This time last year…

My uncle and his family were here this time last year, around the time of his birthday and we had a dinner here to celebrate. They were here again this year, a little earlier this time around and they wanted to come here again…

New Capitol Restaurant, Sibu
*Cousin’s photo on Facebook/Instagram*

…for the checkerboard duck…

New Capitol checkerboard duck

…and of course, the Sibu Foochow style sio bee

New Capitol Sibu sio bee

I did not think that would be a problem at all but just to be safe, I went a week ahead of time to make the reservation for the seven of us.

I also ordered this fish, the white pomfret (ikan bawal putih)…

New Capitol pek chio

…that had been filleted and deep fried, served with its very nice sauce…and boy, we sure got a huge one! They did not get to try this the last time around.

I did ask when I was placing the orders for the dishes and when we arrived that night, the ladies at the counter promptly informed me that they had checked with the chef and confirmed that there was no wheat flour nor soy sauce used in the cooking of the dishes we had picked…which also included this plate of midin (wild jungle fern)…

New Capitol midin

…and sea cucumber soup.

I told everybody that dinner would be on me that night as my birthday had just gone past, a belated birthday treat so to speak, and was pleasantly surprised that the food came up to only RM130.00, less than RM150.00 inclusive of rice and drinks and appetisers but it went up to around RM158.00 because of the GST charges.  Still, we thought it was so very cheap – this place is not all that well known for that – especially with that big plate of fish. I had expected that alone to cost around RM100.00, at least…and it was pek chio some more – those sure do not come cheap especially the ones this big. I would much sooner come here than fork out RM276.00 for what we had here not too long ago especially when the fish there was such a let down!

They drove all the way from Kuching and stopped by this little bazaar along the way and they managed to buy some derian mantak (unripe durian) which I cooked in our simple masak rebus style

Derian mantak masak rebus

…for my mum to enjoy…and they also made a stop at Jakar for the celebrated giant freshwater prawn noodles

Jakar prawn noodles

…and they even tapao-ed some for me so I had that for breakfast the following morning.

My aunt made me her very nice Christmas fruit pudding…

Auntie's Christmas fruit pudding
*Archive photo*

…for me and also her bak koi

Auntie's bak koi

Now, THIS is what we call bak koi, with a whole lot of meat and fried shallots unlike the one we can buy here sometimes…and my cousin gave me  a box of German-made chocolate filled with brandy! *hiccups*

Thank you, all, for everything. It sure was nice to have you all here again and we certainly look forward to the next time – it is always such a pleasure having our loved ones in town, that’s for sure.

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20 thoughts on “This time last year…”

  1. Mmmm….Christmas pudding! And I love fruitcake! 🙂

    Yes, my girl will only eat the one my auntie makes but now she can’t cos it’s not gluten free. 😦

  2. That fish dish is huge!

    It was!!! I would not buy any that big at the market…cos I would be very sure it would be so very expensive. Smaller ones are a little more affordable.

  3. First I’ve heard of checkerboard duck – I do like the name though.

    It’s pulled duck meat and dunno what else made in a rectangular shape and deep fried…and then cut into squares, resembling a checkerboard, hence the name.

  4. I never get tired of eating sio bee….

    You’ve yet to try our Sibu Foochow ones, not the same at all…BIG and nice.

  5. Hardly can find bak koi at the kuih stall. Usually the ordinary kuih nerng koi. I have heard of it but never tasted it. All looks good but I like the sio bee & midin most. Best part is still the price, so cheap……you pi you chi.

    Indeed, couldn’t ask for more.

    So far here, I may stumble upon bak koi at the shops near my house but very little bak…and chang, mostly koi. Don’t think I’ve seen it elsewhere.

  6. I still have not taste the checkerboard duck. Sigh!!

    Wow! Your aunt’s pudding is lovely.

    Old family recipe. My mum used to make very year even in my younger days. Of course, she does not make anymore. So thankful to my aunt, she will make and give me without fail every year.

    Come, come…still holidaytime. We go and you can enjoy the checkerboard duck. 😀

  7. All the dishes are to my liking hee..hee… And good heavens, all that cost you only RM158.00!!

    Yes, RM130 for the food. I couldn’t believe my ears/eyes…and this place is not known for being cheap, very nice but never cheap!

  8. What scrumptious food above! Love the checker duck and others… Bak Koi, I remember eating it a long time ago but cannot remember where…

    Can’t get it all that readily here either, so unless I’m lucky or my auntie sends me some, I would not be eating that either. Food was good – that is why they wanted to go again this time around, can rank among the best in town.

  9. Wah, I’ve never seen bawal fried and heaped up that way before … interesting serving style! I wouldn’t have known it’s just one fish tho … it looks like there were two or three fishes piled high on the plate! 😉

    Yes, sure looked like a lot done this way, plus it would only be possible with a big one. Smaller white pomfrets do not have so much meat, rather thin/flat. Expensive too but those would be much lighter so one would not need to fork out so much for one or two.

  10. The famous chequerboard duck! If only I can get that here! Love the look of the fried fish, too.

    I hear the duck is only available here and only in this restaurant. Very old school, no one is doing it anymore. Fish was one of their signature dishes, very very nice.

  11. That shumai and fried fish looks so delish, I will pass the rice just to have an extra space on my tummy for those

    Great idea! Usually we would ask for just a few bowls and share if there is anything with sauces, best eaten with rice…like fish head curry.

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