Last stop: this town…

When my blogger friend from Penang was in town, he rented a car and went around on his own and among the places that he ventured to was this one. He liked the sourdough bread that he had there but he felt that the cinnamon roll was just so-so. I told him that I have never been there especially when I am not into these classy coffee joints serving all those sweet cakes and desserts.

Much to my surprise, after he had checked out from the hotel on the day he was leaving town, he stopped by there again and he bought me this lovely loaf of raisin bread…

He said that they were out of sourdough at the time and they would only come out with their fresh bakes at around 6.00 p.m. in the evening.

He also grabbed the solitary cinnamon roll…

…left and I shared that with the ladies in the house. All of us agreed that it was very nice. I guess by our local standard, this one stood a head above the rest – as a matter of fact, I do not remember any other place, bakeries included, making these cinnamon rolls. If they were any, I guess they were all quite forgettable and we never went back for more.

There was this yam Swiss roll too…

…but I let my girl enjoy all of it. I guess there are things I can do without now that I’m on a low sugar diet and talking about that, I sure would not mind dropping by here to check the place out now that they are serving a lot more than just those sweet cakes and desserts. I saw somebody sharing a photograph of their pizza and it sure looked good!

While he was in Sibu, my blogger friend managed to drive to Sarikei and Bintangor and he bought some old school stuff from the latter including these biscuits…

…and he gave me two packets to try. I do enjoy munching on these but I think the ones that I used to buy came from Sarikei.

I didn’t know what these…

…are called, this very old school Chinese rice cake. Usually, they are rectangular and come in layers, stacked up one on top of the other and there are other colours, pink and purple perhaps, other than white. I went around asking and was told that it is called pek ko.

My friend gave me these round ones…

…from Bintangor, with crushed peanut filling…

…inside. Nice touch! I thought that brought the taste up to a whole new level.

When he was in Sibu, my blogger-friend sent me a message asking me what this…

…was, something that he picked up at the Sibu Central Market. I told him that was our traditional Foochow engagement sweet, the lay peang, and he said he enjoyed it!

He came across this same thing in Bintangor so he bought a few to take home to Penang and he passed me one…

…to try.

There is a lot available from all over Sibu, the local ones as well as those from Sarikei and maybe, Bintangor…

…too and generally, they are all all right but my favourite is the one from that small shop in the Dewan Suarah area selling lung ngor, kompia and chu nu miang and a lot of other things as well, across the lane from Mother Cafe, same row as Aroma Bakery.

That sure was a whole lot of stuff that my blogger-friend gave me before he left town. Thank you so much and do come again – perhaps you can venture into the Melanau territories of Mukah and Dalat or the Iban territory of Kanowit the next time you come.

THE COFFEE CODE ROASTERY WORKSHOP (2.304459, 111.831098) is located at No. 1, Jalan Bintang Selatan.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

3 thoughts on “Last stop: this town…”

  1. That is a whole lot of Sibu and Bintangor stuff your blogger friend cater back home. If I remember correctly, the pek ko we have here is just plain without peanuts filling. I have had those round biscuits with sesame seeds and lay peang from Sarikei but I prefer the round biscuits more as the lay peang are too sweet for my liking.

    Yes, same here. I only like the lay peang that I buy here, once in a very very very long time – not so sweet. Can’t remember that last time I had pek ko, childhood favourite.

  2. Ken.. i think i’ve met him a couple of times, or was it only virtually. Nice nice

    I guess you’re in KL most of the time, very young boy. When are you coming to Sibu to visit me too? LOL!!!

  3. The raisin loaf looks great but that traditional Foochow engagement sweet, the lay peang, looks so enticing!

    I would say both were great but I’ve had nicer engagement sweet at another place here. He should have told me he wanted to buy some to take home!

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