The price is right…

There used to be some other people at the chap fan (mixed rice) stall here

Diandianlai Cafe
*Archive photo*

…but they have moved next door.

I did go over to have  a look but there did not seem to be much of anything left even though it was not even noon yet. The guy there was busy cooking but I decided not to wait and went back next door instead to have a look at what the very young couple had at their stall…

Diandianlai Cafe chap fan stall

I was attracted by this steamed minced pork with salted egg yolk…

Diandianlai Cafe steamed minced pork with salted egg yolk

…and it turned out to be quite nice, just a little bit salty but my guess is that was because of the salted egg white in it.

I also helped myself to their very nice pork and their sweet and sour fish fillet…

Diandianlai Cafe chap fan 1

…that looked very much nicer, presented in the tray and both were good.

I did not take any of the vegetables and for my pick of three, I had to fork out RM5.00 only.

My missus, as always, had better self-control and was more well-disciplined. She just had two vegetables, their fried kangkong and fried chives with egg, and the pork that I had as well….

Diandianlai Cafe chap fan 2

…and that cost only RM3.50, a little more than a dollar, Australian.

I would give them my double thumbs up for the fact that what we had was not oily and there was no msg overdose, something that would put me off instantly at such chap fan places. We sure would not mind coming back again since we did enjoy what we had and…the price was right!

DIANDIANLAI CAFE (2.310079, 111.831103) is located in the block of shops facing the Sibu Civic Centre (car park) along Jalan Dewan Suarah that links Jalan Melur and Jalan Suarah.