For the very first time…

Yes, finally, I harvested my ladies’ fingers for the very first time…in my life, in fact as I have never planted any vegetables before. There were five…

My ladies fingers

…only but a couple of days later, I had two more and that was quite enough for a meal.

So the next question was how I was going to cook them. One way would be to fry them with sambal belacan/hay bee (dried prawns with dried prawn paste)…

Fried ladies fingers
*Archive photo*

…or just boil and eat as an ulam with sambal belacan

Ladies fingers ulam
*Archive photo*

…or cook curry like how they would have ladies’ fingers in fish curry…

Sheraton fish curry
*Archive photo*

…or I could stuff them with meat or fish paste…

Ladies fingers yong tofu
*Archive photo*

…and enjoy them as a condiment in yong tofu.

In the end, I just decided to pound some sambal hay bee

Sambal hay bee

– with udang kering or dried prawns plus chili, calamansi lime juice, a bit of garlic and sugar and salt. This was different from sambal belacan (dried prawn paste dip), no belacan was used in the making but we ate it in that same way – just boil the ladies’ fingers…

Ladies fingers sambal hay bee ulam

…and eat with the sambal as an ulam.

How would you have cooked and eaten them if you were in my shoes?