Your best…

…may not necessarily be the same as my best. Like I always say, to each his own. After all, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion.

When I blogged about the very nice mee sua (longevity noodles) in the traditional Foochow red wine chicken soup that I had here, an ex-student of mine went to try and he placed it as his No. 2 so I asked him which one would be his No. 1 and he said the one here…

King Cafe

I was there around the end of last year and had their pian sip kampua that I thought was good and the pian sip was big and had a lot of meat in it. The very instant I shared the link to that post on Facebook, somebody commented that it was the best kampua mee in town. Ah well! I would agree to some extent but there are a whole lot of others who would insist that what they have had elsewhere are the best. In fact, there have been some that people praised to the skies but when I went to try, I thought they were quite mediocre, dunno what the excitement was all about. Ah well, as the saying goes, one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

That morning, the moment I stepped into that coffee shop, a guy greeted me. He used to be a teacher at a private secondary school and later, he opened his own art school while his wife was running a cake shop at Rejang Park and was later employed by a leading hotel in town…and out of the blue, he was operating a stall selling fried kway teow with see ham (cockles) and or chian (oyster omelette) at Chopsticks. Now, he and his wife are here…

King Cafe kway teow & laksa stall

…but I had already placed my order for the mee sua (RM5.50)…

King Cafe mee sua 1

…from the first stall…

King Cafe kampua/mee sua stall

Yes, it was nice…

King Cafe mee sua 2

…though a bit too red for my liking. I did blog about how to go about getting the meat and soup so red here so you can click the link to go and see if you are thus inclined.

It was cheaper than most elsewhere though, by 50 sen and though there was no egg, no shitake mushroom, there were 3 pieces of chicken…

King Cafe mee sua 3

Usually, you would get only 2.

For some reason, it did taste a little different from the rest, the ones that I like, not necessarily better – just different but yes, it would be good enough if you happen to be in the vicinity and are thinking of having mee sua but I sure would not bother going out of my way to go for it especially considering that the area is always so congested and finding a place to park can be quite impossible.

The guy at the aforementioned stall suggested parking at the basement car park at the mall down the road and walking over. WALK!!!??? Makan free, is it? Otherwise, no, thank you. LOL!!!

KING CAFE (2.291589, 111.826200) is located right next to the RH Hotel, at the corner of the Jalan Kampung Nyabor and Jalan Sanyan/Causeway junction.

Author: suituapui

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11 thoughts on “Your best…”

  1. Parking is a pain in the town centre. Haha. Ask me to walk, I dont mind a little exercise. But most Kuching people would drive and park in front of the shop than walk. My hubby once commented, if can, park in the shop even better! Lol. That show the mindset of Kuching people. ^^

    I still scare of the redness in mee sua although I know what it is from. Not many people do this over here unlike the Foochow-dominated Sibu.

    It is worse in Sitiawan, blood red!!! And they say it is sweet. The one here was a little sweet too, not quite something I would fancy. The kampua and kompia there are different too.

    Not just in Kuching, all the same here. Worse even, I think. That was what the guy at the shop said – just park by the side and come and eat. Everyone does it! Well, I am not everyone and I am not going to do something like that.

  2. I still like the mee sua u cooked…

    You haven’t tried the one we had at Payung. Eating mee sua will never be the same again, even our own at home. 😦

  3. Well you know… you should walk or exercise more at your age LOL

    Yes, I do walk a lot while I do my gardening in the morning, 6 something till 9 so I guess that’s enough exercise for me. Sometimes I do an hour or so in the evening too if it is not too hot. Ummmm…how much do you walk each day? 😉

  4. I would not mind to park at a distant & walk if the food is good. I, for one will never park my car anyhow so that I can eat at peace. I don’t mind the red colour of the mee sua as long as it taste good.

    Me too. So ill at ease, worried kena summon, how to enjoy the food, no matter how nice? 😦

  5. Pian sip here is pretty good. Big and meaty.

    Yes, I had that before, nice. I liked the one I had the other day at 99 Kopitiam in Permai too, very very nice. Blogpost on that coming up real soon.

  6. Nowadays I see a lot of clamping cars on facebook. and some get themselves into hot soup once their cars are clamped.. so I really don’t mind to walk a bit if it is difficult to park nearby the shop. Yes, eat in peace is better than eating on the look-out. I like meesua with red wine too but I know I cannot take too much, a bit too heaty for me.

    Ginger has a lot of health benefits. Mee sua will pale in comparison with kacang ma – that one has lots of ginger.

    I don’t mind walking on nice cool days but if I have to walk a long way, I will be dripping in sweat by the time I get to one place and I will be hot and uncomfortable, not able to enjoy the food or anything anymore.

  7. I must say I love this red wine mee sua a lot!
    For me, I would prefer to put lots of ginger slices, wah think liao also hungry! :p

    I like lots of ginger taste but I don’t like biting into it. Slices are fine – at one time, my missus would pound the ginger to get the juices out and I did not like biting into those bits of it in the soup.

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