Good ’til the last drop…

We went back to this place again the other day and yes, the beef noodles stall…

Yong Garden Restaurant Cafe beef noodles stall

…that I was looking for was open, the third one in that section of the shop.

On our previous visit, we liked what we had from the second stall and I thought the kueh chap I had from the first one, the kampua mee stall, was good too.

There is this chu char (cook & fry) place at the back…

Yong Garden Restaurant Cafe chu char

…and I heard that they were actually here before and I quite liked what we had that one time we were there. It seems that the son has taken over and if anyone is keen, he or she can choose to sit in the air-conditioned section next door…

Yong Garden Restaurant Cafe air-conditioned section next door

Perhaps I will do that one of these days but this time around, I was there for the beef noodles.

My friend posted photos of what he had here on Instagram and Facebook and he said that they were originally from here. Well, if they were from there, then they would be the ones from here – where they were later…before moving here, that is. There was an elderly lady before and there is one here too but I could not recall what she looked like so I am not really sure if she is the one and the same. There is a young man with her now – there wasn’t any in the past – and it seemed that he did all the cooking while she did the serving.

If I remember correctly, my friend also said that they had something like the Vietnamese pho but when I asked, they did not seem to have anything like that. This is the menu displayed at the stall…

Yong Garden Restaurant Cafe beef noodles stall menu

…and as far as I can tell, the regular is RM7.00 a bowl – it used to be RM6.00 way back then but of course, we asked for the special (RM10.00)…

Yong Garden Restaurant Cafe beef noodles 1

…with their own-made noodles…

Yong Garden Restaurant Cafe beef noodles - own made

…and yes, it was so very good…

Yong Garden Restaurant Cafe beef noodles 2

…good till the last drop!

Yong Garden Restaurant Cafe beef noodles - good 'til the last drop

The chili dip was really nice too, very spicy and the serving was huge – we were so very full after we were through. I certainly would not mind going back there for more!

YONG GARDEN RESTAURANT CAFE (2.290559, 111.832248) is located at Foochow Lane in one corner at the back of the shops as you turn right into the lane. It is also accessible via Hardin Walk and as a matter of fact, it is more convenient to use this road to get there instead of the one aforementioned as it is actually beside this road on the left.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Good ’til the last drop…”

  1. What did they have in their special, more ingredients? The broths looks thick. I know it is good. The empty bowl speaks for itself.

    At any beef noodles place that I know, a special would mean added tripe and tendons. I guess it is the same here and extra meat and a bigger bowl too perhaps. So filling!

  2. The other day we just finish up the box of food we got. One of there recipes was a beef noodle. It was sure good. Some of the season I never tried.
    Coffee is on

    You cooked your own from scratch? We do have instant noodles here, beef flavour but I’ve never given it a try.

  3. I like this kind of noodle more than those yellow noodle…

    I am not a fan of yellow noodles over at your side nor the ones in the peninsula. Ir has a distinct alkaline smell and is very yellow.

  4. Looks so tempting!

    You must go and try when you come back…and you can have the famous Angkao kampua too, same coffee shop.

  5. I love beef noodles. Too bad there isn’t any at my area 😦

    Oh? I hear there are lots of this type, I think they say it’s Taiwanese, over at your side. Here, we do not find a lot of places selling beef noodles – the meat is expensive and not easy to come by, the fresh ones, unless we buy the imported frozen Australian or NZ ones.

  6. Looks promising, rm7 is not expensive too. A bowl of beef noodles easily cost rm10 here

    RM7.00 is all right, considering that beef does not come cheap but RM10, even for a special, is a bit steep even though it was really very nice and I did enjoy it a lot.

  7. Lol. I was just thinking of a simmer hot beef noodle. Been thinking to have that in Wed when my 2 older kids are off for the Mid-Autumn. Want to bring them out for brunch. ^^

    So nice, no holiday for my girl, no Chinese in the jungle school but anyway, mid-week so she can’t come back. 😦

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