Bread and butter…

It is not easy to get gluten-free stuff here in Sibu. We do have some difficulty getting gluten-free soy sauce even. I don’t know why but they do not seem all that keen to stock up on those stuff regularly even though they do seem to sell really well and mind you, they sure do not come cheap. When you come across something nice and you rush back to grab some more, more often than not, you will find that it is all sold out and they can’t tell you when there will be another shipment of the stuff, probably never.

I hear it is not as bad in Kuching and talking about that, my dear ol’ friend, Yan, now based in the city, sent me this pack of gluten-free quinoa spaghetti…

Quinoa spaghetti

…for my girl and also these boxes of chickpea and buckwheat pasta…

Chickpea & buckwheat pasta

This jar of organic gluten-free, palm oil-free peanut butter…

Gluten-free organic peanut butter

…is more for me, I guess but I’ve yet to give it a try so I have no idea right now as to how good it is. Gotta go out and get some bread and bananas and fruit jam so I can enjoy some more of those most delightful Elvis Presley sandwiches. LOL!!!

No, that’s not all – there is also this packet of figs…


I may have eaten figs before though the ones I had may not be organic – if I am not wrong, they have a lot of health benefits.

My girl had had a few successful attempts when it came to making gluten-free cakes not only when using those ingredients that came in a box…

Gluten-free chocolate cake
*Archive photo*

…but also when making them from scratch.

So far, as far as I can recall, she did manage to buy some pretty nice gluten-free cookies and biscuits from off the shelves as well though I don’t think she was ever successful in making her own.

It is the same when it comes to bread except this one

Gluten free bread
*Archive photo*

…also using the ingredients that came in a box, that sure looked like bread but did not taste quite like it while this one…

Gluten-free pizza bread mix
*Archive photo*

…turned out pretty well but there was just enough for two not-very-big pieces of pizza using what was in that one box.

Then there was that one time when she made what is called cloud bread and though I thought it was very nice and quite like bread…

Cloud bread
*Archive photo*

…she never made it again or maybe she did but it was not successful the second time around so that was it!

Well, my brother was home from New Zealand for the 1st Anniversary of our dad’s demise and he brought these…

From New Zealand

…for my girl.

She has yet to try the cake – we reckon it would be something like what I got from my god-son/ex-student, also from New Zealand but she could not wait to try making the bread and it came out looking like this…

Date & walnut bread

She should have used a smaller baking tin but we did not have any – I think it would have been thicker, otherwise.

She toasted a slice, spread some butter and jam on it…

Date and walnut bread toast

…to let me try and yes, it was very nice.

I did try eating it on its own, just like that and I thought it was something like carrot cake, with the nuts and dates in it, minus the carrot and the strong cinnamon taste but yes, it was good, just that it was not like…bread.