Share the joy…

My good friend, Annie, in KL would always drop by here…

Joystar Garden, Sibu

…everytime she comes home to Sibu for the simple reason that her mum stays close by so it is very convenient for her to come over with her twins and the rest of the family.

I had never been to the coffee shop myself and all I knew was that they have a restaurant upstairs and I have never been there either. But Annie has been telling me of some of the nice things that they enjoyed and every trip home, her twins would want to go for the mee mamak

Joystar, mee mamak
*Annie’s photo on Facebook*

…from this stall…

Joystar, mee mamak stall

…at the coffee shop. Gee!!! It must be really very good for them to want to go and eat the one here all the time. The problem was according to her it would have to be at night when some thin guy would be around to do the frying…but I seldom venture out at night all that often and oh dear!!! I just received word from her that the guy is no longer there. I guess I would never get to try it then. Sobsss!!!

She also told me that the Foochow traditional red wine chicken soup mee sua (RM6.50)…

Joystar red wine chicken soup mee sua 1

…was very nice so when I stopped by the other morning, that was what I ordered from this stall…

Joystar mee sua stall


Indeed, it was really good with two chunks of chicken, one shitake mushroom and yes, Ken, there was one hardboiled egg…

Joystar red wine chicken soup mee sua 2

…as well. Absolutely perfect! Hehehehehehe!!!! I certainly would not mind going back there again should I feel like having this.

My missus had the char bee lau too kha, (the fragrant root pork leg soup) mee sua (RM6.50)…

Joystar charbeelau too kha mee sua

but it was very light – it did not have any meng ngee (dried cuttlefish) and was not strong on the red wine and the ginger, a far cry from what we would cook ourselves at home so I don’t think we would want to have that should we happen to drop by here again.

Well, if anyone is interested in checking out this place (2.327923, 111.838586), it is past the Sungai Merah bazaar to the left of the traffic lights at the junction ahead with a Methodist church and SMK Tiong Hin on the right. Parking is easily available around the building and it is free. We were there at around 10 something and there were only a few tables occupied but I did notice that the chap fan and the nasi campur were already ready, piping hot, at their respective stalls…and both looked good. Perhaps I would try those someday.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

20 thoughts on “Share the joy…”

  1. I never knew there are individual stalls inside. Is the food from the restaurant ok?

    This is the coffee shop downstairs, the restaurant is upstairs on the 1st Floor. I’ve never tried the food there – some friends went when it first opened and they did not like it. But it has been around for so long now and seems quite popular so probably, they have improved over the years, I wouldn’t know.

  2. Ooo this is perfect for me … Since I like to wander around and eat at night, and sleep during the daytime! 😉 yes, I do sound like a vampire 🙂

    Good grief! Night bird, you! Probably you were an owl in your previous life. Hehehehehe!!!!

  3. Another nice place for you to venture into. Red wine chix mee sua looks way better than the pork leg mee sua. Annie’s twins are big boys now, I think.

    Yes, so very big now…and I see our photos, then and now…and I’ve grown so so so old. Sobsssss!!!!!

    1. Yes, big big boys now and almost catch up with my heights! Mummy getting old. Ha!

      Not as old as uncle. Aiyor!!! Next time, must not have my photo taken with them, take with old people, ok. Then I will look younger. 😀

  4. I really want to try the red wine chicken mee sua.. I’ve never tried red wine mee sua, usually I just cook simple mee sua with (leftover) abc chicken soup…

    Mee sua is very versatile, can be served in many ways but I like it best this way – with chicken soup, lots of ginger and red wine. Yummmmm!!!!

  5. I will prefer the Foochow traditional red wine chicken soup mee sua, hehe…

    I love it!

  6. Satu biji only? tak balance lah…

    You can always ask for one more, and pay for it, of course…but you will use up your ration at one go, two per week, they say! 😀

  7. Glad you like the mee sua. It did looked good.

    Such a pity you did not get to try out the mamak stall.

    I also seldom venture to that area and I do not even know where is this shop. hehe!

    LOL!!! Sg Merah area. Can’t say I am all that fond of the place, always very congested, dunno why so many cars especially in the bazaar proper.

  8. Two eggs per week so they say? I thought two per day is good.. protein ma.. this morning took one already in my noodles for breakfast… yesterday took one in my nasi lemak packet… so my ration for one week is finished… hahahaa… I went to Sitiawan the other day but I didn’t order mee sua cos my friends did not like it so much, I don’t mind having a bowl actually… but they sell in big bowls…

    Muahahahahaha!!! That’s what they say! I just eat, I love eggs! Sometimes more than two a day! Oopssss!!!! 😛

    I hear their mee sua is not the same, not nice, their kampua or kompia also…or at least, to those of us from here. What I know is everything Fuzhou that is there is actually very original, authentic – just like the ones in China – ours all cetak rompak ones – but the ones in China are all not nice. My nephew bought some stuff home for us to try and he gave me some – it all ended up in the rubbish bin in the end. Maybe we are used to our own versions so we do not like them any other way.

  9. Mee sua is a noodle I have neglected to opt for in a very long time. Perhaps it because I’ve found it to be not very filling.

    With the chicken and the egg and the soup, it is just nice. Easy to eat, just slurp it all down. If I toss my own Bovril mee sua, I would usually fry an egg to go with it…or dig in the fridge for some leftover meat or something. Just the noodles alone would not quite do it for me either.

  10. Too bad you missed the nice mee mamak. I am sure there are other good ones around waiting to be discovered.

    Yes, we do have some good ones around, just that I would never get to try this one now. 😦

  11. Finally you are there. hahaha. During my last trip back i tried the mee suah, yes it was good and they have 8 ting yoke too. And the chu cha from the back one nice too. When my mum lazy to cook, we will go there for lunch or dinner. The restaurant upstairs food was ok, my mum been there few times for dinner.

    Next to the coffee shop, the seafood shop also belong to them. Last year i got my prawns from there and bring it back, it’s fresh.

    I did see the shop but I did not go in. My missus said maybe they live in the same lane as us – in front, by the main road, the HUGE house with so many lights – if they switch on at night, it lights up the whole lane and looks like a GIANT UFO!!! So rich! Long ago, they were selling chickens, maybe they slaughtered them for wholesale to sellers – kept them in cages, lots of them at the back of the house, house was smaller then before they renovated it.

    My missus did not want the pek ting eyok – maybe that one would be better. Oh? The chu char people and the restaurant people upstairs not the same? Ya, the restaurant seems quite popular – I’ve seen people sharing on Facebook, having dinner functions there. Once, “rocket” won, free dinner there – anyone could go and eat. I didn’t go, of course. So shy! Hehehehehehe!!!!!

    1. YES! Now i remember, my mum told me before. They stayed same road as you. haha

      Wowwww!!! Small world! My wife remembers the car number 5656 – I am hopeless at numbers. Thankfully, I can remember my own. 😀 😀 😀

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