When you least expect it…

I read about these awesome mochi

Sarikei mochi 1

…from some place in Sarikei a few years ago and the couple of times I was there, I was hoping I would be able to grab a few to try but I did not know where to go or as a matter of fact, I was not really looking as I was never a fan of mochi.

Well, if you do not know what mochi is, if I am not wrong, it is originally a Japanese delicacy made from glutinous rice flour and what separates the men from the boys would be the texture – some can be so rubbery, so difficult to bite and chew and I would feel like choking when trying to swallow it, not unlike those Chinese glutinous rice balls called tangyuan which I am not all particularly fond of either though I do not mind a few, coated with crushed peanut and sugar, during the Chinese Dōngzhì or Winter Solstice Festival, just to upkeep and preserve the tradition and the culture. Something along this same line would be the nyonya delight, the onde onde, also known as kuih Melaka, and I quite like those especially when they are well made and have lots of gula Melaka (coconut palm sugar) inside that will squirt out the moment you bite into the thing.

Anyway, back to the mochi, there is a fruit and vegetable shop round the corner from my house and the hubby would drive to Sarikei on alternate days and bring back a whole lot of stuff from there to sell and I was there the other day when I spotted these mochi

Sarikei mochi, pack of 6

…much to my surprise as I did not expect to see those there – I did not see them selling them before. There was no label, no sticker nothing but my guess was those would be the ones that everyone was talking about.

What got my attention was a little girl came out of a luxury car to buy a pack of 6, selling for RM6.50 so that would mean that the mochi would be a little more than RM1.00 each which I would say was by no means cheap. Of course, I bought some myself to try and yes, they were indeed very very nice, pandan-flavoured and hence, the green colour, coated with Nestum and with the generous peanut butter filling…

Sarikei mochi, peanut butter filling

…I would say that they tasted a lot nicer than any that I have had before and I never ever cared to go back for more.

Well, if anyone passing through Sarikei would like to grab some to try, he or she can get them at the Kim Hing Bakery and Confectionery (2.124171, 111.518061)…

Kim Hing Bakery & Confectionery, Sarikei
*Taken from Google Streetview*

…at No. 43A, Jalan Hua Tai 1 to the extreme right of that block of shops.