Mother knows best…

This used to be here and I quite liked what I ate there and I kept going back to buy their pumpkin sago and other drinks but after a while, for reasons unknown, it was closed for good. I don’t know if they had called it quits or moved elsewhere and after quite sometime, it reopened…

Mother Cafe

…under a different name.

It seemed that the place is run by some different people now and in it, there are three stalls…

Mother Cafe stalls

– the first a kampua mee stall and the third one served fried noodles and stuff. I saw a lot of people ordering from the latter – noodle dishes with freshwater prawns though not very big ones.

I was attracted by what they had at the second stall…

Menu, 2nd stall

– what they called claypot pork leg rice and I thought it would be something like those claypot chicken rice that I quite like a lot.

What a disappointment it was when it was served…

Mother Cafe claypot pork leg rice

…and I realised that it was just stewed pork leg in a claypot served with plain white rice.

To give credit where credit is due, it was very nice, just that it wasn’t what I had in mind. I must say that it was not all that cheap either even though they did seem very generous with those chunks of meat – RM8.00 and you need to fork out a ringgit more if you want an egg…

Mother Cafee claypot pork leg, with egg

…and of course, I did! Still, at that price, I can think of a lot of other nicer things I can have for a lot less so I would consider this as something I would have sometimes for a change, not on a regular basis.

My missus tried the beef noodles (RM8.00)…

Mother Cafe beef noodles

…and she liked it. I thought it was way too strong on the spices – the star anise or cinnamon sticks or whatever, so strong that it drowned out the coveted taste of the beef in the soup and they could do with a little less msg as well. In comparison, I do think the one here wins hands down.

We may drop by again – I wouldn’t mind trying the mee sua from this stall or something from the other two stalls but at those prices, we probably would not be having the two we had that morning again, not in the near future, that’s for sure!

MOTHER CAFE (2.310920, 111.831572) is the last shop in the block on your left along Jalan Dewan Suarah if you are entering from Jalan Melur, the shop right behind the Sibu Civic Centre (Dewan Suarah).

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14 thoughts on “Mother knows best…”

  1. Both looks equally good especially the beef noodles with those chunks of lean meat.

    I did not like it. The one we liked at another place was much nicer but we have not been for a long time – dunno if it is still open. That one’s like a nomad, not very long at one place. 😦

  2. I like that where you are there are small restaurants that serve great food.

    These are coffee shops, at least two or three in one block of shops. Never short of places to go and eat unlike in some towns/cities I’ve been to.

  3. Put the word “mother” in the name of a restaurant and it already has a good vibe. 😉

    So far we have Mom’s Restaurant, Mama Bakery…and one restaurant called Fat Mum. 😀

  4. Claypot chicken rice is very nice. I wonder if it will work with the stewed pork leg.

    I think it should taste pretty much the same if all the other ingredients are retained, the lap cheong, the salted fish and whatever else.

  5. Too bad that the beef soup had too much spices. I also had one like that a while back. So disappointed 😦

    My missus did not seem to mind but not me – I would never want to order that if that is the best they can do.

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