kids all these extravagant habits hor? Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  8. PS Incase some of u who have families in ozland n thot the time difference is 2hrs, it is now 3 hrs, daylight saving just started today so I have to ‘rugi’ 1 hour of sleep.Darn!

    So does that make u one hour older in just a split second? Hahahahahahahaha!!!! Memang rugi like that!

  9. Hmm… I wanna go watch. *planning to force pujuk my partner to go with me (to get tickets actually) muahahaha *evil laugh*

    Belum kahwin! Best time to strike a bargain! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

    P.S.: Nobody from your school came to my talk this afternoon? Got students and teachers from Bandar Sarikei, St Anthony….Will post on it one of these days!

  10. hey! lets go and watch! ok? =)
    going to watch mamamia the movie this weekend

    Go!!! You will not regret it!!! It’s enjoyable, entertaining and a whole lot of fun!

  11. Saw the movie during the raya holiday with my two girls and sister. Enjoyed the songs and the amazing greek scenery but the cast was a weird batch- not much of a chemistry bet. Meryl streep n Pierce Brosnan. Love meryl as an actress but not in this movie.
    After the show my girls became abba fans and search youtube for all their songs.

    After the movie release, ABBA’s albums hit the charts all over again!!! It’s a kind of revival for them!

  12. Is tt what ‘tuapui’ means?? wat bout ‘sui’?

    Sui means good looking e.g. that car/house ching sui – very nice looking car/house….but some die-hards will contend that for guys, it should be “eyen tau” (handsome) and sui is for girls (pretty). You don’t speak Hokkien, I see? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  13. I’m almost embarrassed to say I’ve watched the movie a few times, I think it’s so much better than Chicago or Moulin Rouge. Maybe it’s because I’m familiar with the songs. Despite unflattering comments of Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan from “professional” critics, I enjoyed them tremendously. I though Meryl Streep just dove in and had fun, as did Pierce Brosnan.

    I don’t mind Moulin Rouge…with its songs like “Like A virgin” or “Your song” but Mamma Mia’s more fun! That’s what the whole show is about – sheer fun! None of the heavy serious stuff as in Phantom or Miss Saigon or Les Miiserables.

  14. eh? got talk ah? i dunno wor…huhu…

    Guess you’ll have to wait till next year then. Don’t think there’s going to be anymore this year!

  15. I’ve seen the movie but seeing it on stage would be awesome! Little known fact: I was in the drama club when I was in high school in NZ and was the cast in the inter-school competition. Peer Gynt (sp?), and I still have the t-shirt to prove it. 😉

    Heard the dvd isn’t clear. Was the one you watched good? Borrow can? Just drop it into my mailbox! LOL!!….Well, what’s new? You have always been very dramatic, haven’t you? Hahahahahahahahaha!!!! And Peer Gynt? Wouldn’t that be sort of autobiographical?

  16. aiya..why no one tell me??? huhuhu..maybe they’re not aware of it. also our pingu very kedekut la…

    Dunno. Maybe the organiser did not invite…or maybe that old hag too stingy, wants to keep all the allocation for her own claims!!! Pssst!!! You did not hear me say that!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  17. My fav. ABBA song is I have a dream..will watch this mamma mia movie when I go to Penang this weekend. My daughter will foot the bill.haha.Will hint to her abt Istana Budaya show in Dec too.

    Aiyor! Towkay-neo…no need to wait for anak to pay lah!! LOL!!! My fave ABBA song is “Thank you for the music”.

  18. Haven’t watch the movie yet. Perhaps will catch it soon. Ha =) The musical seems really good because there were so many people talking about it. Even the paper is sensationalizing it. LOL! =)

    The theatre experience is really something you will never forget. It will blow you away. But when I saw Mamma Mia in Singapore, it paled in comparison to Miss Saigon or even Grease in the UK…in the use of stage props, maybe because they could not bring everything over…and settled for the bare minimum. Still it was a good show though!

  19. i wanna see the mamma mia musical too!! nothing beats live stage show…
    the last musical i watched was chicago, and it was great! surprisingly, half the hall in KLPAC was empty… i guess not many people enjoyed musicals in msia as much as i do..

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Let’s say most people here are not cultured. NCAA (No class at all)! And there are those who are may not be willing to spend the money. After all, it IS expensive! (But not if you compare to how much people spend clubbing and boozing away though…or finedining at posh places!!!)…I don’t think the movie is going to hit the cinema circuit in Sibu even! Only Chinese movies and movies with a lot of gore, violence and sex will sell well here!

  20. ..”Only Chinese movies and movies with a lot of gore, violence and sex will sell well here!”

    Isn’t this very sad? Granted that movies are forms of escapism, and do entertain certain pockets of movie goers, but to consistently favouring the abovementioned genre just makes one wonder what is lacking in their psyche and mental/emotional health.

    I prefer touching dramas and I don’t mind comedies…but no gore or violence, no action movies for me! Sex…umm…ummm…!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!

  21. mama mia! here we go again…musical, moosical – over-rated and over-priced! only for tourists – not that i’ve not been a sucker – a few times over, mind you… when i was in a touristy-set-of-mind.

    set design – bear minimum, saved for a few moving hydraulics.

    costume design – what costume? have you seen jesus christ, superstar? t-shirts and jeans.

    song and dance – 1 singer and 1 dancer ( a rising unknown wayne sleep) on a dark empty stage doing a 2 acts routine.

    then there’s star power in “i do! i do!” featuring juliet prowse (nice pair of legs) & rock hudson (can’t sing)

    I know they have those theatre packages eg. to Spore to see Phantom…or to England but so far, at those shows I went to, the audience did not look like tourists, not in the least. The feeling’s great lah! The adrenaline rush!…I guess the young ones feel the same at those rock concerts and the currently popular foreign acts are not cheap either (to hear them singing songs you’ve heard a thousand times already and sounding not half as good as in the recordings)!!!!

    Set design – bare minimum…you can say that about Mamma Mia…and they had people pushing the props around (no hydraulics)…except for one scene…ummm….don’t wanna spoil it for the people going. They can go and see for themselves. I dunno if it’s just the one in Spore or they’re all like that. Still it was an enjoyable experience – highly entertaining.

    Jesus Christ Superstar? Yvonne Eliman and “I don’t know how to love him”. That’s early Lloyd Webber’s. Never heard of the other two…and at those prices, have to be very selective as to which shows to go and watch! LOL!!!…I haven’t seen Phantom!!! Bwahuhuhuhuhu!!!!!

  22. I love musical and I have to see this one. Am trying to get hold of some tickets today. It’s going to cost me but I think it’s worth it!

    SOME tickets??? Who are you bringing with you? Hint! Hint!…Wink! Wink! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  23. haha Yes!! am going AGAIN. Booked for Gerrie and Sophia too!! And my kiddies !!!Seen the movies and bought the soundtrack as well. Callen is the fan. Am trying to get the free tickets as well… Can give away ah…

    The three of u can be Donna and the Dynamos!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!! Sob! Sob! Some people have all the luck in the world!!! Ya, Callen didn’t go to Singapore that time…or did he?

  24. Yes, thanks to chricaca, we are going to see Mamma Mia the musical. Tried from 9 am to call Axcess and also the star contest (bloody gimmick i tell you), to no avail! Our heroine decided to drive to the box office!! Yippeeee!

    Getting ur spandex suits tailor-made? Hahahahahahahaha!!!! And better start practising ur ABBA songs! LOL!!!

  25. my sisters, me and mom?!! haha you can tag along but you have to buy your own ticket! aha

    Emmm….I won’t be sitting with your mom, will I? Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  26. I like musicals and I think will watch this one as I also quite like ABBA songs. But the best musical I’ve watched so far is not from the West but from Singapore. A few years back, there’s this musical called “Chang & Eng” about the Siamese twins. Really loved that one!

    I’ve heard of that one. It’s quite well-known. You’ll enjoy this one, I’m sure especially considering the fact that you do like ABBA songs.

  27. this is going to burn a hole in my pocket!!!!

    Never mind! Rich accountant! Can afford it easily! LOL!!…See! Didn’t come and comment for a long time…and Akismet spammed u!!! I had to go and retrieve!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  28. Anyone out there have 3 tickets to be sold? i am looking for 3 tickets for Mamma Mia Musical in KL.
    Email me if you have any tickets, thanks.

    Perhaps you should post this comment in a more recent post. I dunno if anybody will drop by this old post anymore…

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