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On Wednesday last week, we had to drive to my girl’s school in the jungle to bring her back to town as she had some business to attend to from Thursday onwards, stretching over the weekend. I decided to stop by here on the way to pass some of my ulam raja seedlings to my friend, Philip, who runs the drink business there. I did pass him some and some seeds as well but he said that nothing came out of those. I do hope he has a lot more luck with the ones I gave him that day.

Well, he told me that the mee sua, our Foochow longevity noodles in the traditional red wine chicken soup here…

Dragon Door stall

…is very nice and one would have to go early as by around 10, it would all be sold out and the lady would close for the day.

I wanted to pack something for my girl’s lunch after school before we started off on our journey home but the fried chicken at this new stall there…

Dragon Door new stall

…looked like it had been coated with bread crumbs or whatever batter and the other type appeared to have been marinated with a bit of soy sauce so I decided not to take the chance.

In the meantime, we had something to eat there so we would not have to worry about our lunch that day and I ordered the kueh chap (RM6.00)…

Dragon Door kueh chap

…from the first stall. It was nice but different from the usual. No, it did not taste like the one I had here but the soup was kind of herbal as well and the chili dip…

Dragon Door kueh chap, chili dip

…was good. It did seem to be somewhat popular though as I overheard some other customers ordering the same.

My missus had the lor mee (RM5.00)…

Dragon Door lor mee

…that she said was all right and yes, she loved the chili dip too.

In the end, I decided to buy the hung ngang (big bihun) in the traditional red wine chicken soup (RM6.00) for my girl – she can’t eat mee sua as it is made from wheat and I heated it up at her quarters for her. I did try a bit but I thought it was, at best, ok. I would not rank it at the top but it was good enough to be placed among my favourites in town here, here or here but in this one here, there were 3 pieces of meat instead of the usual 2, an egg and one dried shitake mushroom. I liked the soup here too but I am not sure if they serve mee sua in it – I can only recall having it with hung ngang there.

And talking about the best mee sua in town brings me to one other place in town but that would be in my next post. Stick around!

DRAGON DOOR (2.279520, 111.839882) is located along Jalan Aman, among the (new) shops on your left if you are coming in from Jalan Wong King Huo or on your right if you are coming from Lanang Road.

Author: suituapui

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11 thoughts on “Stop by here…”

  1. I try to list down my favourite food and most of them have either wheat or soy sauce in it. Pity Melissa but on the bright side, she has you, her ever dotting dad to help find alternatives whenever possible.

    I love loh mee. Something about the thick, goey gravy that gets me. Super love it.

    Yes, like the lady boss at one restaurant here that we used to frequent a lot said, “That means she can’t eat just about everything!” We never went back again.

  2. That kueh chap is just brimming with ingredients. Looks like a very filling bowl of goodness.

    Yes, generally, all are good here but lack that special something that would make them stand out above the rest and get me to go out of my way to go there and enjoy. I’d settle for something more or less the same elsewhere closer to home.

  3. That’s the kind of kueh chap I like, the soup with a tint of herbal taste. Lor mee looks great too.

    Yes, the authentic ones would have the ngor hiang hoon fragrance, something like in lor bak stews but not the herbal taste like in bak kut teh or those herbal soups. Nice also but not the same.

  4. The lor mee looks quite similar to ours, do they serve grated garlic as well?

    No, didn’t ask, just the very nice chili dip that we liked a lot. I hear too much garlic is bad, and gives you cramps in the legs at night?

  5. The kueh chap did looked slightly different than the usual kueh chap. Hubby and I found a nice kueh chap stall recently. It serves kueh chap and pork leg rice. We love the herbal soup and generous amount of ingredients. Now I am thinking about it. Lol.

    Not sure where the good ones are in Kuching. Had one not too long ago, Sin Poh Poh, it had a smell, not nice. Used to love the one sold at the Padungan wet market in the 70’s, so very popular and then rumours started going round – found a rat in the stew, the guy chopped off his finger and his finger was found in the stew etc…etc… So bad, people can’t see others doing well one.

  6. So the kway chap in Malaysia a bit different from Singapore, the ingredients they put together, Singapore, the ingredients, they separate…

    In Kuching, they serve it altogether in a bowl too. That would save them the trouble of washing another plate, I guess…and no need for so many.

  7. gosh, i was trying to recall the last time i had kueh chap … and i finally remember … it was two years ago! too long! 😀

    I have not seen kueh chap over there at all, or maybe I was not looking hard enough.

  8. Dont think I’ve ever had kueh chap… I sometimes see it in the menu in those Sarawakian restaurants over here. Maybe I shd be more adventurous next time 😉

    Kueh chap at Sarawak restaurants only there? For one thing, I know it is not a Foochow thing so we did not use to have it here but it is catching on – we have a few places now. But if you go to Kuching, it is all over the city and it seems they have it in Singapore too, the added ingredients served separately, not with the noodle sheets in a bowl like that.

  9. I did not like lor mee last time.. now I am enjoying it especially with black vinegar…

    Black vinegar? Gee! Never tried that. Personally, I am not crazy about lor mee, just something different that I might go for sometimes for a change.

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