I can’t say…

School finishes a little bit early on Fridays, by around an hour, and last week, we decided not to do any cooking ourselves and go for our lunch somewhere instead. After picking up my girl from school, I asked her if she would like to go for the Sarawak laksa that she had not too long ago (RM7.50)…

…and liked a lot and of course, she wholeheartedly agreed.

That was why we ended up here…

…again that afternoon. It is good that they do not close till late afternoon, 4.00 p.m. every day except Sundays when they close a bit earlier at 3.00 p.m. Most kampua mee and whatever stalls in the coffee shops here will close around noon, some even before that so if you drop by for lunch, you will have to go some place else. Most, if not all, will not open in the afternoon but some may reopen in the evening for the benefit of the nighttime crowd.

I was thinking that I should give the Sarawak laksa a try since my girl was praising it to the skies but I did not feel like having that. In the end, I just tried a bit of what she was served and yes, it was, indeed, pretty good. Frankly, I can’t say it was nicer than my current favourite in town though – at best, I would just say they were more or less the same.

My girl said that it was even nicer after adding the sambal belacan and squeezing the calamansi lime juice all over it and I must say they were very generous with the sambal

At that other place, they will give you the lime but no, don’t dream of getting any sambal with your order. You will have to ask for it, more than once, perhaps, before they will bring you a little, so very very little that they might as well don’t bother! Tsk! Tsk!

That one was cheaper though, only RM6.00 a bowl but you do not get that much added ingredients on top. Sadly, my girl complained that the prawns/shrimps weren’t that great – my guess is they had used the farmed ones which may turn out to be jelly-like or rubbery, not palatable at all. At the end of the day, I would give both of them equal marks – I wouldn’t mind going for one or the other should I feel like having Sarawak laksa – I am off prawns these days, anyway, in case they may trigger off some allergy and I will end up scratching all night long.

My missus had the pork liver soup with kampua mee added (RM9.00)…

…but I think the ethnic helper at the shop made a mistake regarding the price. In the menu, the soup is paired with a plate of kampua mee kosong (no meat) and the price stated is RM7.50. By right, it should not make a difference whether the noodles are served separately in a plate or in the soup like what my missus had.

However, when she placed her order, she drew the helper’s attention to the section in the menu where they list the prices one would have to pay for one’s choice of noodles should one want to add any one of them and noodles are an additional RM2.50 so by right, it should be RM10.00 altogether. I did not make a fuss and just paid the total for all our orders and our drinks as things seemed somewhat slow – we were the only customers around. After all, it is not a big difference. If I had made some noise about it, the bosses might not be too happy with the helper and might take it out on her. I wouldn’t want that!

I had their mee sua in traditional Foochow red wine and ginger chicken soup (RM9.00)…

…which came with one drumstick and one hardboiled egg plus a shitake mushroom. The helper gave me this…

…to go with it – they will not bother to do that at many places these days and when you ask for it, they will bring you one or two bits of the freshly-cut chili drowning in the soy sauce. My missus always says that the reason is obvious – chilies are very expensive these days. Unfortunately, what I was given that day was not spicy/hot at all, not even a bit. This seems to be the problem when we buy chilies from the market nowadays – the seller will tell you that they are only good for the colour.

Anyway, back to the mee sua, I loved the very fine strands of the mee sua used but despite being a bit more expensive than the mee sua elsewhere, the overall taste was quite ordinary. Yes, it was nice enough – I can’t say it was not nice but there are others elsewhere that are nicer and my favourite in town is still…the best of the best!

I ordered the ang tao peng/iced red bean (RM4.00)…

…to try for dessert and yes, it was pretty decent. The beans were soft enough, not mushy and on the whole, it was not very sweet which was just nice for me since I am currently on a low/no sugar diet.

Yes, that was nice and yes, we probably would be dropping by here again sometime. Incidentally, somebody told me that the couple running the show here were from here before – I wouldn’t know if they had a stall there a long time ago or much later. I did not bother to find out.

ENJOY CAFE (2.304195, 111.848163)…

…is located at Lorong Pahlawan 7B/3, on your left as you turn into the lane to go straight to the Sibu Bus Terminal.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “I can’t say…”

  1. What each and everyone of you had looks good. The noodles in the pork liver soup looks like our curly noodles for kolo mee. Yeah, agree that these days the big chillies are not hot at all. Love the blue ceramic bowl.

    1. Yes, they do have these nice blue & white bowls and plates these days, anytime better than those horrible colourful plastic ones. Generally ok, the things here but nothing that stands out, so exceptionally good that everyone would wanna go back for more.

  2. All three would have made me happy though I lean more towards the pork liver soup! And I wouldn’t mind some ang tao peng.

    You’re off carbs right now, aren’t you? I’m supposed to be the same too, no noodles for me actually…but I would just eat! Cutting down on rice and bread though…and of course, cakes and cookies are now taboo!!! Sobsss!!!

  3. Pork liver soup sounds interesting, I never saw a dish using liver on a soup as a main ingredient so I wonder what this would taste like.

    Oooo…we love it! I think it’s a Chinese thing, the Foochows especially. So very nice with lots of ginger and the traditional red wine.
    They do cook it in some dishes too, stir fried – and they may add it to a dish of Foochow fried noodles. VERY nice!
    The Malays cook chicken or beef liver only – so far, I’ve only come across those cooked rendang style. I would buy to enjoy
    but of course, these innards aren’t that good for health, high in cholesterol!

  4. That foochow meesuah is so rare in KL area.

    …and if you go to the Foochow towns of Sitiawan in Perak and Yong Peng in Johore, theirs are not the same!!! VERY red!!!

  5. I’m positive we could not find a bowl of laksa for under RM10 in KL at the moment.

    Still not as bad as Down Under, I’m sure. The prices there and also in New Zealand for a bowl or plate of noodles are so shocking!!!

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