We have not been here for a long long time for the simple reason that there is nothing much on their menu that is gluten-free. Most of the things either have soy sauce or are made from wheat flour.

However, last Sunday, after the 11.00 a.m. service at the cathedral in the town, we stopped by here for lunch and my missus had their sizzling spicy sambal seafood kampua (RM14.73, incusive of GST)…

Noodle House spicy seafood sambal kampua 1

…which I do recall having before way back in 2010 when it was only RM12.90 – I guess it was not all that cheap then and it is even worse now! I did not think the two were all that compatible at the time and I did not like it at all – given a choice, I would much sooner go for the sizzling beef kampua.

My missus said it was good though – the kampua was to her liking and she enjoyed the spicy sambal seafood…

Noodle House spicy sambal seafood kampua 2

I guess my mistake then was I mixed everything together and ended with something that tasted quite weird, or to me, at least and I did not see her doing that but frankly, for that kind of money, I would much rather go for something a whole lot nicer here…or here or elsewhere. Obviously, a lot of people think otherwise for this place is always so very crowded (and noisy) and not only is it often difficult to grab a table, there is a problem as well when it comes to parking one’s car…unless you park at a distance and walk, not something I would be all that keen to do especially in the scorchingly hot midday sun.

I had their kway chap special (RM8.69, inclusive of GST, up from RM8.37 before)…

Noodle House kway chap special 1

It did not matter than it did not quite taste the same – even the chili dip was no longer like what we used to enjoy before. It used to be something like the dip for chicken rice but now, it is thick and sticky like chili sauce, Thai chili sauce, to be more precise, but thankfully, the saving grace was that it was very nice and very spicy too and I quite enjoyed eating the “kway chap” with a whole lot of it.

But wait a minute!!! Kway chap, you said? Where were the broad white rice sheets? Why was there kway teow

Noodle House kway chap special 2

…in it instead? If I wanted kway teow, I would have gone some place else to eat that and the worse thing was they did not even have the decency and courtesy to apologise and ask, “We’re sorry we’re out of kway chap. Would you mind if we use kway teow instead?”  No, they just served it like that as if nothing was amiss.

I ordered their grilled pork chop mantao (RM10.39, inclusive of GST, for two pieces)…

Noodle House grilled pork chop mantao

…to try but at best, I would say it was all right – not all that compatible, the meat and the steamed bun and definitely not anything I would want to order again. It would have been a lot nicer with their stewed pork belly but still, considering the price, if that is what I want, I would just come here for that at less than half the price for three!!!

Actually, my real intention in dropping by there that day was to buy some of their very nice pork belly kompia (RM5.51, inclusive of GST, for a set of 3)  for my mum and their salted caramel macarons (RM10.00, exclusive of GST, for a set of 3) that she liked a lot the last time I got some for her. She was not able to chew the kompia all that well though so I guess I would not be buying those for her anymore next time…but yes, she still enjoyed the macarons.

NOODLE HOUSE (2.291369, 111.829233) is located in the vicinity right behind the Sibu Central Police Station at No, 2B Ground Floor, Lorong Lai Chee 1, on your left if you are turning in from Hua Kiew Road or on your right if you are coming from Jalan Lai Chee.