Not like before…

Today, the 12th of July, 2018 marks the 1st Anniversary of my dad’s passing from this world. We shall be making our way to our girl’s school in the jungle this morning and on the way back, we shall stop by his resting place to offer flowers and prayers and tonight, there will be prayers at the house together with our relatives and friends.

Things are certainly not like before any longer since he and my mother left us. In the past, my girl would come home on Friday afternoon every week and on Saturday morning, we would go over to the house to spend some time with my mum – she, of course, was always delighted to see her dear grand-daughter. In fact, all week, she would be asking about her. Sometimes, we would take my father out for noodles or wherever he wanted to go.

Usually we would stop by somewhere for lunch before coming home but we do not do that anymore. My girl would come home as usual on Friday and she and the mum would go out to buy stuff- her rations for the coming week and we would have dinner at home that evening and breakfast, lunch and dinner the next day, Saturday as well. We would go for the sunset service in church that night and the next morning, the mum would cook up a storm in the kitchen – all the things that the daughter would enjoy to just heat up and eat in the course of the week ahead.

Last Sunday morning, when I woke up, I could detect the wonderful fragrance of something cooking – it was her beef stew in the slow cooker, left overnight and no, she didn’t stop there. Instead, she went a step further and covered it with mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes and mozarella cheese and put it in the oven to bake. We had her very nice version of the cottage pie…

Missus' cottage pie

…for our early lunch that day before we left the house to send our girl back.

Yes, we sure enjoyed it a lot…

Beef stew filling

…and the beef, after the whole night in the slow cooker…


…was tender and very much to my liking.

She also made this pumpkin & sweet potato soup…

Pumpkin & sweet potato soup

My girl enjoys these thick, rich and creamy soups so the mum makes them quite frequently for her to take along to her school too.

This pie, an individual serving of it…

Cottage pie, individual serving

…was specially for her to take with her that day.

I would say Sunday is pretty much the same as always but not our Saturdays these days and we sure do not eat out all that much anymore, not like before.