Second round…

We had this…

Le Cafe claypot chicken rice

…once here and we loved it so we decided to have a second round of the same.

It was only available on weekends then. However, I was told that now, it is available every day, but only for lunch and if you would like it for dinner, you can always put in a special request in advance and they will get it done for you.

Before my girl and the mum left for Korea, we did drop by on the Saturday prior to the trip and the place was full. Wowwww!!! That’s new! Business must have picked up tremendously as on our previous visits, there would be some people, not that many and no, it was never full. We had to go some place else that day…so when they came back from their holiday, we just had to stop by here for what we missed then…

Le Cafe claypot chicken rice

– RM20.00 for this medium-sized bowl, enough for 2-3 persons and no, they did not forget the salted fish…

Salted fish

…for us to sprinkle all over and mix before we dug in. This used to be a poor man’s meal – salted fish and plain white rice but it is getting so expensive that this is all they will give, none of the thin whole slices that one would get in the past. Sigh!!!

Incidentally, the L-sized bowl is RM30.00 and there would be enough for 3-4, they say but I guess if you are having something else, that should be enough for 4-5.

On all our previous visits, I always had their iced black coffee but this time around, I asked for their “trio-of-tea” (RM4.90)…

Le Cafe trio-of-tea

…commonly known as the tri-colour tea or the teh-see special. However, I did not think it was all that nice, nowhere near the awesome one I had here so I guess the next time we drop by here, I would go back to my good ol’ kopi-o-peng.

My girl wanted to try their lemon grass chicken wings with Thai mayo (RM7.90)…

Le Cafe lemon grass chicken wings

…and of course, her wish was my command. It was nice, as nice as any fried chicken wing could be and having said that, I did not think I could detect much lemon grass in the batter, if at all there was any, and the Thai mayo was…just mayo, more or less. My girl enjoyed it though – the mum and I had a piece each, the equivalent of one wing, and she had all the rest which would be two chicken wings – there were 3 in the basket.

Word has been going round about their nice pork dishes – no, this is not a pork-free place, sorry to all concerned…and I hear their lamb shank is really good so we will be back, that’s for sure.

Author: suituapui

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15 thoughts on “Second round…”

  1. The large bowl and the lemon grass chicken wings look quite good! 🙂

    The rice is good, the wings too, like fried chicken wings, just that they did not seem to be anything really special.

  2. That claypot chicken rice looks so good – I think I’ll have that for dinner tonight!

    Yes, it is, like the ones I used to enjoy so much in the peninsula. Hope they will keep in on their menu, the only one we have here.

  3. My favourite parts of the claypot rice would be the crusty bits at the base! 😀

    Yes, my girl loves it. She would keep scraping it off the bottom and enjoy eating it.

  4. Wahh that claypot rice, make me want to have one also. Long time didn’t take any, not sure where to get a good one in Kuching.

    Dunno of any in Kuching either but I did see a sign at that famous barbecue meat shop at Padungan, next to Fook Hai, dunno if that one is any good or not. Used to enjoy the ones I had in the peninsula, and did not like one I had here at one of the hotels in town sometime ago – this one is good, so let’s hope it will be around for a while for us to keep going back to enjoy.

  5. Claypot rice, one of my favourites. The ones I usually had, the salted fish was already in the rice itself, not separately like yours. The crusty part is the best. Yumsss!!!

    My girl enjoys the crust – I am too lazy to scrape, so I would just leave it.

    Yes, I remember the ones I had before – the salted fish was in thin slices, placed on top – up to you to break them all up and mix with the rice, dunno why they serve it separately here. Maybe some health-conscious people don’t like salted fish?

  6. Now I am craving for claypot chicken rice. The one you had looks so good and with salted fish, that would make it even more amazing. Sigh…

    Yes, and I am so thankful. Heard they had it here so we went all the way:
    …and we ended up rather disappointed and I also had it once at a hotel here:
    …which was nothing like the real thing and I never went back again.

  7. What a coincidence! Last evening I took claypot rice too… will put that up later next week…. long time I didn’t eat and felt like having that outside in a shop… the one you had looked very similar but then most of the claypot looks like that..hahaha

    Yes, the good ones. I had had some not so nice ones here – they did not even look like it, and unlike this one, I will never go back for those ever again.

  8. 3-layers tea. Long time I didnt have it. I love it but cannot have it too frequent. Cause gastric or stomach discomfort.

    Claypot rice is one of my favourite. Chicken or pork is fine with me as long as sufficient salted fish and chilli in dark soy sauce dipping for added and extra taste. 😉

    Look like business is picking up. Good for them. One of its kind in Sibu huh? In Kuching, not many places do claypot rice nowadays. Maybe a lot of works.

    I liked the one in Rubber road which used charcoal to cook their claypot rice. Thompson Corner in 3rd mile used to have a really nice claypot rice but dont think it is still there.

    The tea was not strong, not rich and creamy – the SCR one was a whole lot nicer.
    There’s a Thomson Corner at 3rd Mile? I only know the one at Nanas Road. Yet to come across this in Kuching, bet there are just that I dunno where.

  9. Quite sometimes didn’t eat claypot rice liao, one of the day must go eat it…

    Know of a good one in Singapore?

  10. “This used to be a poor man’s meal – salted fish and plain white rice but it is getting so expensive that this is all they will give, none of the thin whole slices that one would get in the past.” —> Absolutely agreed on this. Becos its expensive, and they’ll hold back the portion. End up lack of flavors.

    Yup, could hardly taste the salted fish unless one bites into one of the tiny bits of it. Maybe they should give an option – want more salted fish, pay for it. I don’t mind.

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