We’re taking over…

If I am not mistaken, this Malay coffee shop was here before they moved to their new location in the vicinity of Sg Merah and now, not one but two Chinese coffee shops have taken over, side by side in that block of shops and this is one of them…

Hao San Yuan Cafe

It did not look like there was anybody renting that stall in front at the moment – most probably, it is currently available for anyone who is interested and chances are there will be somebody selling kampua noodles there eventually.

This seemed quite popular…

Hao San Yuan Cafe eggs and toast

– I did see some people having that but it was already past 10 in the morning and I did not feel like it.

The kopi-o-peng or iced black coffee (RM1.80)…

Hao San Yuan Cafe kopi-o-peng

…was very good, extra kao (strong) and the sweet young girl even asked whether it was kao enough and to my liking.

There is a Muslim stall further in but we did not order anything from there. Instead, we tried some of the somewhat limited choices from the second stall…

Hao San Yuan Cafe stalls

My missus had the hung ngang (big bihun) in the traditional Foochow red wine chicken soup (RM6.00)…

Hao San Yuan Cafe hung ngang in red wine chicken soup

…and it was very good. You can either have that or mee sua with the soup and they even have goji berries and red dates in it.

I had the stewed pork leg rice (RM7.00)…

Hao San Yuan Cafe stewed pork leg rice 1

…and I don’t know if it is their SOP but the friendly lady gave me a bowl of their char bee lau (fragrant root) soup)…

Hao San Yuan Cafe char bee lau soup

…to go with it.

The soup was very nice – maybe not as nice as when we cook our own at home but I would say that it would rank among the better ones when compared with those available outside. The stewed pork trotters…

Hao San Yuan stewed pork leg rice 2

…were very good too, almost but not quite like what my missus cooks at home as I did detect a light hint of black vinegar. We do not add that to our stewed pork leg. However, I thought it was rather pricey compared to the stewed pork rice that I had here – perhaps if they could give just one more chunk of the meat, I would consider it a bit more reasonable.

There are a lot more to choose from the menu at the Muslim stall but nobody seemed to be ordering anything from there so I am not too sure how long it would last.

I wouldn’t mind dropping by here again for what we had or the other two options available, four altogether, but I think I would want to go and check out that coffee shop next door first to see what they have in store. Well, if anyone is interested, it is here (2.296578, 111.826150) along Jalan Tun Abg Hj Openg among the shops to the right of Kin Orient Plaza where the old/original Sing Kwong Supermarket is. Yes, it is in the same area as this western fusion restaurant and this Korean one – there are not that many shops there so it should not be difficult to find…plus parking is easily available and free!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “We’re taking over…”

  1. Life is good! Good strong coffee, goji berries and red dates in the vermicelli soup and fragrant root soup.

    I wouldn’t complain.

  2. All looks so good. Oh, my favourite half boiled & lor egg. A great meal.

    Yes, not bad this new place, wouldn’t mind dropping by again.

  3. I would opt for your plate of stewed pork trotter rice. Not a big fan of hung ngang but I bet my mum would enjoy this.

    Not quite Foochow yet, eh? Which one would your hubby like? I would like all but I prefer mee sua to hung ngang. My girl’s Bidayuh colleague says it’s for old people – so very soft, good for the toothless, I guess. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  4. Stewed pork legs look good – I’d love the texture of the skin.

    I love stewed pork leg, skin and all, with sambal belacan though I am not so fond of the trotter but they say the cartilage or whatever inside is collagen-packed, good for staying looking young. 😀

  5. I like the Thai street food style of pork leg rice – it tends to be less vinegary and a bit sweeter, which makes it a more mellow recipe 😉

    Sounds like what I had, just a slight hint of the vinegar in it and a little sweet – not quite like the regular vinegar pork leg that I had elsewhere, generally more sour.

  6. Hungry at this timing looking at the foods…

    Almost midnight? You did not have dinner? Singapore, city…not a problem, can get food at a lot of places anytime of day.

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