It’s been a long time…

It had been a long time since our last visit to this coffee shop (2.293211, 111.836387)…

Lok Ming Yuen Cafe
*Archive photo*

…along Lorong Chew Siik Hiong 1. If I am not wrong, that was four years ago in 2012.

Well, the other morning, I decided to stop by for their sio bee

Lok Ming Yuen sio bee

…Yes, they still did not look good, all that blistered skin and everything, exactly like the way they were before. They are now 90 sen each, up from 70 sen. I also had the giant steamed pao

Lok Ming Yuen steamed pao

…that I liked a lot before except that it did not look that big anymore and the price had gone  up to RM3.00 from RM2.80. They still tasted good but I thought they could do with a little less msg.

There is a kampua noodle stall in front but the one next to it was closed – probably that’s the decently-all-right beef noodles stall and Wednesday is their off day and next to it is a salad chicken and fish rice stall. Don’t expect to get any salad with your chicken or fish though – here, everything that has squiggles of mayonnaise all over, they call salad. I noticed this sign above the stall…

Container extra charge

…and it seems like you will have to pay for your container to tapao (take away) what they are selling. Initially, when they first imposed the ban on polystyrene containers here, I did hear of places charging 50 sen for the somewhat flimsy cardboard box but I have not heard anything of the sort lately and have not been charged for it anywhere around town. I would think it is good to do so though so that everyone will bring their own containers and that would be a lot more environment-friendly.

When my girl was younger, we used to drop by here for the fried stuff, usually bihun, from the stall at the back…

Lok Ming Yuen chu char stall at the back

…but the people moved away and after setting up their stall here, there and everywhere for reasons unknown, they ended up here. I don’t know if they are still there but I did go and eat at the time and no, it did not get me all excited and so far, I have not gone back for more.

I don’t know if the ones here now are the same ones who took over this stall initially – I did take my girl to this one here once for the fried bihun and she did not like it at all and that was why we never came back. They did not look familiar so I guess they are not the same people any longer. My missus had their see ham kway teow, flat rice noodles with cockles (RM6.50)…

Lok Ming Yuen see ham kway teow

…and she said it was very good but I would say that it did not come cheap, don’t you agree?

I went to the Muslim food stall…

Lok Ming Yuen Muslim food stall

…and had their nasi campur (RM4.00)…

Lok Ming Yuen nasi campur

– one meat and three vegetables. I thought the paku (wild jungle fern) and the ladies’ fingers were just so-so, not all that great but the cangkuk manis was very nice. However, the main attraction would be the chicken liver…

Lok Ming Yuen chicken liver

That was what prompted me to order from this stall in the first place and no regrets! I sure enjoyed it to the max!

Well, that was a pretty good brunch that we had that morning plus parking in this commercial area behind the Rejang Medial Centre is free, so I would say that we would not mind dropping by again if we happen to be around there.