Make me happy…

We dropped by the Happiness Cafe, formerly Kong Ma Ma to see what one of the “newer’ stalls…

Happiness Cafe/Kong Ma Ma stall 1

…had to offer but for some unknown reason, it was closed on a Tuesday. According to the coffee shop guy, their usual off day would be on Wednesdays every week.

Incidentally, the “creamy laksa” stall here has called it quits so if that is what you want, you can try the one from the Malay stall or go elsewhere.

I have had the toast and the dumplings from this stall before…

Happiness Cafe/Kong Ma Ma stall 2

…but no, they did not get me excited, not at all, so since then, I had not had anything from them again.

However, that morning I decided to try their mee sua in our traditional Foochow red wine chicken soup (RM6.00)…

Ang chiew mee sua 1

…and to my delight, it was really very nice. I would rate it among my favourites in town.

The meat was red…

Ang chiew mee sua 2

– as far as I know, some of them pre-cook it with ang chao (红槽) the lees or the residue from the red yeast rice used in the making of the wine…but as far as the one here goes, the soup is not shockingly red so I guess I could take that as evidence of the good quality red wine used unlike those at many other places.

My missus had the seafood noodles (RM6.00)…

Seafood noodles 1

…from the sambal kway teow/bihun stall next to the one that was closed that morning and yes, it was very nice too. The soup had a light colour so it did not have the overpowering taste of dark soy sauce and I do recall my mum cooking something like this a long long time ago in my younger years.

There were prawns and sotong (squid) inside and a lot of fish fillet…

Seafood noodles 2

…and I was glad they did not use the cheap frozen ones, the dory. After we were done, I went to ask what fish they used and they told me it was baung, a freshwater fish from the river around these parts and it was really good, none of that strong fishy smell that would put one off right away. I sure would not mind ordering this next time.

Two days later, on Thursday, we dropped by the coffee shop again to check out that aforementioned stall – the boss said it was the “best seller”, the most popular one in the shop and they would use their fresh own-made fish balls using bay ka/ikan tenggiri (mackerel).

My missus had the chao chai hung ngang, the big bihun with preserved vegetables (RM8.00)…

Chao chai hung ngang

…and I had the dianpianngu (RM8.00)…


…and we asked for the specials with extra fish balls.

Both of us enjoyed our orders and as far as mine went, it sure was by far, a whole lot nicer than the original one in town and the fish balls were way superior to the ones at the son’s place here.

Looking at the photographs at the stall, they have other things that I probably would want to try but that will have to wait till the next time we stop by here.

HAPPINESS CAFE, (2.306608, 111.827179) formerly KONG MA MA, is located along Lorong Delta 4, off Jalan Delta. The left turn into Lorong Delta 9 will lead you straight to the Delta Public Swimming Pool.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “Make me happy…”

  1. I just had mee sua today too cos it is my sister’s birthday.

    My mom cooked mee sua with hard boiled eggs to celebrate for her.

    The Foochows here have what they call egg drop soup mee sua. Instead of chicken, they have poached eggs or eggs fried into a golden pouch shape. Same as the chicken soup, lots of ginger and traditional red wine. My girl prefers this to chicken soup.

  2. I like the mee sua & dianpianngu. I have tried chao chai hung ngang once & the broth was so sourish. That is the first & last time I had and since then I never have the guts to try again.

    Oh? My missus likes it that way, the more sourish the better for her. If not sour, then she will not want to have it again.

  3. I just had chicken mee suah for breakfast! Haha. Leftover chicken soup from last night.

    Sound like a good place for breakfast as almost everything is there. I also found a nice place with many dishes over the weekend. Post on it next week. ^^

    Next week? Busy eh?

    Yes, I would do the same with leftover chicken soup when I have any.

  4. Ang chao chicken mee sua is one of my favorite..

    Dunno what the Singapore one is like, very red like the Sitiawan one? If it is like that, then I will not like it. It is supposed to be ang chiew mee sua, not ang chao mee sua – a world of difference.

  5. I like the name Happiness … simple and straightforward … the way things used to be, before folks had to come up with cool hipster names for cafes! 😉

    We have lots of Happiness here – Golden Happiness, Good Happiness…and lots of Wonderful too. 😀

  6. The foochow red wine chicken mee suah looks really good. I wonder if they are the same with the ones from Sitiawan. I’ve eaten the ones in Sitiawan. Would love to try the Sibu ones some day.

    The Sitiawan one is so red, like food for vampires. More ang chao mee sua, not so much ang chiew mee sua like ours. No plans to come over? You’ll find it very different from places over at your side.

  7. I always love the red wine noodles! Hardly find any hawker stall selling it at Taiping….

    None? No Foochows there? Is Sitiawan very far away. Last time, no Foochow delights in Kuching…and maybe Miri. Now, they are all over the state. Good or not,
    that is another question, of course.

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