Fourth time around…

Actually, my girl wanted to drop by here that day for their sizzling beef on a hot plate that she likes a lot but I told her that I had a feeling that there would be a bit of tomato sauce in the gravy and maybe some soy sauce too, hence the dark tone so it would be best that we gave that a miss.

In the end, we ended up here, our fourth time so far and yes, the very nice boss who is also the chef/cook, was there to take our orders and as always, he was ever ready to see to all our needs and wants.

If anyone is staying at this hotel in the town centre…

RH Hotel, Sibu

…he or she can walk at an angle of 45° upon coming out of the entrance and will reach this small restaurant in a couple of minutes.

My girl wanted the kian sor hu, literally translated as salty crusty fish…

Home Cook kiam sor hu

…which was to everyone’s liking.

We also had what we ordered before on our previous visits and enjoyed very much and that included the sweet potato leaves, ching chao (fried plain)

Home Cook sweet potato leaves

…with a sprinkling of fried finely-chopped garlic on top.

We loved his homemade tofu

Home Cook ang sio tau hu

…which we would place among the best in town and we had that again and as for the salted fish pork belly minus the soy sauce that we had last time, we asked for dried chili to be added this time…

Home Cook salted fish dried chili pork

…and we liked that too.

We had four dishes that day – on our previous visits, we had three with one soup, one meat and a veg and the total was around RM30.00. For our two meat and two vegetable dishes (including the tofu), the total came up to RM39.00. I guess that’s pretty reasonable and considering that we did like what was served each time we dropped by here, we certainly would not mind coming back again.

HOME COOK CORNER (2.292756, 111.825335) is located at No. 73, Jalan Kampung Nyabor right next to RUBY RESTAURANT with the AmBank Tunku Osman branch in the very next block.