Friend of a friend…

Well, it wasn’t a friend, actually. My blogger-friend, Azura, in Kuching was telling me about her cousin’s place here in Sibu and asked me to drop by and try. That was a long time ago and if I remember correctly, this (2.287616, 111.825785) was the name of the shop she mentioned…

Nuraini Cafe, Sibu

…located along Bank Road just a few steps away from the pagoda/Chinese temple…

Sibu Chinese temple/pagoda

…in the town centre and this place is right across the road on the left hand side and while it is not easy to find a parking space around here, there would always be one available over at that side in the premises of the so-called Sibu Exhibition Centre except that it will set you back by RM2.00 (I am quite sure it was RM1.00 not too long ago!). The saving grace is I don’t think there is a time limit so you can leave your car there as long as you want.

She did say something about it being near Li Hua Hotel but no, this is not around that part of town and I did look around there for a shop by that name and of course, I did not manage to spot any. I was quite positive I had seen it somewhere but I just could not put my finger on it. Actually, I drive by this one ever so often and I have heard people telling me that the food was good and the crowd that I would see there ever so often would probably be testament to the fact…but somehow or other, I did not notice the name till that day when I decided I would go and check it out.

Well, it’s a coffee shop so you can’t expect much decor but amidst all that clutter, there are a few things inside…

Nuraini's Cafe, inside

…that I thought are so very Azura – if you frequent her blog, you would know what I mean, like these, for instance…

Decor 1

…or these…

Decor 2

…and their collection of some quaint and pretty tin cans placed on top of the cabinets but of course, what is most important would be the food.

Yes, 10 something in the morning was a little early so these were all the meat dishes…

Meat dishes

…that were ready – sotong (squid) in soy sauce, a dish of those tiny shrimps and another one, the sausages.

Then, on one side, they had these…

Eggs and fish

– the sambal eggs, salted eggs and the fried fish.

Quite a lot of their vegetable dishes were ready…

Vegetable dishes

…and I liked the look of their ulam


…especially that bowl of sambal belacan (dried prawn paste) dip by the side.

My missus had their nasi campur (mixed rice) and that did not come cheap! She just had the rice (RM1.50), two vegetables (RM1.00) each and the sotong – the total came up to RM5.00!!! I wonder how much I would have to fork out if I were to have the nasi campur – I have this very bad habit of wanting almost everything. LOL!!! Thankfully, my mind was set on having the nasi ayam penyet (RM8.00)…

Nuraini Cafe nasi ayam penyet

…as I did hear from somebody once that theirs was pretty good.

Yes, it was very nice – the chicken was good but I wished the sambal

Nuraini Cafe ayam penyet and sambal

…had been a lot more spicier.

The complimentary soup…

Nuraini Cafe complimentary soup

…was very nice, quite typical of these Malay eateries, where they will give you, either chicken soup or their sup tulang (bone soup), that would be a whole lot tastier than the bland ones that you would get with your kampua noodles – they might as well don’t bother as I never touch those.

While we were eating, these came out from the kitchen – their tofu sumbat

Nuraini Cafe tauhu sumbat

– stuffed bean curd cake. They sure looked nice, don’t you think? Well, I guess they would have to wait till the next time I decide to drop by there again…and I am quite sure I will.