I like it here…

That morning, my missus and I dropped by here…

Ju Lai Xiang

…for breakfast. I liked how the place seemed so very clean and how the people there were all so nice and friendly. It sure makes one’s day to see smiling faces and hearing sweet and polite thank you’s, something that some people at a few places here would need to learn and emulate.

The coffee (RM1.60)…

Ju Lai Xiang kopi-o-peng

…was good and in the fridge, they had all kinds of own-made fruit and Chinese cooling drinks and I could not resist buying the red bean and mung bean sago…

Ju Lai Xiang red bean & mung bean sago drink

…and the pumpkin sago…

Ju Lai Xiang pumpkin sago drink

…and also the dragon fruit sago…

Ju Lai Xiang dragon fruit sago drink

…home to try. Initially, I was not so keen on the latter because of the colour – it reminded me of air bandong – but I saw a young lady buying and taking away lots of that so I guess it must be good.

My missus had the fried kway teow (RM4.00)…

Ju Lai Xiang fried kway teow

…from the stall at the back and I think there is a chicken rice and roast meat stall in the middle but it was not open when we were there.

I ordered the kampua special (RM5.50)…

Ju Lai Xiang kampua special 1

…from the first stall…

Ju Lai Xiang kampua stall

…as I liked what it looked like in the photograph.

I put some of the added ingredients into the complimentary soup…

Ju Lai Xiang complimentary soup

…and I don’t know if it was actually very nice originally or whether that brought the taste to a whole new level – it certainly was very nice and I enjoyed it. I think the lady at the stall saw me doing that and told the guy and they were looking at me, smiling away, looking somewhat amused. Next time, I would ask for a bigger bowl…and I would ask them to leave out the fish balls and give me more liver or minced meat instead…

Ju Lai Xiang kampua special 2

…and I wouldn’t mind if I do not get any tofu either but I am fine with it.

Yes, that was very nice and I sure would not mind going back there again for more.

JU LAI XIANG CAFE (2.310920, 111.831572) is the first shop in the block right behind the Sibu Civic Centre (Dewan Suarah), opposite the block where Aroma Bakery and this coffee shop are  located.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

18 thoughts on “I like it here…”

  1. Wow that is kampua on a whole new level. I don’t mind if I don’t get any tofu either and yes, give me more of the liver. Yum yum!

    We’re the opposite of my girl – she loves tofu and would not touch liver with a 10-foot pole.

  2. Nice looking dishes, Arthur…and I absolutely love fresh fruit juices and smoothies!

    Yes, we sure would love to drop by again.

  3. Is the coffee there usual served cold?…The only time we have a straw in our coffee is something like a frapcunio.
    Coffee is on

    No, we do have coffee served hot, just that I do not go for hot drinks and would like mine iced and cold. I think I had my long black iced abroad too…with a straw, dunno all the rest as I am not into coffee/drinks with milk or cream.

  4. The drinks are VERY interesting! Cheap too, would not mind to have some of these ehehehehe

    RM3.00!!! Cheap??? Oh my! I can buy one whole pumpkin and drink myself to kingdom come. 😀 😀 😀

  5. Cleanliness in a restaurant – without it nothing else matters.

    Tell that to those people at some other places in the country – they will tell you that the dirtier the place, the nicer the food…and even the rat-infested ones will have people queuing up….and one was voted among the 20 best in Asia or something. Eyeeewwwwww!!!!

    The municipal council here will check on the eateries to ensure their cleanliness – I was surprised this one got a B. I would have given an A!

  6. You don’t like air bandung? I do, but only have it once in a long while. I like the liver in your kampua.

    I used to when I was young, when they used Grenadine and not rose syrup…and evaporated milk was milk, not “creamer”.

  7. Yeah, I love that plate of kampua. Full of goodies. Oh, there’s my favaourite…red dragon fruit juice. Love them all.

    See my reply to zmun2’s comment above! I did not buy the dragon fruit!!! Will do that next time.

  8. wow….all the good stuffs in a plate of kampua! Okay…I’m with you…minus the tauhu pok & fishballs would be good. hehe…

    Are those tongsui in cups? They looked really rich.

    They have one whole section of what I understand to be what people call “tong sui”, dunno exactly what that is, I assume they are cooling Chinese dessert drinks. I saw things like red dates, lo han guo, white fungus, black jelly, chrysanthemum and so on.

    The other two sections in the big fridge, they have all these fruit/vegetable juices plus the mung bean & red bean…and some others.

  9. So yup, i can only imagine the taste of coffee from your region because that’s all I’ve tasted. However other dishes looks so tasty!

    Kway teow is flat rice noodles like what you get in Vietnamese pho…and kampua mee is egg noodles, dunno if it is anything like your pancit but if you cook it the same way, you may get something similar. We have bihon too, we call it bihun, but our pian sip is wantons or meat dumplings, not noodles which means that we are similar in some ways and different in others. Incidentally, your Filipino crispy pata, pork leg, is very popular here.

  10. The kampua special is so loaded with ingredients!

    Yes, but most importantly, I liked the taste of the kampua noodles – would not have liked it otherwise, despite all the added ingredients.

  11. This is what I called Overflow to the brim.. and onto another… No wonder they are amused… yes, they must buy a bigger plate.. 🙂

    Bowl, you mean. It was very small. I guess they did not expect me or anyone, for that matter, to do something like that. 😀

  12. Pumpkin sago and dragonfruit sago! I’ve not seen those before 😉

    Neither have I but then again, I’m never into these cooling Chinese drinks and desserts. I liked the pumpkin, will buy the dragon fruit next time.

  13. Could not believe my eyes, so many toppings on the kampua! The drinks must be very cool and invigorating.

    The drinks were all right and what I liked best was that they were not very sweet, just mildly.

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