While I wait…

The other day, I had to send my car to the workshop – no, not the old Wira that I use regularly – every day, in fact…and even on my long Sunday drives to my girl’s school in the jungle and back. This was the much older Proton Saga, the 1st generation

Old Proton Saga
*Archive photo*

…that I hardly ever use which makes me wonder how problems may crop up once in a while when it is sitting there day in and day out, idling and occupying space in my car porch. I spotted an oil leak or something below the engine so that called for immediate attention – a stitch in time saves that, that is my firm belief!

The guy said it would take sometime and usually, I would get one of them to send me home and once they were done, they would drive the car to my house but that day, I was very free with nothing else much better to do so I said that I would wait.

In the meantime, I walked around the shops in the vicinity, went through every section of the supermarket nearby and it was getting very hot so I decided to stop by this Sarawak’s own franchise place right around the corner

SCR Sungai Merah

…for tea. At least. it was nice and cool and I sat right below the air-conditioning vents – that sure beats sitting in one of the coffee shops around there, sweating it out in the blistering afternoon heat. No, I did not order the ABC – after the two recent experiences, I did not think I would want to have that again, not here, not anywhere.

I had seen this…

SCR sandwich
*Archive photo*

…at another outlet and when I went back there and ordered that, they told me they were out of bread. Tsk! Tsk! I did not see this in the menu here or rather I was not really looking – the moment I saw some sandwich item on the menu, I ordered it right away.

In the end, this what what I got (RM8.80)…

SCR Sg Merah sandwich & French fries 1

– a sandwich cut into quarters with a whole lot of French fries in the middle…

SCR Sg Merah sandwich and French fries 2

I could see the egg – that was pretty obvious and the slice of cheese and the cucumber and tomato…

SCR Sg Merah sandwich 1

…but wait a minute! This is a chicken rice place so surely there would be some chicken in the sandwich. I looked more carefully and then, I saw it – those little bits buried in the mayonnaise…

SCR Sg Merah sandwich, bits of chicken

Hmmmm…I would have expected some very thin slices of the meat at the very least.

On the whole, it was all right though I did wish they had toasted the bread. It did not feel like they did that and anyway, I love sandwiches so I quite enjoyed it and after an hour or so, I paid for my sandwich…

SCR Sg Merah sandwich & French fries 2

…and drink to the very sweet and friendly girl who took my orders and did the serving…and manned the cashier’s counter as well, Noraini’s her name, and she even gave me a sweet – barley and mint when she gave me the change. Perhaps they give that to every customer, I wouldn’t know.

I went back to the workshop and yes, it was done…so I drove home happily.