Makes sense…

Needless to say, gone are the days when one can go for a plate of chap fan (mixed rice) and pay only around RM3.00 for 1 meat and 2 vegetables – it should be around RM4.50-RM5.00 these days but no, I am not complaining. Looking at the escalating prices of virtually everything and our flagging economy, that is something to be expected.

That, however, does not mean that I am in favour of the high prices some people are charging at some places these days, something in the region of RM9.00-10.00 or more for something quite mediocre, nothing really to shout about. I sure would not mind paying and going back for more if it had been something so very good but more often than not, I would end up feeling kind of shortchanged.

The other day, my missus and I dropped by here again for the nasi campur (mixed rice) and we both had the sotong (squid)…


…and the very very nice pumpkin and cangkuk manis…

Pumpkin and cangkuk manis

that I did not get to try the last time as it came out of the kitchen a little too late and we also had this…

Masak lemak

…- that reminded me of what Ayden, Submerryn’s cute and lovable little son cooked, the loh hon cai except that this was masak lemak and had santan (coconut milk) added.

Now, this is one place that I would not mind going again and again because we really enjoy what they dish out and we only had to pay RM5.00 each for what we had that day…

La'zzaty nasi campur

The following day, we dropped by here again. Actually, we did drive past a number of times but the shop was closed. I really wonder how they can do business like that, open as and when they feel like it, according to their whims and fancies. Thankfully, there was quite a crowd – their inconsistency sure has no effect on their customers obviously.

My missus stuck faithfully, as always, to her nasi kerabu with ayam percik, drumstick (RM6.50)…

Warong nasi kerabu

…and that day, I was quite put off by the fact that we had to wait a mighty long time like what happened once on one of earlier visits. There was someone who was there before us and he had a huge order of some 20 packets of the nasi kerabu, take away. Well, first come, first served so we had no choice but to sit there and wait along with all the rest of the people filling up the shop.

I must say that I really like that cute boy doing the serving – he was always smiling and everytime he walked past, I would grumble that I had been waiting so long, that I was so very hungry bla…bla…bla…but he kept on smiling and apologising and saying that our orders would be ready soon.

I had the nasi lemak special (RM6.00)…

Warong nasi lemak special

…with one fried chicken drumstick…

Warong fried chicken drumstick

I remember the last time I had that, I asked for their ayam percik and they did not have a problem with that but I had to pay 5o sen more which was perfectly ok as the chicken was very nice.

Yes, the rice was lemak though not as lemak and nice as my favourite in town at the roadside stall at Bandong Walk here (and it is cheaper there too – RM4.30 for the complete works with a piece of fried chicken, up by 30 sen from RM4.00 not too long ago) and no, I did not feel it was overpriced and without a doubt, I did enjoy it very much.

What a pleasant surprise I had that day when I went to pay my bill and was told that my ex-student, who was there having lunch with his wife and his dad, had picked up the tab already. Thank you so much, Awang Sazali – that was so very sweet of you!

Well, what is your opinion on all this? I’m pretty sure everyone will agree with me that it makes a lot more sense to go to these relatively cheaper places for lunch instead of those rather expensive ones, paying less and enjoying a whole lot more.

LA’ZZATY CUISINE (2.307198, 111.828479) is located along Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg on the left if you are coming from town, right after the SHELL petrol station, at its junction with Jalan Nibong with the Sibu Buddhist Temple on your right on the other side of the road while WARONG CAFE (2.318841, 111.831732) is located among the shops in between Jalan Tapang and Jalan Tapang Timur towards the end of Jalan Kampung Nangka on the left with RTM Sibu right across the road on the right.